The 15 Best Cat Halloween Costumes for Cats 2020 [BOO!!!]

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​Looking to dress your feline friend up for Halloween this year?  Perhaps you want your cat to be the life of the party. Or perhaps it is a form of sweet sweet revenge for them sitting on your face every morning at 5:00 AM.

Either way, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find the best cat Halloween costumes for cats! You will not find anything for humans here, so if you're looking for cat outfits for people then please look elsewhere.

Otherwise, please either scroll on down or pop open the Table of Contents to find the best options for your cat in 2018!

The Top 15 Costumes

​The Trump Wig & Power Tie

a cat halloween costume with a donald trump wig and tie

​If you're looking for your cat to be on top of it when it comes to the news cycle then you simply can't go wrong with this option in 2018. Trump and his team have dominated the news and boy have they swung opinions all about this year.

This costume will certainly make your kitty a talking point for the evening. If you're looking to stir up some conversation then this is the choice for you.

This costume features:

  • ​The costume is made of two pieces: the hair piece and the tie
  • ​The hair piece attaches using an adjustable elastic band under your cat's chin
  • ​The neck tie uses a Velcro collar to connect it together for safety purposes and ease
  • check
    ​Perfect for cats that think they own the house and tell everyone what to do
  • check
    ​Definitely the most timely of all the costumes available today

​Fancy Lion Mane for Cats

a lion mane costume for a feline

​Looking to make your cat seem as fearsome as a lion this Halloween season? This mane will make your cat look just like a ferocious stalking lions that live on the African grasslands.

While I can't guarantee it'll make your kitty actually ​do anything that lions do, except maybe continue sleeping all day, I can guarantee they'll certainly look the part more than they did before!

A few features worth noting on this Lion Mane:

  • ​There are numerous variations in size and color, all just for cats, so you know it'll fit right!
  • This mane is made of faux fur and polyester
  • ​This specific will fit a cat with a neck that has about a 10-11 inch circumference
  • check
    ​There's a small sized version for cats with smaller stature

Bat Wings for Cats Harness

bat wings harness for a cat

​Now I know sometimes I end up thinking my cats can fly. They end up in places I can't imagine for animals without wings. So perhaps they are already hiding some inside their body somewhere.

That being said, if you want your kitty to actually have wings visible to the outside world then you can pick up these awesome Cat Bat Wings!

These wings ​have a couple of amazing features worth noting:

  • ​Super easy to put on your cat because ​it uses two Velcro attachments
  • ​They fit the necks of cats from 9-14 inches, you've got a lot of space to work with
  • ​Made of thick and durable felt, but still ​very light to make it easy for your cat
  • check
    ​No risk of injury to your cat, the Velcro will break away if ​it gets caught on anything

​Western Cowboy Cat Costume

a cowboy costume for a cat

​Does your cat like to cause royal rumbles in the house? Maybe a bit of an instigator when it comes to starting fights with his or her feline pals?  Kind of makes you wish they could say "Throw down!" and whip out a couple of pistols right?

If that's your dream then you've come to the right costume. This little costume will make your feline friend look like a straight up high noon cowboy!

Check out these awesome features:

  • ​The costume is divided into two pieces for easy use, the hat and the clothes each attach separately
  • ​Made of polyester fiber so it is light weight and shouldn't bother your cat's skin
  • ​Comes in four different sizes to fit all sorts of felines
  • check
    ​The hat has little strings to make it easy to tighten it so it stays on your cat's head

Cat ​Corsair Pirate Costume

a cat pirate outfit

​Do you have dreams that your cat roams the high seas as a corsair? Perhaps pouncing on unsuspecting merchant ships and killing all the rats on board?

If so this is the costume just for you. It'll make your feline friend look just like they know how to say 'YARRR MATEY!' even though they're more likely to go 'Meowwwww' and not say matey at all.

But that won't stop them from looking as cute as can be! Great features on this model include:

  • ​A two piece costume, the clothing and the hate are each separate items
  • ​Four different sizes to choose from so you can find a fit for any sized cat
  • ​It is made of polyester so it breathes super well keeping your cat comfortable as can be
  • check
    ​The hat stays on your cat with a little strap under the chin
  • check
    ​Most users estimate a 10-11 pound cat needs a size medium for a good fit

​Cat Doctor Costume

a doctors scrubs and white coat for felines

​Does your cat always seem to ​want to run from the vet? Or doesn't have any interest in a check up or in her medication? I know neither of mine like anything related to their health, unless it involves sleep.

So why don't we turn the tables? Turn your kitty into that which is they are afraid of most! Make them the doctor for a day and let them know how it feels to be a veterinarian! Perhaps everyone will run from them hehehe!

Key features of this costume include:

  • ​A one piece outfit that looks like a doctor's coat over a set of blue scrubs
  • check
    The doctor is carrying a stethoscope and a ​medicine case too!
  • ​The outfit is made of polyester so it is lightweight and breathable for your cat's comfort
  • ​There are 4 different sizes to choose from for cats of all sizes and ages
  • check
    ​Cats at about 10 pounds are likely to need a medium sized costume

Two Piece ​Fancy Sailor Costume

a sailor hat and neck kerchief

​Wish your cat was a member of the military, perhaps the navy? Wanting him or her to get acclimated to the high seas?  If so, this this might be the right choice 

Not only will your buddy look like a dapper sailor based on the hat, but you get a cool neck tie as well. Quite the dashing combo if you're looking to spruce your kitty up for the holidays and you know they don't like fully body costumes.

A few items worth noting:

  • ​The costume includes two pieces, the hat and the collar tie
  • ​The hat has both ear holes and a Velcro connector underneath to keep it on
  • ​The  collar tie closes with a Velcro connector for easy on and off on your cat
  • check
    ​Fits cats up to 11 pounds quite well, much bigger and you may want to consider an alternate

​Cat Scarecrow Hat

a simple scarecrow hat halloween costume for a cat

​If sometimes you don't think your cat has much of a brain...then maybe the scarecrow outfit is the right choice. ​It goes all the way back to the days of The Wizard of Oz!

I know from time to time my cats both seem like they are already wearing this hat given the way they act...If your felines do silly stuff then this hat will fit them perfectly well!

​Key things to note on this option:

  • ​It is made of soft lightweight fabric so it shouldn't bug your kitty too much
  • ​The straw pieces hanging off are made of nylon so they won't fall apart easily like real straw
  • ​Has an elastic strap that goes under your cat's chin, the strap is adjustable
  • check
    The hat is about 13 inches measured lengthwise, including the straw streamers spread out

​Octopus Cap for Cats

an octopus shaped hat for cats

Lately we've been seeing all over the news that a seal ​slapped a kayaker with an octopus, ​this new costume means you can make your cat part of the fun!

Dress your kitty up as an octopus and maybe grab yourself a kayak paddle out of the garage. People will get it for sure as the kids come by and trick or treat this year!

A couple of key things worth noting on the octopus hat:

  • ​It is made of 1mm thick felt so it is nice and soft, but also nice and light weight
  • ​There are of course 8 legs and 2 googly eyes attached to the costume
  • ​It attaches under your cat's chin with a Velcro strap
  • check
    ​The neck is adjustable, it should accommodate cats with a neck of about 10-14 inches around

Cat ​Devil Horns and Cape

devils horns and a cape

​If you find that your cat loooooves to do naughty things then this might be the perfect choice for you. Not only is it a fun little costume, but it'll frame your kitty up in the perfect light! As a the little devil he or she is.

​But at the same time your cat will also look cute as can be. We know cats are silly and they have a mind of their own so this is a great way to highlight their antics in good nature​.

A few things worth noting on this adorable little devil costume:

  • ​This costume is broken into two key pieces, the horns and the cape
  • ​The horns attach to your kitty with a strap under the chin, the strap is elastic and adjustable for different sized felines
  • ​The cape ​uses Velcro, but attached to the front is a nice little bow that makes it look like it ties on
  • check
    ​The cape is made of tough acrylic fiber so it'll last through quite the beating if you have an adventurous kitty cat

​Panda Bear Cat Hat

a panda bear cat hat

​If you're looking to help promote the plight of the panda bear and you want your cat to look super cute for the holidays then this is a great choice. Not only is it a great single piece costume, but it looks adorable as well.

It'll certainly help you kick off conversation around the difficult time panda bears are having in the wild due to humans creeping into their territory and destroying it (slowly but surely). Or if you don't want to get political and you just want a cute cat then this works too.

Great features include:

  • ​A single piece panda hat made of faux fur and polyester to keep it light and breathable
  • Perfect for cats with a neck between 10-12 inches in circumference
  • ​It closes with a hook and loop fixture to get it on and off easily

​Princess Wedding Dress for Cats

wedding dress costume with 3 flowers on it

​Looking to truly make your kitty the bell of the ball at your Halloween party? If so, then you've stumbled onto the right costume! This beautiful wedding dress will make her look extra stunning, even if she's already gorgeous!

It is inspired by spring flora and fauna sot it comes fully decorated with a couple of flowers to make your cat look like she loves your house plants. Which most of them do anyway, so a perfect fit!

A couple of other key items worth noting:

  • ​It is designed to look just like a wedding gown for a spring outdoor wedding
  • ​There are four total sizes that range from cats with about 8.5 inch necks up to about 12 inch necks
  • ​The medium size is noted to work well for cats around the 10-11 pound mark
  • check
    ​It is made of soft and stretchy fabric so it will flex for size fit to a point

​Halloween Cat Witch Hat

a halloween witch hat for cats

​If you're looking for a tried and true go to costume for your cat then look no further. This classic witch hat will have everyone saying that your cat is playing his or her part perfectly at your upcoming Halloween party.

​While simple in design, that's the true beauty of it. It is a classic fall back costume for anyone that isn't brave enough to try one of the multi piece options.

There are a couple of things worth specially noting:

  • ​The hat is a single piece costume made of a combination of satin fabric and cotton
  • ​It is specifically designed for cats that have a neck that about 9 inches in girth
  • ​It connects with Velcro for both ease and for safety if it gets caught on anything
  • check
    ​Super easy to get on and off of your kitty for a few quick pictures

​Super Scary Spider Harness

a harness shaped like a spider for a cat

​If you're looking for your cat to get underfoot and creep some people out then this is definitely the way to do it. You basically turn your cat into an extra large spider. It works even better if you've got an extremely friendly cat and if they're dark in color!

This bad boy will make your kitty the life of the party. The only thing you need to be careful of is if you have people that are truly afraid of spiders. They may react poorly to a gigantic spider suddenly appearing under foot if you've got an extra friendly feline...

Key items worth noting on this model:

  • ​It has four different sizes, most cats will use the small and medium sizes
  • ​​It straps on both around the neck and the waist using Velcro closings
  • ​It is ideal for short haired cats where the hair won't get caught in the Velcro
  • check
    ​Will certainly freak out your friends in a dark or slightly dark room
  • check
    ​Turns your cat into a 12 legged + tailed monster (adds 8 legs)

​Plush Pink Rabbit Outfit

a pink rabbit outfit for cats

​Now you might be saying to yourself, what the heck is he doing adding a rabbit outfit to the Halloween Outfits? That's for Easter you might say! But you'd be wrong.

Rabbits have a special place in my heart ever since I was a kid and I wanted to be a rabbit for Halloween. My mom and I spent hours and hours hot gluing cotton ball after cotton ball to a shirt to make me a rabbit. Then I ran through a pine tree between houses trick or treating and lost most of them...But still.

Rabbits work for Halloween! And this one has lots of fun features:

  • ​Made of super soft plush fabric and has 2 leg holes and 3 snaps to put it on and close it
  • ​It comes in five different sizes so you can custom fit it to your fur ball without any trouble
  • ​Is as pink as can be and has two cute little bunny ears sticking off the top

​Additional Information

Are Costumes Safe For Your Cat?

​This is probably a key question you have in mind if you're looking into a costume for your cat. The short answer is that yes, costumes are generally safe for your cat.

There is a little more behind it though.  You definitely should not put a costume on your cat and leave him or her unsupervised for extended periods of time. This is especially true if there are small pieces attached to the costume or if it has elastic that might wrap around the neck.

Small objects can easily be pulled off the costume and swallowed. Elastic could potentially end up strangling your cat in extreme situations. That's the reason most of the costumes recommended here use Velcro instead of elastic.

​If you put your cat in a costume you should keep an eye on your cat the entire time the costume is on. ​Even more so if you know that your cat doesn't like the costume and may try to pull it off or run into an enclosed space and hide.

That being said, I've had plenty of costumes on Lexi and Beast and they've done fine with them. You just want to keep them on for short periods of time and then take them off and reward your cat with lots of love and treats.

There are also great tips available from various sources on how to ensure your cat stays safe throughout the entire holiday season.  You can find a couple of the most important links below:

​Which Is Right For My Cat?

​If you're a newbie when it comes to trying out costumes or trying things that your cat may dislike I would aim for the minimum as opposed to trying to ​choose the most complex costume. ​Basically, choose the least impactful costume and work your way up from there.

My recommendations for anyone ​trying a costume for the first time are:

Both of these costumes are simple one piece costumes that should ensure your have the minimum impact on your cat. They're also both super easy to get on and off based on where you attach them. There's no complex buttons or multi point attachments.

​If you've already got a few costumes under your belt then feel free to aim for any costume that you think will make the biggest splash for your pictures or your party!  Just be sure to take some time and get your cat acclimated to the costume before you try to put it on them for hours on end.

​How Do I Measure My Cat For the Costume?

​Measurement is pretty straight forward when it comes to cat costumes. 99% of ​them require something to go around your cat's neck and the rest require something to go around your cat's head.

For measuring your cat's head or neck you'll want a piece of string handy and a ruler.  Simply lightly wrap the string around your cat's neck or her head and then mark the spot on the string where it comes back together. Be sure not to pull the string tight, you'll want it a ​little loose.

Then just check the marking on the ruler and you'll be in good shape.

If you're not quite sure you can check this video out on how to measure your cat for a harness. It's the same general idea for a Halloween Costume:

​How Do I Keep It On My Cat?

​The short answer to this question is...It'll depend on the cat. A lot of cats are simply not going to like wearing costumes no matter what you do or how hard you try. If that's the case you'll just have to put the costume on, snap your photos, and take the costume off before your cat swears sweet sweet revenge.

For those of you who have super chill cats, we all envy you and we wish we could put costumes on our cats like you do!

That being said, there is some hope for us folks with cats that tolerate costumes. ​There are a few things you can do to try and ease the process or at least make it far less painful and terrible for your cat.

  • Gradual Introductions:
    • Don't simply buy the costume and try to jam your cat into it. ​First and foremost, be sure to buy it in advance of whatever day you plan to use it. Give your cat time to smell it and get used to it. Set it in her bed for a few days so her scent is on it.
    • When you first put it on your cat only put it on for a few minutes before taking it off and rewarding her with treats or whatever it is she likes. Slowly up the amount of time you keep it on.
  • Use ​Feliway:
    • Feliway Spray can go a long way in helping your cat relax in general. It is definitely worth considering a spray or two of Feliway on any costume you are attempting to put your cat into.

​Wrapping It Up

​Clearly these are just a few of the hundreds of different cat Halloween costumes for cats on the market, but they are definitely some of the best around.

If you're looking for some additional entertainment, looking to humiliate your cat for a few minutes, or just looking to snap some cute seasonal photos, then you can't go wrong with any of the above.

If you've got a great costume or if you've got some recommendations or tips on how ​to get your cat to love wearing a costume then please do let us know by leaving a comment below! And if you have pictures of your cat dressed up then be sure to send them my way so I can share them!

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