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The 15 Best (Safe and Stable) Cat Trees for Large Cats 2021

By Craig / February 13, 2021

If your cats are anything like mine then they like to climb. A lot.  It is instinctual for all cats no matter their size. So how do you keep them happy when you want them off things like your bookshelves and your furniture? People might tell you to get a tree or get a condo. That’s a […]


West & Willow Cat Portraits!

By Craig / July 19, 2020

West and Willow  makes amazing digital renditions of your pets from any picture you share! You can get an amazing portrait of your furball(s) and immortalize them on your walls! Product Name:West and Willow Cat PortraitsProduct Type:Digital Cat PortraitsSummary:West and Willow’s incredibly talented artists take your real life photos and turn them into amazing digital […]


The 7 Best Laser Toys For Cats 2021 [Safe and Fun!]

By Craig / December 16, 2019

Cats absolutely love to play and one of their favorite ways to play is to hunt. Laser toys for cats are flat out one of the easiest and most engaging toys available to keep your cat entertained and in shape. Below we’ll take a look at some of the best options to choose from and discuss the […]


KitNipBox Review 2019 [New Cat Toys Delivered Monthly!]

By Craig / March 1, 2019

The KitNipBox is a subscription box for your cat! Every month you’ll receive a new assortment of toys and treats to keep your fluff ball entertained and engaged. Each month has a theme too, this card shows a tea party!On top of this there are several features and options to customize your box and your […]


Furminator for Cats With Long Hair Review [ByeBye Hairballs]

By Craig / February 27, 2019

The ​Furminator for Cats With Long Hair is a specialized brush designed specifically to deshed long haired cat breeds. It does its job wonderfully and has tons of ​significant benefits for both you and your feline friend. Product Name: Furminator for Cats With Long HairProduct Type: Cat Brush / Cat De-shedding ToolSummary: Long haired cats come with all […]


Furminator for Cats With Short Hair Review [Stop Shedding!]

By Craig / February 20, 2019

The ​Furminator for Cats With ​Short Hair is a specialized brush designed specifically to ​pull loose hair off of the outer coat and the undercoat of your short haired cat. It does its job ​very efficiently and effectively. ​As an added benefit to you as the owner it ​also has lots of other perks worth […]


CATBOX – [The Purrfect] Cardboard Boxes for Cats

By Craig / February 15, 2019

​CATBOX is the purrfect cardboard box for cats. It is a simple, but beautifully designed box that is engineered specifically to make your cat love relaxing in it, on it, and all around it! Not only is it a perfect fit for most cats size wise, but it helps humans think their cats are rock stars […]


The 11 Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowls 2021 [Stop Vomiting Now]

By Craig / February 13, 2019

If your cat eats quickly then pukes it probably both worries you and makes you crazy. The good news is there’s a simple solution to stop cats from eating too fast. Take a regular old bowl, build some unique designs into it to spread the food out, voila!  Now your cat needs to eat around the design […]


Ultimate Guide to the Best Cat Wipes of 2021 [For Any Need]

By Craig / January 23, 2019

Many people consider cats to be 100% self sufficient and assume that they never need any help.  But the reality is cats can often use help cleaning up and wipes are often the best option to help. Below you’ll find the best cat wipes of 2021 categorized by the reason for use. So pop open the quick guide […]


The 11 Best Sisal Cat Scratchers 2021 [Cats LOVE Sisal!]

By Craig / January 9, 2019

If you’ve got a cat then you’ve got a scratching machine on hand. Cats love to scratch, end of story. Given this you need a place for them to scratch and sisal is the ideal surface. The best sisal cat scratchers come in tons of shapes and sizes and cats absolutely love them because of their […]

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