The 11 Best Cat Christmas Costumes 2020 [Jingle Bells!]

cat with a santa hat on

Jingle bells, jingle bells, it is almost time for your cats to start messing with your Christmas tree again! I bet you’re as excited as I am to keep a constant eye on your cats.

But we do get some revenge by dressing them up.  There are a ton of adorable options out there so let's look at the 11 best cat Christmas costumes for cats!

The Cat Christmas Costumes

1. Comfort Santa Cat Costume

a simple red and white santa hat with beard, for a cat

If you want your cat to have a sweet Christmas hat and a beard this is your best choice! Super easy to get onto your cat and it will immediately make your cat look like Santa Claus!  

Now all you need to do is feed your kitty a lot of treats and some cat specific milk and they’ll be on their way to being the real Santa Claus!

Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t go? Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t go? Up on the house top…Sorry, I got carried away.

A couple of other key items worth noting here:

  • Makes your cat look just like Santa Claus, well, at least her head
  • Adjustable to easily fit cats of varying sizes
  • Side flaps attach with velcro under the chin of your cat
  • Can be hand washed in the case that it gets dirty

2. Christmas Cat Cosplay Costume

a full on red onesie for a cat that includes a hat

Planning on turning your cat into a full on Santa Claus this year for pictures? If so, this is the right choice for you and your feline friend! This one piece costume is made by Namsam.

This outfit will make your cat look just like Jolly Old Saint Nick and they’ll be meowing in tune while you sing Jingle Bells with the carolers.  Ok ok, I might have gotten a little ambitious, but it is an awesome costume!

Key features worth calling out:

  • Your cat will be instantly transformed into Santa upon entering this costume
  • It is made of high quality beam cotton so it feels comfortable for your cat
  • It won’t fade quickly like many other products will after a single hand washing
  • The neck size is adjustable to fit varying cat sizes, the largest is about a 13 inch neck

3. Classic Elk Antler Reindeer Hat

brown colored elk antlers for cats

If you’re looking for a classic set of antlers then this is a great go to. It is less impactful than the full on helmet style that often bothers a lot of cats due to covering their ears, but it still gives you that nice wintery feeling when you see your kitty running around with it on.

These antlers have a few features worth noting:

  • Very fuzzy and the antlers stand straight up to make your cat look just like an elk
  • The small size is aimed to fit a cat with a neck girth of about 7 inches, medium fits about 12 inches
  • It’ll make your cat blend in with any holiday decor so they feel like they are hunting

4. Santa Hat, Bow Tie & Cloak Costume

a red cape and hat for a feline

This sits somewhere between the simple hat and bears and the full one onesie that I noted above. This particular costume is made by Wiz and  has three parts: a hat, a bow tie and a cloak.  

Each of the pieces attach separately, so even if your cat happens to dislike one you can drop it and still get some adorable shots!

If you love three piece costumes then these items are worth noting too:

  • Three different neck sizes (9.8 inches up to 13.4 inches) for varying sizes of cats
  • They are made of soft material, it’s comfortable for your pet to wear them
  • Adjustable velcro straps adorn the pieces to make it easy to fit different sizes
  • Super easy to get on and off or your cat as a single piece or as a combo

5. Santa Hat, Scarf and Bow Tie

a 3 piece cat christmas costume

This is an awesome combination of a scarf a necktie and a hat that will quickly transform your feline friend into a holly jolly Christmas cat! this is another product made by Wiz.

This is one of my favorites because the scarf is simply awesome and it makes any cat look totally dapper within seconds.  In fact, if this thing was big enough I’d put it on myself. Alas, my head and neck are just too large.

A few additional items worth calling out:

  • Three different neck sizes (9.8 inches up to 13.4 inches) for varying sizes of cats
  • They are made of soft material, it’s comfortable for your pet to wear them
  • Super easy to get on and off or your cat as a single piece or as a combo
  • Adjustable velcro straps adorn the pieces to make it easy to fit different sizes

6. Christmas Hat With Muffler

a red and white neck tie and hat for a feline

Simplifying things a little bit, this is an excellent two piece combo for your cat to get into the holiday spirit and get ready for Christmas day. You’ve got a wonderful looking hat and a sharp looking scarf to accompany it.

This one you’ll want to make sure you measure up front because it only comes in a single size. That being said, if it looks like it will fit then you should move ahead with it because your cat will like adorable in this costume made by Pet Leso! 

You'll want to take note of the following:

  • Uses Velcro to open/close to minimize any chance of injury if it gets caught
  • The hat has a height of 6.3" and a length of 4.7"
  • The neck tie length is perfect at about 11 inches

7. Christmas Santa Claus Suit Costume 

a santa costume with a black belt for a cat

If you're looking for an outfit that will make your kitty look as close to Santa Claus as possible then this is definitely your go to choice! It has the cute little red suit and even a big black belt!

While this one doesn't come equipped with a hat you could easily pair it with the first costume in the list to make yourself a full on Santa Suit!

This Santa Suit also features the following:

  • It is designed to fits pets with a neck girth of 10 inches and a chest girth of 15 inches
  • The small is about 10 inches long from the neck down to the base of the 'coat' on the back
  • There are numerous sizes available if you've got an extra large feline friend or a really tiny one
  • check
    Makes for excellent family photos or cat photos with a holiday twist

8. Green Elf Costume for Cats

an elf costume for cats

Are you a unique snowflake that always needs to be different? Santa Claus isn’t good enough for you, you want to step it up an additional notch? Then the Elf Costume is right where you want to be and is made by ZTL. 

Your cat will immediately become docile and listen to your every request and help out around the house. It’ll be just like you’re Santa and you have an army of elves to help you with whatever you want. Well, maybe…

This is really the only elf suit on the market, it has these key features:

  • This is a four piece set: a hat, a neck tie and two booties
  • It is made polyester so it is soft, light and comfortable for your little pet to wear
  • The neck is adjustable from 10.2 inches to 11.8 inches, so lots of space
  • Everyone wants a magical elf available for pictures and joy this time of year

9. Red Snowflake Sweater

a christmas style sweater for cats

These might be better described as Christmas sweaters for cats than as costumes, but still very nice! Bolbove didn't design these specifically for hairless cats, but if you’ve got a hairless cat then a sweater might be a both festive and practical item for you to get for your kitty. 

Not only will they look quite stylish for the holidays, but it’ll also do an awesome job of keeping your cat extra warm and cuddly during the cold winter months!

By far one of the best single piece costumes out there, it is worth noting that:

  • It is made of the finest acrylic fabric to keep your pet warm when it is cold out
  • It is machine washable with similar colors which means you know that it isn’t flimsy or wimpy
  • It comes in a bunch of different sizes, the smallest for about an 8 inch neck

10. Antler Headband and Bow Tie

red and green antlers for felines

If your goal is to turn your cat into a miniature reindeer with strangely red antlers then you’ve found the right choice! This is another high quality product made by Wiz.

These antlers are easy to get onto your cat and give her the wonderful look of apathy (as you can see in the picture to the side).

If you like antlers, but you don't want brown ones, then this is a great choice. It is worth calling out that:

  • They are made of very soft material to make it comfortable for your pet to wear
  • An adjustable buckle and elastic band make it easy to fit a cat of almost any size (head girth of 10-14 inches)
  • Your cat will look both seasonal and apathetic at the same time, if these pictures are any hint

11. Antlers & Hat w/ Headband

a cat hat with two tan antlers

If you’re looking for a way to make your cat look just like Bullwinkle from Rocky and Bullwinkle then you’re on the right track. These antlers have that wonderful lighter tint to them that is similar to our cartoon friend.

Taking you back to more naturally colored antlers is this awesome hat. Be sure to note the following:

  • Made of soft plush fabric that won’t irritate your cat’s skin
  • The velcro closure makes it super easy to put on and take off
  • Best fit for cats with a neck girth 8″-10″ suitable for cat or small dogs

Additional Information

How to Measure Your Cat

It is kind of silly, but a lot of these costumes come with a measuring tape. Not terribly useful once you’ve already placed your order. Fortunately it is super easy to measure your cat’s neck with just a piece of string and a ruler or a tape measure.

If you so happen to have a flexible tap measure that’s even better. See this quick video below for details, you’ll only really care about the neck for most of the cat Christmas costumes.

Do be sure to measure your cat for any costume before you actually make a purchase. Several of the costumes ship from long distances and if they don't fit you might lose quite a few days of photo opportunities waiting for a new size to arrive!

How Do I Get My Cat Into the Costume?

Getting cat clothes for cats onto cats can be quite an effort, believe me, I know.  If you’ve ever tried to put a harness on a cat you’ll have some good experience already.

Putting on a full one piece or a multi piece costume can take some time and patience. If you can find some assistance that will certainly help things along as well. Key things that will help:

  • As noted above, be sure you measure your cat first and buy a size appropriate costume
  • The simpler the costume the easier it is going to be to get on and off
  • Avoid anything with a mask as covering your cat's face causes all sorts of havoc
  • Buy your costume early and introduce your cat to it over several days:
    • Let her sniff it
    • Feed her treats while it is nearby
    • Drape it over her and feed her treats
    • You may even want to put it in her bed and let her sleep on top of it
  • Always put on the easiest pieces first to see how your cat reacts, take it slow and don’t force it
  • Be patient, it may take a few attempts to get the costume on to your cat
  • If your main purpose is to take pictures, plan ahead and have everything ready to go the second you get the costume on

A few other things may help you along. You may want to consider spraying the costume with traditional Feliway as it should help your cat be more comfortable around the costume.

How Will My Cat React To a Costume?

If your cat has never worn a costume before then it is hard to say how they will react, but you can use other objects as a proxy. The best two items to consider as proxies are:

  • Harnesses: The harness is probably the best proxy out there because it usually loops around both the neck and the chest of your cat and if you're putting it on right you've got it on snug. If your cat moves around normally with a harness on then you should be in great shape!
  • Collars: Most of these costumes will attach to your cat around the neck just like a collar. If your cat does well with collars then they should be more comfortable with an outfit like this.

If you've never tried a a costume before then you should check out the video below to see what you might encounter. The most common behaviors are probably broken down into 3 categories:

  • "Breaking" which just means they simply fall over and don't know what to do. They aren't injured or hurt in any way. They simply aren't used to the feeling.
  • Running off and hiding. My cats typically do this, they aim for under the bed.
  • Pawing at the costume and biting at it to get it off.

Last but not least you may want to consider a few of the tips from the Humane Society and the ASPCA that are useful for dressing up your cats in costumes in general:

Both of these articles give some great advice on how to ensure your kitty has a safe Christmas even if fully outfitted in a costume!

Wrapping it Up On Cat Christmas Costumes for Cats

As you can see there are a bunch of options out there to make your feline friend as festive as possible! You’ve got sweaters for cats, costumes for cats and everything in between! 

There are so many choices you could even try them all out and see which one your cat likes the best (or maybe doesn’t immediately attempt to shake off!).

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing cat Christmas costumes is that you’ll have to be patient with your cat to get them to try the costume on. 

Cats generally would prefer to not be wearing a costume so you’ll have to have some patience! Also, be sure to have your camera handy the minute you get a costume onto your cat so you can snap pictures before they run off and hide!

Please leave a comment below or email me directly at if you have any thoughts to add to this article. If you also have adorable pictures of your cats in any of these outfits then please do send them along and I’ll post them up! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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