Cat Crazies Playrings Toy Review

cat crazies play rings review

Cat Crazies Playrings Toy Review

The Cat Crazies Playrings are a toy designed specifically for cats to bat around on smooth floors. They mimic the action provided by a milk jug top or a a rubber band, but they're specifically designed with cats in mind!

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Cat Crazies Playrings Cat Toy

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Cat Toy


If your cat absolutely loves batting around things like rubber bands, milk jug tops or even a gear tie then Cat Crazies are going to be a perfect fit.  These come in packages of 4 colored rings (red, yellow, pink, blue) and my cats took an immediately liking to them.

So long as you've got a wood or tile floor these toys are going to get batted, chased, and smacked all over the place. Each playring is a little over an inch in diameter and ridges have been built into them to make them bounce more erratically to keep your cat engaged for longer periods.

Watch the Video Review

If you're more interested in seeing these in action then check out the video review right here.  You can skip ahead to ​2:00 minutes ​to see Beast knocking them around. It is always tough to get film or pictures of your cats playing with toys, but Beast was generous this time around!

How Big Are They?

They're generally quite similar to the ring that comes off the top of a gallon of milk. They are about an inch and a half across in diameter.  This picture of all four of them in my hand should give you a little bit better of idea of their overall size.

cat crazies in my hand

Are They Durable?

Ours have lasted a solid six months without any issue from chewing and batting on a pretty consistent basis. Beast absolutely loves them and knocks them around constantly.

If you do have a cat that is a dedicated chewer they probably won't hold up to an extended attack. They're certainly going to last longer than the ring off the top of a milk jug, but they are still made of plastic and susceptible to damage from ravaging cat teeth.

Here's a quote directly from someone with a kitten:

"My kitten chews through milk rings in a day and I still have all of these..." -Amazon Reviewer

Will My Cat Play With Them?

This is always the toughest question to answer when it comes to any cat toy.  My cats absolutely love them, Beast especially.

But the short of it is, I don't know if your cat will play with them. To say the least, there are a heck of a lot of reviews across both Chewy and Amazon that indicate cats love them.

Way more reviews say cats play with them, they have an 87% recommendation rate on Chewy. One of the biggest benefits here is that since these toys are under the $5 dollar price tag you're not out a lot of cash if your cats decide to ignore them. Just donate them to a local shelter if that's the case.

If you want to see what kind of action these toys provide check out the video review above. You can see Beast knocking them around quite a bit. If your cat likes to smack around toys like this then you'll likely have a hit on your hands!

Another thing you can try if you run into your cats ignoring them...Try giving them a spray of concentrated catnip oil to get them going. If your cat likes the bathtub (empty) you might also see some success by dropping them in the bathtub where they're in a contained area.

Who Makes Them And Where?

These toys are actually sold by a couple of different companies from what I can find. The biggest and most well known company I've found that produces them is Pet Mate which is a well trusted cat product manufacturer. 

The toys are produced in China according to the packaging. They are distributed from a wide range of places in the States because many smaller organizations are buying and reselling them across Amazon. They're also available on

The packaging may vary as well, mine came in a blue package, but the current version looks like this:

What's the Biggest Drawback?

There are really only two things that frustrate me about these toys quite a bit and for the most part there's nothing the manufacturer can do to help solve them.

First and foremost, they get whacked underneath things in the house  quite easily. Call it the couch, or the the fridge, or even the oven. Either way at some point you're likely to have to shove a piece of furniture out of the way or going looking around for them when your cat starts meowing at what appears to be "nothing" because they've lost them.

Second, and this one is easily solved by you, they are not a quiet toy when they are being played with. Plastic getting knocked around and sliding across a wood floor makes quite a bit of racket and to say the least I am a light sleeper. Because of this I need to collect them each night before I go to sleep. If I don't I'm bound to wake up to Beast batting them around in the living room.

Cat Crazies Playrings Toy Review Wrap Up

All in all cat crazies have been one of the best purchases we have made for our cats. We bough them on a whim while purchasing cat food and they've been a huge hit.  The only real problem I have with them is that they get stuck under the couch and chairs in the house...and this happens to almost ever toy we have.


The Good Stuff:
  • Super Simple & Fun
  • Both Our Cats Love Them
  • Comes in a pack of 4
  • Super Cheap
  • Extremely durable
  • Bounces erratically
  • Sized Intelligently (most toys are too big I feel)
The Bad Stuff:
  • They get caught under the couches and chairs in the house quite easily
  • They can be painful to step on when they are left out
  • They can be noisy when your cats play with them at night
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