Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer Review

Cat Dancer Product's Rainbow Cat Charmer Wand Toy

Product: Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

5 stars

Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer Product Overview

Wand toys are pretty darn straight forward. You’ve got a handle and you’ve got the flexible part that you bounce around to attract your cat’s attention. Surprisingly though a high quality wind toy is darn near impossible to come by. You usually run into the handle breaking or the line snapping or maybe the attachment on the end just falling apart after the first good pounce.

I’ve recorded a good chunk of playtime with my own cats below so you can get an idea of what it looks like in action. This is the whole video review, if you want to skip to the wand in action simply jump to 1:05 time.

The Rainbow Cat Charmer stands above and beyond any other wand toy I’ve ever used and in pretty much every single way. I love it and my cats love it.  I am not the only one who loves this toy either, check out these quotes from other owners.

“The Cat Charmer is one of the top recommendations I make as a certified cat behaviorist and veterinary technician.”
-Cuddle Cat Rescue Director

“This thing is hypnotic.You can make zig-zags and snakey movements. It’s so much fun to play with and it gives my baby girl kitteh a great work-out! I can’t recommend this highly enough.”
-A. Cheffy

As with any cat toy, especially wand toys, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on your cat while they are using this toy. All wand toys (and cat toys in general) present a choking hazard if your kitty gets hold of them and tries to eat them.

The Pros:

  • The handle is super durable and flexible to boot, you can almost pick your cat up with if they are latched onto the end. You’d have a very hard time breaking the handle.
  • The fabric end is extra long and also incredibly durable. This means you can flick it all over the place and get it into tight to reach spots where your cat likes to hide while playing.
  • Every cat I have attempted to use this toy with has engaged with it. Cats absolutely love it. They jump for it, paw at it, pounce on it. Anything you can think of and your cat is likely to do it to get their paws on this wand.
  • This is one of the most affordable toys I’ve ever bought for my cat, it was $3.49 when I purchased it.
  • The fabric is dyed with colorfast dye so it won’t bleed if you need to wash it after an extended number of play sessions.
  • This product is made in the USA! Always a nice bonus to buy an American product.
  • The total wand and fabric comes in at 65 inches. That’s a bit over 5 feet for those of you that hate math.

The Cons:

  • The only con I can note on this wand toy is that it doesn’t make any noise. For cats that like to engage based on hearing feathers rustle etc. you may want to explore another option. The Jackson Galaxy Air Wand is a good choice.

How to Use It Best:

  • My cats love it when I flick the wand back and forth toward them then away from them quickly. Once they grab hold of it with their paws or their mouth I like to tug on it gently to keep the fabric taught.
  • If either of my resident cats rolls over onto her back the best method is then the “zigzag” as I call it. You quickly swish the wand handle back and forth and you’ll see the fabric start to create almost a snake like pattern in the air.
  • You can also drag it across the floor, especially around corners where your cat is hiding. This often results in a full on pounce from my cat Lexi.
  • Always keep an eye on your kitty while you’re playing. Even though the fabric has proven to stand up really well in my experiecne there’s always the chance a bit could tear off. You don’t want your cat eating fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long is the wand?
    • The wand is a total of 65 inches including the handle and the fabric.
  • Is it durable? Will the handle bend or break easily?
    • It is very durable, especially compared to other wands. Included in the package is a small card that shows the wand is basically tested to hold up to 30 pounds on the end of it without breaking. That’s bigger than most cats, in fact bigger than 2 cats in many cases!
  • Can you change the attachments?
    • There are not attachments on this wand toy, it is a single piece of fabric.

Wrapping It up:

The Rainbow Cat Charmer is hands down one of my favorite cat toys that I’ve ever purchased. After fostering tons of cats and owning several of my own I can’t say I’ve found a better toy.  Every cat that I’ve put this wand in front of loves it. They all engage with it.

On top of this the price tag is less than $5.00. It is pretty hard to get better than that when you’re looking for a cat toy. Especially with the fickle nature of cats. As an added benefit I’ve also seen continued engagement over long periods of time. I don’t need to put this toy away for a week to get my cats to play with it again the next day.

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