CATBOX – [The Purrfect] Cardboard Boxes for Cats

catbox cardboard boxes for your cats
​CATBOX is the purrfect cardboard box for cats. It is a simple, but beautifully designed box that is engineered specifically to make your cat love relaxing in it, on it, and all around it! 
Not only is it a perfect fit for most cats size wise, but it helps humans think their cats are rock stars and astronauts!

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Do your cats like boxes?  Let's be honest, whose cats don't like boxes?

​CATBOX was designed by J. Magnus Nelson and Jamie Bourgeois: two friends who share a mutual love for cats and this weird box thing that they do.

The box is a perfect fit for any cat. They love sleeping in it. Chewing on it. Sleeping near it. Head bunting it. Looking like an alien in it. Looking like a rock star in it. Cats love pretty much everything about these boxes.

These boxes are currently in their last week of pre-ordering on Kickstarter. Check them out by clicking the link below or read more and see the video review below.

What is CATBOX?

​CATBOX is defined by the designers as "the cat bed of your favorite feline's dreams!" And although it is a traditional cardboard box made of recyclable corrugated cardboard, it really does seem to be quite a dream for cats!

There are a couple of key features worth noting to ensure you know exactly what you're getting when you buy a ​CATBOX.

There are cut-outs on each end for face scratching, easy head resting and bunting. As we all know, cats absolutely love boxes for some reason or another (read more below on this).

But you should be aware that ​​CATBOX isn't just for your cats. If you wanted that you could simply go on an Amazon Prime binge and order a bunch of big stuff and then let your cats play with the boxes.

​CATRBOXes are illustrated on the outside to transform those lazy furballs into your comical reality. If you've ever attempted to dress your at up in a costume and realized they don't like it (surprise!) then this is a great alternative.

My cat beast relaxing in a catbox

When your feline friend that loves to sleep wanders into the ​CATBOX they will be transformed into one of the first cats to ever traverse the troposphere and join the Cat Space Force!  Or perhaps you've got a musically inclined cat and they want to be strutting around on stage!

Who knows where the newest cat boxes will take our feline friends?

Is It Environmentally Friendly?

The creators of ​CATBOX are 100% dedicated to ensuring that their product is environmentally friendly. They've made sure pretty much every base is covered on this end:

  • All of the actual ​​CATBOX cardboard boxes are composed of 100% recycled corrugated cardboard
  • The labels are printed with vegetable based inks to ensure nothing toxic gets into your cat or into the environment 
  • The boxes are designed, manufactured and shipped from Georgia, USA by Pratt Industries which is known for being environmentally conscious
  • The mailers the boxes are shipped in are even recyclable

Talk about dedication to ensuring a product minimizes its overall impact on the planet! They've thought of pretty much everything.

My only concern is when my cat learns to fly the astronaut box. I'm wondering if that'll have a carbon footprint...

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

You might ask yourself why cats seem to like boxes. This is similar to understand why cats like being up high and current theories tend to push it back to history and genetics.

Cats are both predator and prey. They aren't the king of the jungle like tigers are. Given this they like places that can provide both visibility and security.

Small spaces make sure that cats can't be approached without them seeing whatever is coming. They also provide great cover to ensure that nothing can see them either.

Now your typical house cat doesn't really deal with being anyone's prey and nor do they usually end up doing much hunting for real, but they still have habits that hearken back to instincts that have been ingrained into them over thousands of years.

Given this they have a tendency to seek out small spaces, like cave type beds, cardboard boxes and even sometimes hiding under the couch.

Dr. Stephen Zawistowski of the ASPCA summed it up pretty well when he said “They can get into that box and they can’t be approached from the side or the back where they’re not aware of it.”

The ​​CATBOX team has provided various additional research points on their Kickstarter site if you're curious, so definitely go ahead and check it out for more detail!

But one last thing I will mention is that a study by Dutch researchers found that cats who were provided with a box adapted more quickly to a new environment compared to a control group of cats who were not provided with a box.

Given this the science is basically telling us that cats like to have boxes around and they'll have significant behavioral benefits from doing so! If you ever need to justify your  purchase of a ​​CATBOX to your significant other or your parents now you've got all the ammunition you need! Get a ​​CATBOX now!

The Video Overview & Review

​​CATBOX - Cardboard Boxes for Cats

All in all this has proven to be a great product to add to our arsenal of items around the house to keep the cats entertained and happy. And we all know the phrase "Happy cat, happy life." don't we? 

Well, I know that phrase. And don't accuse me of just having made it up, cause I totally didn't.


The Good Stuff:
  • Beautifully designed
  • Super simply construction
  • Cats love to sleep in them
  • Cats love to chew on them
  • Cats love to bunt them
  • Cats look like astronauts and rockstars in them

The Bad Stuff:
  • Nothing discovered so far!

If you're wondering where you can read more about ​​CATBOX you can check out the C​ATBOX Website right here. 

In full disclosure I was given my ​​CATBOX for free, but I have actually already invested in another on Kickstarter so both Lexi and Beast can both sleep in them at the same time! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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