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The 13 Best Cat Tunnels (Your Cat Will Totally Dig) 2020

By Craig / May 9, 2018

Cats love to get inside things, boxes, bags, suitcases and of course the coveted cat tunnel.  Every time they come across a new object they can climb inside they can’t seem to resist going for a peek! I guess that’s where the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat” came from. On the bright side, these days we can […]


Jackson Galaxy Air Wand Review

By Craig / December 29, 2017

Product Name: Jackson Galaxy Air Wand StuffCatsWant Rating: 4.0 Stars Check out the video review right here or read on below! For links to the product click here to scroll to the bottom! Jackson Galaxy Air Wand Product Overview The Air Wand is a toy made by Petmate and endorsed by Jackson Galaxy. When my wife […]


Frolicat Flik Interactive Cat Toy Review

By Craig / December 27, 2017

Product Name: FroliCat Flik Interactive Cat Toy StuffCatsWant Rating: 3.5 Stars FroliCat Flik Interactive Cat Toy Overview I bought this toy for the specific reason that it had an automatic timer built into that I thought would be incredibly helpful for keeping my cats active when I left the house for a few minutes. Or maybe […]


The 20 Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats 2020 [Fun For Fluffy]

By Craig / November 17, 2017

All cats get the zoomies. ​”The zoomies” ​is when your cat ​decides to run back and forth like crazy jumping all over and meowing.  Your cat will get this way when they don’t get enough exercise in their day to day life. ​ It is ingrained in cats to stalk, hunt & pounce. When they don’t […]


Hexbug Cat Toy Review

By Craig / September 17, 2017

Product: Hexbug Cat Toy (Nano Nitro) Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon My Rating: 5 out of 5     Hexbug Cat Toy (Nano Nitro) Product Overview The Hexbug Cat Toy is a cool set of automated vibrating bugs for entertaining your cat.  These bugs are designed to work on hard surfaces like wood floors or tile. The […]


Petlinks Mystery Motion Review – Uh Oh, Where’d It Go?

By Craig / June 15, 2017

Product: Petlinks Mystery Motion Automatic Toy Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon My Rating: 4 out of 5   Petlinks Mystery Motion Automatic Cat Toy Product Overview Ever have the need to play with your cats but don’t have the time or the patience to do it yourself? While I highly recommend you normally play with your cats personally, […]

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