Slinky – Cat Of The Week – March 12th 2018

Everyone meet the gorgeous little lady Slink! Slinky is nearly five, and she’s been with her family for three years now. She came to them as the runt of the litter from a family member as a kitten, but she didn’t gel well with the youngest child; she kept stealing her toys from her hands, or batting her while she was in her bouncer.

Fortunately Slinky’s humans had some close family members that looked after her until the youngest grew enough that Slinky could finally come home. Now she’s okay with all three of the children, but her heart really belongs to her human dad! Mom is a tolerable second best most of the time! However, Slinky only lets her human mom pet her belly, albeit begrudgingly!

Slinky is a Savannah, but she pulls hard from her Siamese roots in looks, personality, and vocals. She never stops talking. She meows at you when you look at her, pet her, go near her, or just because she can. Her meow is so loud too! You can hear her meowing from anywhere in the house.
She’s very friendly, and always comes to new people for pets or to sit in their lap. She’s such a lap cat. She also follows her humans around the house. It’s not uncommon for her to wander in and peek into the bath while one of us is in it, or to poke her head round doors to find her human friends and then wait for them to move!

Slinky has a BIG personality. Her family has met and raised a lot of cats, but they’ve never known a cat quite like her. When she wants your attention she lets you know all about it, either vocally or by simply following you or sitting on you.  Slinky is not big on the outdoors like most cats are in England. She usually only goes out if the family is in the garden with her. She was really annoyed with the recent snow as you can see! Probably cold feet if I had to guess!

Slinky is named after the cat from the Slinky Malinki children’s books, because she fits the description exactly (except in the book Slinky is a boy.)

“Slinky Malinki was blacker than black,
A stalking and lurking adventurous cat,
He had bright yellow eyes and a warbling wail,
And a kink at the end of his very long tail.”

Even down to the kink in her tail, Slinky fits her name perfectly!

We at StuffCatsWant again thank reddit user ASpecialUnicorn for submitting Slinky as Cat of the Week! To submit your cat for Cat of the Week please send at least 5 photos and a description of at least 400 words to

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