Annie – Cat Of The Week – April 2nd 2018

This week’s featured cat of the week is Annie! Annie comes submitted to us from Reddit user GeorgiaPhillips and we thank her for her submission! Annie is a farm cat that loves to drive the tractor! Well, sit on the tractor and sleep, but one day….

Georgia found Annie Cat and her brother about 3 years ago, a friend of a friend knew of a house overrun with animals. The house also had many children so they were looking to give a few away, animals not children mind you!

While Georgia wasn’t even looking for a cat at the time she couldn’t resist and rushed over and came away with the two biggest floofs from the bunch!

At the time they were skinny with matted fur but she knew that with a bit of love they could be in great condition. The previous owners were unsure of the cats breeding and ages but that didn’t matter to Georgia, she just wanted to get them home as quickly as possible!

When Annie came home she was nervous of all humans and would only come out of her hiding places to be fed.  Unfortunately the first thing she needed to do was cut all her matted fur off so she could actually assess what condition her body was in under a all the floof! She was not impressed.

After months of quiet work building Annie’s trust she couldn’t be more confident. She demands food as soon as Georgia arrives at work, sometimes she will even meet her at her car just to make sure she knows that she’s impatiently waiting!

Annie she still doesn’t enjoy her haircuts in the summer to stop plants getting stuck in her beautiful belly hair! But other than that she has settled right into being the resident farm cat!

Her favorite jobs are to check up on the horses, to find new sleeping spots, and to act as farm supervisor watching the team as we work and looking over the foals when we take them to the fields!

She loves to follow Georgia around racing from place to place as if she can’t be seen!  Most of all she loves cuddles and climbing inside people’s coats, especially if they are still wearing them!! Seems to me Annie might lover herself a heated cat bed!

She has the most adorable chirp for when she wants attention, it melts your heart every time you hear it! She loves to have a conversation meowing at her friends and family and the horses, and her purr is extremely loud! But most of all Georgia loves that she and her brother are both happy now!

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