Rory – Cat Of the Week – September 10th, 2018

By Craig / September 10, 2018
a 4 month old kitten named rory

This week’s cat of the week is Rory! He comes submitted to us by Rosie and Jemma, you can find more pictures of him on their reddit account Roo90.

Rory with a bandana on

Rory was given to Rosie for her 30th birthday by her partner Jemma. Rosie says it is “One of the best birthday presents I’ve had!” (I can’t blame her, I’m personally jealous! I’ve never gotten a cat as a present and it sounds pretty awesome to me!)

Rory zonked out

Rosie, Jemma and Rory all live together in York, England. Rory spent her first couple of days hiding behind the fridge until she finally ventured out. She loves playing with feathers and other fluffy toys.

rory zonked on her blanket

Like any cat she’s more than happy curling up in a nice warm sunny spot as you can see above. (She looks like to me like she has already made the window her favorite bed in the feature photo!)

rory at the door

She’s not allowed outside yet so spends a lot of time on our living room window sill watching cars, people and other neighborhood cats come and go on our street. It looks like one of her friends came over to play in this shot, but apparently she couldn’t figure out how to let her in!

rory in the wardrobe

She loves exploring the house as you can see from the photo of her in our wardrobe. She likes being pretty much anywhere she can find the scent of her humans!

rory sleeping in her human's arms

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