Askja – Cats Of the Week – November 19th, 2018

This wee's cat of the week is Askja. She comes nominated to us by reddit user TrisWolfe and we thank her for sharing!

Askja was only supposed to stay with Tris and her boyfriend for a couple months when she moved in as a foster kitty in the beginning of 2018! At the same time they brought her daughter Chloe home as a full on adoption, but now they are hoping to one day fully adopt Askja too.

askja in a tub

The first couple days Askja was a little skeptical about her new home here. This is understandable since she was over two years old at the time and cats don't adjust to new places quickly. But now Askja really seems to feel at home with Tris and her feline friends. She's settled in like a champion!

askja in Tris's boyfriend's lap

Askja loves to cuddle in laps. Askja absolutely loves (actually, “love” is an understatement) Tris's boyfriend! Fortunately for Askja Tris and her boyfriend live together so he's almost always around! Askja loves spending time in his lap, purring and kneading.

She likes cuddling with Tris too, but when she has the choice it’s always him. He’s the whole world for her. Tthis reminds me of my cat Beast with my wife and I, she follows me everywhere, but I digress!

askja in her box

Aside from Tris's boyfriend's lap, Askja also likes to rest in her tiny cardboard box. They don’t have the heart to throw the box because Askja loves it so much.

askja relaxing in a chair

Askja isn’t much for toys. Askja's daughter Chloe and the other cat, Ariel, love to play with pens. Askja seems to ignore them though. But when Askja finally feels like playing with something nothing will stop her from doing so! Not even the other cats being in her way. She just jumps right over them and keeps on running around with whatever she is playing with.

askja in a tiny box

Despite Askja not being very playful, there is one thing she can’t resist: the laser pointer. If Tris or her boyfriend touch it so it makes the slightest sound she’ll come running with pupils so large that her eyes look entirely black.

askja relaxing along the wall

She knows what’s about to happen. She'll stands there with her eyes wide open looking down on the floor  waiting for that red dot to appear. It warms my heart every time to see her so excited!

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