Baron & Biggie – Cats Of The Week – November 26th, 2018

baron and biggie feature

This week's cats of the week are Baron and Biggie! They are quite the dynamic duo because they are so different from one another! They come to us from their human mom India and we thank her for the submission!

Baron snoozing on the couch

Baron is an orange Tabby. She is three years old and is a tiny kitty weighing around 8 pounds. She is a rescue cat who came right up to her humans and claimed them for her own. She is very sweet and loving around her mom and dad. She is always cuddling with one of them.

Baron the orange tabby

She is a very shy cat around other people though, and will hide under the bed when company is over. She loves playing with her brother and loves him with all her kitty heart.  Her favorite food is chicken. She will try every trick in the book to steal some!

Baron looking sly

Don’t let her small size fool you, she is a tough cat and normally wins wrestling matches against her brother. She loves hunting and gets every fly that gets into the house. 

biggie upside down playing

Biggie Smalls is also a rescue cat and loves playing with his toys on the rug. Biggie followed his human's brother on a 2 mile walk all the way back to his house. He was with India and her family the next day as a new family member!

biggie playing

Biggie Smalls is a 2 year old Maine Coon who weighs around 25 pounds. Despite his huge size, he is a gentle giant and can’t hurt a fly (literally he is afraid of insects). He is loving and protective of his family. He also absolutely loves his pioneer pet ultimate scratching post as you can see below!

biggie on top of the ultimate scratching post

While not much of a cuddler he is always around. He is very talkative and has to tell you about his day every evening. His favorite food is veggies, especially broccoli. Apparently he is healthier than I am, I don't even eat my broccoli! 

He also loves playing with ice every morning. He would be a great goalie on a hockey team!

baron and biggie

Baron and Biggie are best friends. It is very rare not to see them in the same room. They play together, nap together, and attack their dad together. They are inseparable and get along great except when they both want attention from their mom.

baron and biggie snoozing together

Baron and Biggie have brightened up their house hold and brought a lot of love and laughter into their humans' lives. Their humans consider themselves lucky to have been able to rescue both of them! 

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