KitNipBox Review 2019 [New Cat Toys Delivered Monthly!]

KitNipBox Monthly Subscription Review
The KitNipBox is a subscription box for your cat!
Every month you'll receive a new assortment of toys and treats to keep your fluff ball entertained and engaged. Each month has a theme too, this card shows a tea party!
kitnipbox tea party theme card
On top of this there are several features and options to customize your box and your subscription as needed.

Product Name:

​KitNipBox Subscription Cat Box

Product Type:

​Subscription Cat Toy & Treat Box


Subscription Boxes have been growing exponentially over the past few years and it was only a matter of time before they broke into pet stuff! KitNipBox is one of the pioneers in the cat subscription box.

The traditional KitNipBox will come delivered to your doorstep once a month with about 4-6 items in it. My experience after about 6 months is that I usually got 4 toys and then a bag of treats to go along with it.

All in all the KitNipBox has some great things going for it and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to build some variety into their own life and that of their kitties!

What Is the KitNipBox?

The trend of subscription boxes started nearly a decade or so ago, but they’ve continued to branch out into pretty much every industry in recent years.

The KitNipBox is pretty straight forward. It is a subscription service that delivers a box to your house each month.

The key difference is that it is for a cat or multiple cats as opposed to for us humans. 

The Happy Cat KitNipBox (the basic subscription) will contain somewhere between four and six items per month. Typically you’ll find about four toys or accessories and then a bag of cat treats.

Depending on the estimated value of the items in the bag you may find more or fewer.  In my experience each of the boxes has an estimated value of somewhere near $25 dollars.

​The Video Review

If you’d rather see the KitNipBox toys in action then check out the video review. I’ll cover what came in my boxes as well as what was successful and what didn’t really entertain my cats!  On top of that I’ll give my overall thoughts on a KitNipBox subscription:

​What Options Are Available?

Dietary Restrictions

Because many cats have dietary restrictions there’s an option in the KitNipBox subscription to simply stop receiving treats / edible items. This doesn’t mean you just lose the value, instead they replace it with another toy or another accessory for pets.

This is a great option to have available even if your cat doesn’t have any special RX needs. Even with two cats we simply don’t go through that many treats on a monthly basis. 

Given this after a few months of constantly getting new bags of treats our shelf was just overflowing with excess cat treats! We turned this off about four months in to switch it up for toys instead!

lexi sniffing the kitnipbox

Single Cat vs Multi Cat Subscription:

The Single Cat Subscription is by far the most common subscription most households will choose. It is also called the Happy Cat Box in case you end up on the website and aren’t sure what I am talking about. It traditionally includes about 4 different cat toys or accessories like brushes and then a bag of cat treats.

If you have multiple cats and your kitties don’t do the best job sharing then you may want to splurge for the Multi Cat box instead.

The Multi Cat Box includes more items to ensure that you’ve got an entire slew of toys available for your kitties! On average you’re looking at a total of about X items in a Multi Cat Subscription Box. 

You can of course also turn off treats in your Multi Cat box if you’re not interested in treats or if your kitty has dietary issues.

​Is Managing the Subscription Easy?

I signed up for my KitNipBox subscription through Amazon as that’s where I first discovered it.  Managing the subscription through Amazon was a breeze. Simply sign up and the box showed up a couple of weeks later.

After about 6 months of boxes our home was temporarily overloaded with kitty toys! There was plenty of novelty and we had enough toys to easily rotate in and out to keep both our cats entertained for a good long period of time.

Given this I flipped the subscription off temporarily on Amazon and it only took a minute. No hassle, no 10 step cancellation process, no extra charges after I already requested to cancel it.

Managing the subscription was a breeze.

​What if I Live Outside the US?

Unfortunately the KitNipBox is not available in all countries. But, it is available in both Canada and Australia.  There are additional shipping charges for Canada and Australia compared to delivery in the United States.

Be sure to account for this if you decide to pursue purchasing a subscription.

If you live elsewhere you can try directly contacting the KitNipBox team to see what they can do!

​Can I Give KitNipBox as a Gift?

If you’re looking for an awesome gift for a friend or family member then the KitNipBox subscription has you covered. You can easily set up a subscription on their website as a gift and you can purchase it for varying lengths of time.

A single month is definitely the cheapest overall option, but if you buy up in number of deliveries then you’ll start to recognize savings. If you go as far as twelve months the KitNip team will knock a full 33% of the price off of every single box!

​Other Benefits

As an added benefit you can see all of the additional charities and organizations that KitNipBox supports right on their website.

Each of these organizations is focused on rescuing cats in unsafe situations, trap neuter release (TNR) programs, and feline welfare causes.

A Few Unboxing Videos

If you’re curious to see specifically what was in the last few KitNipBoxes I received you can check out the YouTube videos for each of them here as well as a complete summary of each of the toys:

Click Here To See What Was In the December 2018 Box

Click Here To See What Was In the November 2018 Box

Click Here To See What Was In the October 2018 Box

Click Here To See What Was In the September 2018 Box

​Is It Worth the Cost?

Each box includes a card that lists out each of the components as well as the value of each item.  The value of the KitNipBox came in at about $25 dollars or so when you added up the projected cost of everything.

I will admit that it is difficult to determine if I could have gotten the toys or similar toys for the same price elsewhere. The toys that come in the KitNipBox cannot be located elsewhere no matter where I searched.

kitnipbox subscription card back side

Out of sheer curiosity I tried Amazon, Chewy, Petco, PetSmart, Krisers, etc. and had no luck.

This isn’t surprising or alarming to me. The team uses their own suppliers that make toys just for KitnipBox to minimize costs and bring you value. The complexity comes in that because the toys aren’t available elsewhere you simply can’t compare the prices to buying each of them separately.

I am very content with the cost of a box for what comes in it.

MeowBox vs KitNipBox

MeowBox is another subscription based service focused specifically on entertaining cats and their owners.  There aren’t a huge number of differences between the subscriptions, but there are definitely a few things worth calling out that may be of interest to you!


  • Your cats are going to love both of these subscription boxes!
  • Both MeowBox and KitNipBox include between 4 and 6 items per month.
  • The boxes are mostly filled with toys or cat accessories like brushes.


  • The MeowBox allows you to spread out your delivery frequency to every other month.
  • The basic MeowBox costs slightly more than the KitNipBox.
  • The MeowBox is not available through Amazon Subscriptions.

KitNipBox Review Summary

On the overall the subscription to KitNipBox can be a heck of a lot of fun and your cats will love it.  You’ll also love the novelty of it as it shows up at your house every month and you get a chance to dig through the toys and show them to your cats.

Both Lexi and Beast seem to really like different kinds of toys. Given this the variety helps keep both of them entertained.  Lexi loves crinkle toys with catnip inside them and Beast seems to go for things that are small and easily batted around.

All in all I was happy with my KitNipBox subscription. I wish I had turned treats off earlier though as I still have treats a few months later.  On top of this I would love to see KitNipBox include some smaller sized toys inside the box.

I know many people associate size with value so including small toys could be misconstrued as being cheap, but many cat toys just seem too large for Beast and she’ll simply ignore them.

The short of it is that I’m happy I got the subscription, but I definitely don’t need a new box each month for my cats. Some cats are far harder on toys and will chew and tear them up.

Given Lexi and Beast don’t do this it is easy to spray some catnip spray on the toys and get them re-engaged again.


The Good Stuff:
  • Fun toys and treats delivered to your door!
  • Keeps my cats engaged and they love the novelty of new toys!
  • Very affordable for what you are receiving!
  • Options to turn off the treats or edible in the box.
  • Options for multiple cats in the household.
Room to Improve:
  • I'd love to see more small toys included since one of my cats loves small toys.
  • I would love to see an option to receive the box every other month. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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