OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive Review

OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive Review

OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive Review

The OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive is a simple powder additive that you can mix into your cat's litter box to help control bad scents from cat urine or cat excrement.

Product Name:

OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive

Product Type:

Cat Litter Scent Control Additive


With this simple additive you can help minimize the more pungent smells that might come rolling out of your cat's litter box from time to time. Whether it is a sustained smell or a temporarily smell immediately after use, OdorKlenz will help minimize it by simply dropping a scoop inside and mixing it into the litter.

It is super easy to use, each package comes with an ample supply for an extended period of time, and you'll immediately notice a decline in foul smells coming from your cat's litter box upon adding it.

Do you dread scooping your cat's litter box because it stinks to high heaven? Or do you need to keep it in a room nobody else will go in because every time one of your cats goes to the bathroom nobody can go in the room for 30 minutes until it airs out?

If any of this sound familiar then you've come to the right place. OdorKlenz is specifically designed to help handle exactly this type of situation.  It is super simple to use and it'll make an immediate impact on any smells coming from your litter box.

How Does It Work?

It is pretty simple to be honest, you add it to your cat's litter box and it attacks any odors right at the source and neutralizes them immediately.

This means the smell never even gets a chance to leave the litter box once your kitty starts kicking his or her litter around to cover up their business.

Do keep in mind this isn't a masking agent. It isn't a stronger scent to cover up the scent from your cat's urine or feces. When I open the container and take a huge whiff right at the top I don't notice any scent at all.

This is important because it means the product isn't simply covering up the previous scent and smell. It is instead removing it.

On top of this the lack of scent also makes it far less likely to cause any trouble with your feline friends.

a small image of the odorklenz litter additive

Does It Bother the Cats At All?

My cats didn't even notice it was there. I haven't noticed even a slight change in their behavior from the moment I dumped it in the litter box to the two full weeks of use before writing this review.

On top of this if I leave the canister open and set it on the floor both of my cats will happily come up and smell the product. They don't bolt or run away when it is around. They don't seem to mind it at all.

my cat beast sniffing the odorklenz cat litter additive

This is very important for anything going in the litter box as most cats don't particularly like scented litter. It tends to cause litter box usage issues. This product hasn't caused a single issue and neither of my cats seem to mind it in the slights.

On the other hand my wife and I absolutely love the effect it has had so far on eliminating nasty odors from the room we keep our litter box in.

What's In It?

While the specific formula is proprietary, there are only a couple of ingredients at work. All of them are listed right on the outside of the bottle:

  • Soda Ash
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Sodium Carbonate

Is It Dangerous?

As long as you keep it out of eyes and mouth it shouldn't pose any threat to you or your cats. 

If you do happen to get it in your eyes you'll need to flush them immediately. 

If you happen to ingest it you'll want to drink a large glass of water and call a poison control center just in case. 

It should definitely be kept out of the reach of children.

back label of odorklenz

Does It Have Any Other Uses?

The core use is absolutely in the litter box as shown below, but you can also use OdorKlenz to help clean up urine accidents around the house or outside of the litter box.

odorklenz being used in a litter box

To clean up an accident outside of the litter box simply dump the OdorKlenz right on top of the urine puddle (as you might with sawdust for a spill) then sweep it into a dust pan. Simple and easy.

It should make the actual liquid spill cleanup a breeze and it should also help out with ensuring the scent is eliminated as well!

Watch the Video Review Here

OdorKlenz Pet Litter Additive

All in all this has proven to be a great product to add to our arsenal of items around the house to minimize the impact our cats have on our lives.  


The Good Stuff:
  • Helps Control Odors
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Cats Aren't Bothered
  • Perfume and Fragrance Free

The Bad Stuff:
  • Using it for accidents outside the litter box would be expensive
  • The directions don't indicate how much to add to your litter box so you have to guess

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