PetStages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy Review

the petstages tower of tracks toy being reviewed
the petstages tower of tracks toy being reviewed

Product: PetStages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

4.5 stars

PetStages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy Product Overview

PetStages in general has proven to develop a lot of excellent toys, both in quality and from an entertainment standpoint for my cats. The toy is simple. It has 3 different levels, hence the name tower, and each level has a plastic ball locked into a track. Your cats can bat the balls and they’ll spin around the tower in circles.

The tower also has rubber feet on the bottom of it to ensure it won’t slide all over the place on wood or tile floors. These little rubber feet have also kept the tower in place on rugs in my home as well.

If you happen to have any issues getting your feline friends to play with it up front all you have to do is hit the balls in a circle with your hands to get them kicked off.  The second I did this with our most recent foster kittens they wouldn’t stop playing with the tower for nearly an hour (which is when they got tired and fell asleep).

Check out this short video review below to see the toy in action with both kittens and adult cats:

 The PetStages Tower of Tracks is a toy that has proven a great addition to our house for both kitten and adult cats alike. Kittens though definitely stick with it for a lot more time than adult cats. My 4 year old cat Lexi loves the tower too. I bring it out every once in a while and spin the balls around the tower to get her started and she lays down and bats them around for a good long time.

Several other Amazon owners also highly recommend this toy:

“This is by far the best investment in a toy that I have ever made for my cat. He loves interaction with it and did not like other ball chasers in the past.”-Fussy New Yorker

“This tower is his new favorite thing in the world. I pulled it out of the box and he played with it for over an hour, until he literally almost fell asleep on top of it. This is a great affordable toy for kittens that gives them a chance to entertain themselves.”-Book Addict

The Pros:

  • It entertains both kittens and adult cats alike, though I’d definitely say kittens are more intrigued.
  • Multiple cats can play with it at the same time quite easily.
  • The rubber feet on the bottom keep it from sliding all over on wood and tile floors.
  • It is very affordable at less than $10 as of writing this.
  • This version includes a safety crossbar across the top to ensure your cat cannot get his or her head stuck in it.
  • It engages your cat through both eyes and ears. The balls make noise as they spin in circles around the tower.
  • Mine has stood up to quite a bit of use and being knocked over tons of times. You’d be hard pressed to damage it.
  • While I don’t recommend leaving your cat alone for play time I will admit this toy is largely hands off once you get your cat started. It is one of the safer toys for unsupervised play. Even if your cat manages to dislodge the balls from the tower they are far too big to simply eat or swallow. That being said I personally always recommend monitoring play time.

The Cons:

  • While this toy isn’t designed for your cat to chew on you should note that the plastic has some toxins in it. If you’ve got a cat that chews on all sorts of stuff this isn’t a great choice for you.

How to Use It Best:

  • This one is easy, simply set it down near your cat(s) and flick or smack the plastic ball so it spins around.  Your cats should see and hear the toy and start playing with it immediately!
  • If you run into any difficulty getting your cat to use the toy try giving it a few sprays from liquid catnip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will it slide around on carpet and wood floors?
    • No, there are numerous non slip pads built into the base of the toy to ensure it doesn’t slide around
  • Can your cat’s head get stuck in it?
    • No, a new safety crossbar was added about 2 years ago to ensure that cats can’t get stuck in the toy.
  • If the balls come out can you put them back in?
    • Yes, a little bit of light force will put a dislodged ball right back in the track?

Wrapping It up:

My cats (and numerous foster cats) have absolutely loved playing with the PetStages Tower of Tracks.  It is a very simple toy, but incredibly engaging and easy to use. It is also one of those toys that doesn’t require your full attention once your cat gets started playing with it.

Kittens in particular will use it in groups and jump and climb all over it while batting the balls all over the place too. Recent changes to the toy have also ensured it is safer than older versions. No longer can cats get their head stuck in the top of the toy.

All in all, at a low price point of a little less than $10 dollars you really can’t go wrong with this option. Especially if you have kittens and you’d like to provide them a toy that will tire them out until they fall asleep.

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