Best Heated Cat Beds 2018

If you’re in the market for a heated cat bed there are a couple of key things you’ll want to consider. First and foremost though, is does your cat really need a heated cat bed?  Most cats will not require something like this because their fur is a great insulator on its own.

The only reason a standard cat would require a heated bed is if the house gets down to a very chilly temperature at certain times of day and you don’t want to turn on a larger heating system.

So given the above, I’ll outline some of the best heated cat beds on the market, but I’ll also discuss in more detail below whether or not your cat should really require a cat bed or if you are spoiling your cat (which I’m all for too!).

One last thing to note, all of the beds below are for indoor use only.  I have not yet compiled information on heated cat beds for outdoor/feral cats so do keep in mind none of the beds below should be used outside where they are exposed to the elements.

The Best Heated Indoor Cat Beds Quick Guide

The Beds Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed  Best Overall
Hooded Heated Deluxe Cat Bed  Best Hooded
Thermo Kitty Heated Cat Mat  Best Basic Mat
Indoor Waterproof Heating Pad  Most Versatile (temperatures)
The Mod Dream Pod  Most Modern
Soo Angeles Cat Heating Pad  Most Economical
Cangfort’s Heated Cat Mat  Most Durable
Art of Paws Heated Cat Bed  Comfiest Cat Mat
The Little Red Barn  Most Stylish
The Octagon Kitty Sleephouse  Most Unique (in style)
Other Items Does My Cat Need a Heated Bed?
Are Heated Cat Beds Safe?
How Long Will My Cat Take To Use It?
Wrapping It Up

a tan circular shaped heated cat bed with slightly raised walls, no coverK&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

K&H is by far one of the most well respected heated cat bed manufacturers on the market. Not only have they been around for years, but they also produce a wide variety of different models for both indoor and outdoor cats. This means they draw from a ton of experience and their products are tried and tested by cats from all walks of life.

This particular model is king of the ring when it comes to heated cat beds. It is super simple to operate in that it simply has a heated pad that slides into the bottom of the bed and then it heats on up when your cat comes by and lays down on it. If you’re looking to treat your cat or ensure that your older cat stays warm in the colder winter months then this is the bed for you!


Key features worth noting on this model:

  • Soft foam walls cuddle your cat in comfort with the addition of the heated pad below
  • It is available in 2 sizes, 16 inches in diameter and 20 inches in diamter
  • It comes in various colors including a cute fish print design, mocha and sage
  • It only uses 4-watt and it is MET listed meaning it is top of the line from a safety standpoint
  • It features dual thermostats that let it detect your pet then heats to 102 degrees F when your cat is present
  • When your cat isn’t around it stays 12 to 15 degrees above room temperature so your cat can detect the warmth
  • It can stay plugged in year round 24 hours a day and can be used in any household outlet
  • You can see my brother’s cat Nala absolutely living it up in her K&H Thermo Kitty bed


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a hooded heated cat bed from K&H, it is leopard printK&H Pet Products Hooded Heated Deluxe Thermo-Kitty Bed

As I mentioned above K&H is really a top of the line manufacturer in the space of heated cat beds. This is another variation on their main model that has a hood built in to help contain the heat and provide more of a cave like experience for your kitty to keep her even warmer!

Just like the previous model this is for indoor use only, if you’re looking for outdoor kitty beds there are a whole host of them, but this article is focused on indoor kitties!

Several of the major features worth noting on this model are:

  • The built in heating pad uses only 4 watts of electricity so it won’t cost you much to heat
  • The product is MET Listed meaning it is fully safety tested and isn’t a fire hazard
  • The hood zips off easily to create a kitty cup if your cat doesn’t like the additional cover
  • The heating pad is fully removable from the cover so you can easily wash the bed 
  • It is available in 2 sizes, 16 inches in diameter and 20 inches in diamter
  • It features dual thermostats that let it detect your pet then heats to 102 degrees F when your cat is present
  • When your cat isn’t around it stays 12 to 15 degrees above room temperature so your cat can detect the warmth
  • It can stay plugged in year round 24 hours a day and can be used in any household outlet

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a flat rectangular tan colored mat that is heated for catsThermo Kitty Heated Mat For Cats

This is a bit of a change up from the beds above in that it is a mat more than it is a bed. That being said, cats love snoozing on rugs, beds, mats & pretty much everything in between. If you have a cat that doesn’t love sides or walls around them then this is the option for you.

Key features worth noting on this kitty mat are:

  • Thermostatically controlled to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature (102 degrees) when in use
  • The heater uses only 6 watts of electricity which is on the low side of any heated mat
  • It is MET Listed meaning it is up to snuff from a fire safety standpoint
  • It is easy to wash and care for the outside, simply unzip and remove the heater from the cover and wash it on gentle
  • The dimensions of the mat are approximately 12.5″ x 25″ giving your kitty or kitties lots of space to snooze
  • It comes in two different colors so you can match it with your decor: mocha and sage

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a large rectangular waterproof heated mat with a dog on it, but made for cat use tooRiogoo’s Indoor Waterproof Pet Heating Pad

I know I know, you’re already saying to yourself that the picture to the right has a dog on the bed, not a cat. I don’t have a dog! I have a feline! Why would I want this bed? The simple fact is that cats and dogs actually have pretty similar internal temperatures so beds constructed to keep dogs warm do a very good job of keeping your cat warm too!

This bed is a little different from most listed in that you actually get to have some control over the thermostat and determine what temperature you’d like the bed to warm up to, within a predefined range of course.

The key features of this model are:

  • It has an automatic power-off protection control built in so it stops heating up past 104 degrees, your cats body temperature is about 102 degrees
  • This is a third generation heating pad suitable for senior cats, arthritic cats, new born cats, pregnant cats any kitty that might have recently had a vet visit and needs some help staying warm
  • This pad is 100% Waterproof & Moisture-proof  to ensure that your cat stays totally safe on it even if a little water spills on it or nearby it
  • It is made of durable oxford fabric and for long lasting comfort while maintaining a nice flexible and comfortable surface for your cat
  • It is super easy to clean by hand, you can easily run a wet cloth across it or a lint roller if it is gets too furry 
  • Be sure to operate this indoors only, just like all these beds, and note you can lay a thin fleece or thin bed on top of it, but nothing too thick or the heat won’t come through


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a brown colored pod with a cat poking its head out, heated and for indoor useK&H Manufacturing Mod Dream Pod

If you’re looking for a lovely place for your cat to get some zzzzs and have some of the best dreams of their lives then this is the bed for you. It is even called the Dream Pod,  that means you know it delivers on its promises!

All jokes aside, this pod is basically a cross over of the Twin Critters bed from my top 10 normal bed list and a heated bed. It will make any cat you have fall in love with sleeping inside of it and never want to come out to use the litter box or eat. Don’t worry though, they still will come out for those things, they just won’t want to.

Key features of this bed worth noting are:

  • The heater inside this bed is 100% removable for year round use, you obviously won’t need it in the summer
  • This dream pod is large enough for pretty much any cat, or even two cats if they like to snooze on top of one another
  • The dream pod will gently cradle your cat using its unique bowl design that is engineered for cat comfort
  • The exterior is made of rugged 600 denier polyester meaning it’ll stand up to quite the beating while also maintaining a nice warm interior
  • The interior is made of plush lycra to keep your feline friend warm and comfortable
  • It does come with an option to buy it without the heater, but with an MET listed heater and only 4 watts of consumption you should definitely get the heater
  • There’s also a removable pillow inside that can be easily pulled out and washed if necessary
  • The pod comes in at 22 inches in diameter

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a rectangular heated cat mat, red in colorThe Soo Angeles Pet Heating Pad

While this model is more of a pad than it is a full on bed, it is still a great option to consider!  This pad is a great size and comes in at a very affordable price as well and it has some options that the K&H models don’t come with so you get a little more versatility in your pet pad than you would with the K&H.

On the bright side, given the size of the pad you can also place it in any type of bed you already have in place and make it extra warm and comfy for your kitty! So if you’ve got a cold spot you want your feline friend to start snoozing in then this might be the option for you.

Here are the features worth noting:

  • It comes with a lot of variation in the temperature, 7 settings to be exact, you can set the levels so the temperature sits anywhere between 25-55°C, quite the range
  • There is also a thermal protector that it comes with to wrap around it to ensure your pet stays safe and doesn’t get hurt if the temperature gets a little too hot
  • This is an ideal model for older cats that have aches and pains from arthritis or that simply need a little extra something to keep them warm in the winter
  • The heating pad is 100% sealed and waterproof to ensure that your pet stays safe at all times the pad is turned on, even if they so happen to have an accident in the bed or knock a bowl over onto it
  • The fleece cover is easily removed and is 100% machine washable
  • We all know cats can get a little curious too, the cord on this bed is chew resistant to help keep your cat safe
  • This pad heats up over an extended period to ensure that it doesn’t have any chance to burn your pet, it will take about 10 minutes or so for it to heat to the temperature you select

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a very fluffy grey heated cat mat, rectangular in shape, with a grey cat on top of itCangfort Electric Heated Cat Bed with Chew Resistant Cord

The Cangfort electric heated cat bed is a nice option if you’re looking for something very simple and straight forward to keep your cat nice and warm on those frigid winter days.  Not only is it simple in design and operation, but it will also maintain a single constant temperature to keep your fluff ball extra comfy!

Now to be clear this is more of a pad than it is a bed, while it does have a comfy cover it would most likely be best used inside of or on top of an existing cat bed of some sort.

Key features worth noting:

  • The grey cushion is extra thick and is made of high quality polar fleece so it is just like sleeping on a cloud
  • The pad will maintain a single constant temperature of about 48C or 118F
  • It runs on a simple and low 12 volts so it is totally safe for your kitties to be around
  • At about 12 x 16 inches it will also easily fit inside most existing cat beds if you just want to warm up a current bed
  • The cover slips on and off easily with just the flick of a zipper and it is machine washable
  • The cord is chew resistant to keep your kitty safe even if he or she gets a little curious

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a very comfortable and fluffy looking cat mat that is heated with a black and white cow cat asleep on itArt of Paws Electric Heated Cat Bed

This is definitely one of the larger heated cat beds on the market coming in at about 23 inches by 17 inches. That means there’s plenty of room on it for two cats, especially if you’ve got a pair that is already close! This bed is perfect for older pets, or pets plagued by aches and pains as arthritis sets in or perhaps if they’ve just had surgery.

You’ll notice there are no high walls on the side of this bed so it is easy for any and every cat to get on top of it and enjoy the warmth! Art of Paws also wanted to ensure safety in your house for you and your family. Their cat bed warms up automatically when your pet sits on it and then reverts to a lower temperature setting when your pet leaves the bed. This ensures safety and conserves energy too, go green!

Features worth noting on this bed:

  • It auto detects when your cat is present and warms up to its peak temperature then cools off slightly when the cat leaves to conserve energy
  • It has an internal thermometer and overheating protection so you can relax and listen to your cats snoring or purring happily in their nice warm bed
  • It comes with an extra-long 2 meter bite-proof cord
  • It only uses 10 watts of electricity so it comes in on the low end of heated pet beds in general
  • The soft fleece cover is super easy to remove and is 100% machine washable so you can keep it clean even if your fluff balls like to fur it up

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a heated cat house that looks like a little red barn, there's a dog poking its head out, but made for cats tooK&H Pet Products Indoor Little Red Barn

If you want your cat to have her own little red barn, you know, like the ones you saw growing up, then this is the model for you. Not only does it look pretty similar to the barn with the red painted walls, but it’ll also ensure your feline friend stays extra warm. Now you do see a dog in the picture, forgive the oversight but the model does of course accommodate cats too!

The warmth will come from three major sources, your cat, the enclosed walls and roof, and of course the built in heating system for your little red barn.  As with any K&H model, this barn is fully tested to ensure it is safe and it will only heat up to its top temperature when your kitty cat is present. As with every model on this page, this barn is only intended for indoor use.

Let’s quickly recap some of the key K&H features in case you skipped right to this model:

  • If you just like the barn you can buy that without the heating component and it’ll still do a great job keeping your cat warm
  • It is super-soft and has padded plush interior walls and a floor pad, it also zips together and can be easily broken down for travel
  • The thermostat triggers the heater to flip on and it only uses 4 watts to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature when in use
  • It is designed to remain 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when your pet is not in the bed to conserve energy
  • As with all K&H products it is MET Listed meaning you know it has been tested for safety

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an octagon shaped cat sleeping house with a heating pad built in, leopard printK&H Pet Products Kitty Sleephouse

The last product I’ll mention from K&H is their Kitty Sleephouse.  I like the overall design and the functionality, it is an excellent product when it comes to providing your cat a nice warm place to call home on those cold days.

You already know that in general I am a big fan of K&H products, they make great stuff that ensures your cat lives like the king or queen she is.  The only reason this particular item from K&H is last in my list is I am really not that big of a fan of the cheetah print on this model. Or perhaps it is leopard print. Whatever the case it just isn’t all that attractive to me, but it is still a great product!

A few features worth mentioning:

  • Super easy to put together, you don’t need any tools at all 
  • It provides a 14 x 16 sleeping area on the interior which s a nice large space for most cats to curl up
  • The cover is removable and washable with the simple pull of a zipper
  • The thermostat triggers the heater to flip on and it only uses 4 watts to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature when in use
  • It is designed to remain 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when your pet is not in the bed to conserve energy
  • As with all K&H products it is MET Listed meaning you know it has been tested for safety

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Does My Cat Need a Heated Bed?

The answer for most people here is going to be a resounding no. Now does that stop you from providing the bed anyway, absolutely not. If you simply want to spoil your cat and provide an extra warm comfy spot for her to sleep then by all means go for it. That being said, here are the key considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when determining if you really need a cat bed:

  • Environment:
    • First and foremost you’ll want to consider your environment. If you live in a relatively tropical environment where the temperature is an average of 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher then a heated bed is likely not necessary for your cat. A standard bed with a blanket will probably be plenty sufficient, or a cave if you want to take it a step further.
    • If on the other hand your home tends to get pretty chilly from time to time, especially in the winter, then a heated bed might be a logical consideration. In general they chew up a lot less energy than heating the whole house and most of them only actually use energy when the cat is present in in the bed. Not only does this mean your cat stays warm, but it means you’re environmentally friendly too!
  • a sphynx cat that is hairlessBreed:
    • This is the second largest reason you might consider a heated bed. A few of our feline friends simply don’t have much hair, in particular breeds like the Sphynx. These cats would definitely appreciate a heated bed if they live in an environment where the temperature dips below the 60 degree mark.
  • Size & Weight:
    • As we all know larger items maintain their temperature more effectively. A large cat will not get as cold as easily as a small cat so be sure to factor in the size and weight of your furry friend to determine if you’ll need a heated bed.
  • Hair Type:
    • Pretty obvious, long haired cats are less likely to need an additional heat source as they’ll generally just stay warmer.
  • Age:
    • Age is another factor worth considering. The older your cat gets the more his or her metabolism slows down and also the more likely they are to lose weight. This is just a simple function of getting old. If your cat loses weight they are more likely to get cold more easily and a heated bed makes more sense. On the flip side of this very small kittens don’t stay as warm as their adult counterparts so it might be worth considering for a younger cat too.

Are Heated Cat Beds Safe?

Heated cats are absolutely safe so long as you operate the bed properly. What do I mean by properly? Well, there are a few restrictions that typically come with pretty much any heated cat bed on the market. So let’s dig into those:

  • a fire alarmNo Extension Cords: Generally speaking any type of heater that is running purely on electricity recommends not using an extension cord. The general reason behind this is that a lot of extension cords aren’t designed to support the amount of electricity that would flow through which could result in the cord itself overheating and causing a fire.
  • Cleaning & Washing: If you decide that you’d like to clean or wash your heated bed you’re going to have to ensure you read the directions. Generally speaking you’ll have to unzip the cover and wash only the cover. The heating pad itself should typically not be washed.
  • Addition Comfort: You’ll want to avoid placing anything additional on top of the heated bed other than the cover that comes with it. The primary reason is that this will help ensure you don’t create a fire hazard by placing something potentially flammable on the bed. While the average temperature of the cat bed is only about 102 Fahrenheit at maximum there’s no sense tempting fate with untested materials.

If you operate your heated cat bed with these items in mind then you should have very little concern about safety. If you’re leaving the house for days or weeks at a time and your cat is coming with you then you can go ahead and turn it off by unplugging it, but beyond that these beds are designed to operate 24 hours a day.

How Long Until My Cat Uses The New Bed?

If you’ve had your bed for a few days and your cat hasn’t yet fallen in love with it, or maybe hasn’t done anything more than sniff it, don’t worry!  Many cats will take a few weeks before they’re willing to explore a new bed, and you might have to get a little crafty to get your cat to try it out for the first time.

The good news is, once a cat tries a bed and likes it they’re a heck of a lot more likely to come right back and use it another time. The cave my cat Beast has went unused for over a month before we left for a long weekend and then she discovered it when she didn’t have a warm lap to sit in.  Now she sleeps in that cave every night!

Here are a few tips you can try to get your cat to try out a new bed:

  • feliway sprayMake It Smell Like Home: We all know that cats base a lot of their lives around scents. They rub their paws and their faces all over everything to leave their scent and mark things as their own. Given this a new bed with a factory or shipping smell can be off putting. Try taking a blanket or another cushion or something of theirs and placing it inside the new bed. This will help bring them comfort and associate positive things with it.
  • Mask Unknown The Scents: Similar to the above option, you can look at using a product like Feliway Spray to help your cat get used to their new bed. Feliway is a synthetic pheromone that comes in a little spray bottle and is scentless to us humans. On the bright side, it has a calming effect on most cats and will encourage them to otherwise explore or use spaces/toys that might otherwise ignore or hide from.
  • Treat Motivation: It may go without saying, but if you have a cat that loves treats then definitely feel free to put them to use. Scatter a few treats in the bed from time to time to encourage your kitty to walk on and feel that nice new comfortable bed.
  • Manual Intervention: There’s always the time tested option of simply picking up your cat and setting them in the bed. Now if your cat has already expressed fear of the bed I certainly wouldn’t try this. If your cat on the other hand has mostly simply ignored the bed then this can be a good option for a quick test of the bed.

If you’ve got multiple cats that might use it you may also want to try Feliway Multicat. Check out my more in depth review of it here.

Wrapping It Up On Heated Cat Beds

We all know every cat is a tad different in regards to where they love to relax and what materials they love to relax on. But I’ve personally never met a cat that doesn’t like to lay on something warm or lay in the sun when it happens to be shining through the window!

On top of this if you happen to have a cat that might have any level of difficulty in staying warm on their own then heated cat beds can definitely be a huge bonus. This applies to small kittens and older cats in particular, but it certainly helps relieve aches and pains for cats that might simply have an injury or something like arthritis setting in.

Be sure to try all the tips and tricks above if your cat doesn’t take to your new purchase right away. Cats are definitely creatures of habit and may take some time before they decide they want to try a new bed let alone fall in love with it.

What type of bed do you use for your cat? Do you have a heated bed and if so how do you like it? Tell us about your favorite heated cat bed, or better yet your cat’s favorite bed! Feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email at is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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7 thoughts on “Best Heated Cat Beds 2018

  • February 12, 2018 at 8:52 am

    i have a maine coone, which bed is best for a really large cat?

    • February 12, 2018 at 12:15 pm

      I’d say the Thermo Kitty Heated Mat for Cats is your best bet cause even if your cat is a bit large for it it they won’t feel cramped, they might just have a leg hang off the side.

  • February 12, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    We used to use a heating pad wrapped in a towel for our older cat, but getting one of those simple, flat cat beds was so much better and safer for her. Old cats love warmth for their achy joints, but even my younger cats will sleep on laptops or the cable box to get snuggly and warm. We live in Nevada so it’s not even cold, they just like the warm. I actually think they’d love to hole up in a dream pod. We’re going to have to take a look at getting that.

    • February 13, 2018 at 8:22 am

      Haha, my cat walks all over my laptop while I’m using it…I think to convince me to shut it down so she can lay on top of it for the warmth. Crafty little beasts!

  • February 13, 2018 at 11:28 pm

    my cat loves to chew on wires, how do you keep cats away from the wires?

    • February 14, 2018 at 2:09 pm

      Several of the options here have “chew proof wires” or guards built into them. I’ve noted that on each model so you can do a search for it in the article.

      If you’re still worried about it you can try some of the following techniques to help keep your cat away:
      -Run the wire under a rug from the plug to the bed
      -Use bitter apple or bitter lemon spray on the wire
      -Deploy an SSSCat near the wire itself, but this might prove difficult depending on the model you choose and the length of the cord

  • February 16, 2018 at 7:13 am

    Wow I didn’t realize there’s so many cat beds to choose from. I love the little red barn. Definitely upgrading my cat’s box with blanket to one of those!


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