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The 15 Best Leather Cat Collars 2020 [Safe & Fashionable]

The best leather cat collars feature photo

Want your cat to look cool, but also be safe and sound when they venture out of the house? Get yourself a leather cat collar in place of the nylon counterparts! 

Leather collars look great, they are sturdy and they have all the bells and whistles that modern nylon collars come with too! So take a look through some of the best leather cat collars and get your cat set up for an outdoor adventure!

The Best Leather Cat Collars

​#1 Rogz Glow In the Dark Reflective

a grey collar with a cat shaped safety release

This is by far my favorite collar on the market, leather or nylon based. It is an excellent collar that has all the features and functions a collar should have for your feline friends.  

Not only does it have key safety features like a breakaway clasp and a D ring for tags, but it has a reflective strip built right in too. If you've got a cat that goes outside on a regular basis then you can't find a better leather collar than this one!
A few other items worth noting:

  • Made of high quality PU leather that will last even under tough outdoor conditions
  • Built in adjustable breakaway clasp for different levels of resistance: 6.6lbs, +8.8lbs and +11lbs
  • Fully adjusts to fit necks between 8 and 12 inches, quite a solid range
  • Has a removable color-coded bell for a more personalized collar
  • It is both glow in the dark AND reflective for additional safety outdoors
  • The underlying interior is made of scratch proof webbing to ensure it is extra durable
"I finally managed to find a collar that stays on my cats. The adjustable safety release ensures it doesn't come off at any old tug or pull and the collar is super bright at night!"

#2 Outlaw  Studded ​Safety Collar

a black leather collar with silver studs

If you're looking for a leather collar that will make your cat look like a bit of a hard ass then this might be the collar for you. Not only is it black, but it comes fully equipped with a bunch of chrome pointed studs that make it look like only the toughest cats around would wear it.

This collar also features an elastic section to ensure that your cat won't get stuck in any dangerous situations. If they get stuck they can simply pull their way right out of the collar

A few other things worth noting:

  • High quality durable leather that lasts even with lots of constant use
  • Features an elastic section for added safety if your cat gets stuck
  • Ideal for cats that between a 9 and 12 inch neck
  • Has a D ring for tags built right into it for additional recognition on a lost cat
"This collar has lasted several years even though it has been on my cat daily, great quality and it still looks awesome too!"

One item worth noting:

  • Leverages an elastic instead of a traditional safety buckle so it may slide off more easily

#3​ Pearl Leather Safety Cat Collar

a cat collar made of leather with pearls around it

Do you have a sophisticated cat that needs an extra nudge to put him or her over the top into high society? this beautiful leather collar is decorated with numerous lustrous pearls that will make your kitty look like a socialite!

While it isn't a break away collar, it does come fully equipped with an elastic section built in to ensure your cat can escape from any sticky situations he or she may find themselves in.

A few other things worth noting about this option:

  • A beautiful leather collar decorated with warm white pearls to make your cat extra classy
  • Has a built in strap of elastic to keep your cat safe if the collar gets caught
  • Perfectly designed to fit cats with a neck between 9 and 12 inches around
"This is both a great looking collar and it has held up well over the year our indoor cat has used it..."

It is also worth noting:

  • This collar may not take traditional wear and tear of an outdoor lifestyle

#4 Epic Rogue Leather Cat Collar

a basic blue leather collar with chrome fittings

If you're looking for a completely functional no frills collar then this option from Epic Rogue is worth considering. It is a available in numerous colors and is fully equipped with stainless steel fittings so it'll never rust even from plenty of use.

This genuine leather collar will make your cat look great and will bring an added layer of safety if your kitty happens to escape the house and get lost!

  • A beautiful collar made of genuine leather with stainless steel fittings
  • The Inner layer is  padded for extra sensitive skin, it won't bother your cat one bit
  • The collar is 5/8s of an inch in width which is extra wide so it shows off well
  • It has a built in ring for you to hang your cats tags on it
  • The extra small size will fit cats with a neck from 7.5" to 10" in girth
"After ordering the extra small for my cat I am pleased with how great it looks!"

There is one key item worth noting on this option:

  • This collar does not have a breakaway safety release or an elastic strap built in, be sure to consider your cat's behavior before purchasing this option

#5 Cute Flower ​Collar with Bling

a very heavily decorated black leather color with flower print

If your cat just needs an extra layer of bling or an extra layer of fashion to look cool then this is definitely the option for you. This collar is beautifully decorated with flowers and also comes with numerous rhinestones in the shapes of flowers.

It is the perfect addition for any cat that is perhaps attending a party or just wants to look extra classy! You could even use it as part of a costume for a Halloween event. 

A few other things worth noting about this collar:

  • It is made of high quality PU leather which ensures it'll stay looking great for years
  • The small size is perfect for cats with a neck 8.7" to 10.6"
  •  The flowers and the rhinestones give your cat an extra level of class and sophistication
"If you're looking for a great way to make your kitty appear extra feminine then this is the perfect option!"

Keep the sizing in mind on this option when you make a purchase:

  • Don't buy a medium size for most cats, it'll be way too big
  • This has no safety mechanism built it, you should consider your cat's behavior to help make a decision on if this is the right option

#6 Custom Engraved Leather Collar  

a red leather collar with a name plate that can be customized

If you're looking for a collar that you get to customize then this is definitely an excellent option. Not only does this collar look great, but it also comes with a riveted on name plate that you can add your cat's name and phone number to for additional safety.

As an added bonus you also get an additional hang tag for your cat made of stainless steel. You can add additional information to the hang tag as well for any additional information you might need to include.

A few other things worth noting on this option:

  • Made of 100% premium leather, it is soft and durable and will hold up in any situation
  • Has a soft inner padding for added comfort for your kitty cat
  • The small size is ideal for most cats at .5" in width and fits necks between 10.5" and 13"
  • The reflective band makes your cat easier to see in the dark
  • Comes in 5 different colors: purple, red, green, pink and black
"I have had this collar for months and the reflective band is super easy to see in the dark, it gives me lots of extra confidence when my cat is out at night!"

It is worth noting one item about this collar though:

  • Since this collar was initially designed for small dogs it does not have a safety release

#7 Personalized Blingy Cat Collar

a red leather collar for felines with snowflake shaped jewels on it

Trying to get your cat ready for the holidays and you don't want to consider a Christmas Costume? This collar is a great option to help your cat ring in the winter season!  

It has a bunch of jewels on it, but it also has numerous snowflake shaped jewel combinations and is bright red! Talk about a collar custom made for the winter holidays...There are of course other color options if you desire, but I absolutely love this color myself.

A couple of things worth noting before purchase:

  • These collars are made of PU leather for comfortable and durable wearing
  • There are beautiful clear colored crystals studded into the collar for extra class
  • You can choose from four different color options: black, red, pink and blue
  • The small size is ideal for most cats, it fits necks 10.5"-13"
  • Has a built in D ring for you to hang any important tags for your kitty
"My little cat looks absolutely great in the red collar during the holidays!"

It is worth noting one thing before purchase:

  • This collar has no breakaway mechanism or elastic strap for easy release

#8 Luxury ​Collar With Skulls

a black collar for cats with skulls studded around it

If your cat is a total rebel and likes to cause lots of trouble then this is the leather collar for you. Not only does the black leather bring a level of danger to the look of the collar, but the skulls make it even cooler and more intimidating for anyone looking on.

Your cat will be the talk of the neighborhood with this collar and all the other cats will know to walk the other direction when they see him or her coming! You can't go wrong with this option if you've got a cat that has a reputation to establish or maintain!

A few other things worth noting:

  • This collar is made of PU leather meaning it is durable and will handle lots of wear and tear
  • The skulls and rivets are made of high quality alloy so they will stay nice and shiny
  • The collar should be purchased in extra small for cats which will work on 8.7" - 10.7" necks
  • The collar has an easy to use adjustable buckle for sizing it properly for your cat
"This collar is super sturdy and it has held up really well even after over a year of use!"

There is one key item worth noting on this collar though:

  • It has no safety release or breakaway buckle built in to let your cat escape getting stuck

#9 Small Cats Studded Safety Collar 

a red studded collar with an elastic safety band

If you've got a cat that is on the smaller end of the spectrum and you haven't been able to find a leather collar that fits then you're not alone. Small cats are often difficult to locate products for, but you shouldn't be concerned! This great leather collar is specifically designed with smaller cats in mind.

It has all the major features and functions of the studded collar called out above, but it is made for cats that have a much smaller neck than your average cat! Either way, let's review some of the key items it features:

  • It features an elastic strap to stretch out and let your cat escape sticky situations
  • Specifically engineered for cats with necks 6.5" - 8.5"
  • It is made of 100% genuine leather and features studs all the way around
  • The D ring that holds the bell can be used to add additional tags for cat info
  • It comes equipped with a bell to make extra noise and let you know where your cat is

#10 ​Bowtie & Bandanna 2 Pack

a brown leather collar wrapped with red plaid coverings

If you have it in mind for your cat to look like a dapper little businessman, but you want to have a leather collar, then this is the right option for you.  This two pack of collars gives you a traditional bow tie collar and a bandanna collar where the collar itself is made of leather.

This is an excellent deal if you're looking to have options for your cat and you have a specific desire to keep leather as the core component of the collar. A few other things worth noting here:

  • The collars are made of high quality PU leather and the bandanna & bow tie are polyester
  • Both collars feature a d ring to hold tags and come with an attached jingle bell
  • These collars will fit necks of 8.6" to 11", but be sure to leave room for your fingers
  • You're getting two collars for a price similar to a single collar in many other options
"I have two cats at home and I bought this package so I had one for each of them and they'd match! They look like a dynamic crime fighting duo!"

It is worth noting this about the collars:

  • Neither collar comes with breakaway technology or safety release

#11 Leather Collars ​w/ Bell 2 Pack

a two pack of leather collars with bell attachments

If you're looking to buy collars specially for multiple cats, or you know your cat is likely to go ahead and lose collars then this is a great option. The price point for this two pack makes it as accessible as a single collar from almost any other company out there.

On top of this there are a few different color combinations you can choose from so you can get your kitties to match or you can match them up to your home decor! A nice perk at this price!

Also worth noting the following:

  • They are made of genuine super soft leather that is both durable and comfortable
  • These have been through the ringer in testing, they have been bent 5000 times to ensure they don't crack or strip easily
  • The collar is about .35" inches wide so it'll look like a perfect fit on any cat's neck
  • The size of this collar is designed to fit cats, adjusted from 8.7"- 10.6"

It is worth cautioning potential buyers of one key item:

  • These leather collars have no safety release for a stuck cat built in

#12 Suede Collar With Fish ​ID​

a suede collar for cats with a customizable name plate shaped like a fish

This is one of the only suede options out there that can be customized  and has an attached bell. It is a great option for a cat that you want to have a little flair built into their collar, but you also still want it to be functional and helpful in case your cat sneaks out the door and gets lost!

There are a couple of key items worth noting here:

  • It is made of soft suede on the outside and faux leather on the inside
  • All of the hardware is made of stainless steel, it will never rust even if it gets wet
  • It has an extra small option for cats with necks between 6" and 8"
  • You can customize the fish attachment with up to 30 characters of custom text
"The fish attachment makes my fluff ball look quite dapper, I love it!"

It is worth noting the following two things before purchasing:

  • A few owners have indicated the included bell was not in the package, contact support if so
  • There isn't a safety strap or a breakaway buckle built in to let out a stuck cat

#13 Leather Safety Collar for Kittens

a bright yellow cat collar with chrome fittings

This option is made out of soft genuine leather and it is designed specifically for kittens. It is hand stitched to ensure you’re getting a long lasting good quality product.

There's a built in elastic strap designed to allow your cat an easy release if the collar snags on anything. They also feature very bright colors making your cat easy to spot even in low light. ​

A few other things worth noting:

  • They are constructed of high quality leather and hand stitched for the best product
  • They are designed to fit the necks of cats that are between 6 and 7 inches, perfect for kittens
  • There are a dozen different colors to choose from (see picture above for options)
  • There's a built in elastic strap to ensure your kitten doesn't get stuck or injured
  • They come with an attached jingle bell for extra easy location of your kitten
"I love all the colors! I bought one for every day of the week for my cat so he can have a new one each day."

Please pay attention to the following before making a purchase:

  • It is worth noting the picture looks like a two pack, but it is a single collar

#14 Classic Padded Leather ​Collar

a traditional feline collar made of leather with brass fittings

Last, but certainly not least on the list, is this awesome collar that comes from AoLove. Made of high quality leather and padded on the inside for comfort, this is another great option for anyone looking to make their cat look extra cute and visible!

A few key features worth noting on these collars:

  • Made of high quality leather and nickel plated hardware for long lasting durability
  • These are a perfect fit for cats with a neck between 8 and 10 inches, there are 5 holes built in
  • There are ten different colors to choose from so you can mix and match colors
  • It has a heavy duty D ring included for holding tags or jingle bells if you want them

It is worth noting the following before purchasing:

  • These collars aren't break away and they don't have an elastic safety strap built in
  • The collar is a bit thicker than a normal cat collar and some cats may not love it

Additional Information

Are Leather Collars Safe?

Leather collars just as safe as any other type of collar on the market for cats. You just need to make an educated purchase based on the circumstances of your particular cat.

They key difference between many leather collars and many nylon collars is that a lot of leather collars still don't come equipped with a full on safety release or an elastic band. This means if your feline friend gets stuck they can get injured or even worse.

Note that I specifically called out every collar in this list with a breakaway latch or an elastic band. These features are becoming far more common, but they aren't quite yet the norm as they are with nylon collars.

One other item you may wish to factor in is how much additional safety comes from having a collar that won't fall off versus the likelihood of your cat getting stuck on something. If the likelihood of your cat getting stuck seems low, but the likelihood of your cat pawing the collar off seems high, then you may want to go for a more traditional buckle style option instead of a safety release.

You should make your decision based on the habits and behavior or your cat as well as the environment your cat spends most of his or her time in.

Behavioral Factors:

  • Super Curious / Loves Exploring: Your should definitely consider a safety release.
  • Relaxes All Day: This type of cat should be ok without a safety release.

Environmental Factors:

  • Outdoor cat: You should definitely consider a safety mechanism.
  • Indoor/Outdoor cat: You should think about having a collar with a safety mechanism.
  • Indoor cat: I still recommend a safety mechanism, but if you are constantly with your cat and you don't have many obstacles indoors then a collar without a safety mechanism may be ok.

What Features Should I Consider?

Safety Release / Elastic Band

This is by far the most important feature to consider for any cat collar, especially if you have a cat that is an indoor/outdoor or full on outdoor cat.  Outdoor cats tend to do a lot more sneaking around in potentially dangerous places than indoor cats.

With that additional sneaking comes the opportunity for your cat's collar to get caught on things. It could be a fence post or it could be something sticking out the side of a bush or tree. A collar without a safety release of some form could cause your cat to get stuck and end up choking.

Safety releases come in two major forms:

  • Breakaway releases: The breakaway release is designed so that if the collar gets pulled on with any decent amount of pressure it will simply pop open and fall off.
  • Elastic Bands: Elastic bands ensure that the collar stretches an inch or two when pulled on with pressure. This ensures your cat can't easily choke and can escape the collar.

Both of these features are definitely worth exploring if your cat is going outside. Even if you have an indoor cat it doesn't hurt one bit to aim for collars with this type of release built in for added safely.

The only drawback of these releases is that since the collars come off more easily your cat may lose them. This means an additional cost to replace lost collars and the potential issue of your cat getting lost outside and losing their collar in the process.

D Ring for Tags

Depending on the laws in your state or city you may legally be required to keep tags on your cat if he or she goes outside.  Even if you're not legally required though it is smart to keep tags on your cat. This way if your cat ends up lost or injured people can be in touch with you a heck of a lot faster and more easily.

A D ring is the traditional metal ring built right into the collar that you'll be able to hang tags from.

Personalized Name Plate

Not much different than your D ring for tags, but personalized name plates are usually much more secure than a typical tag.  The plates are often sewn right into the fabric or the leather of the collar to ensure they stay on unless the collar itself falls off. This is an added layer of security for your kitty cat.

Reflective Strip

A reflective strip is a huge benefit for any feline that is going out at night. The closer you leave to busy roads the more important it is for your kitty to have a reflective strip on their collar. The whole idea is so that your cat is easy to see when there are lights around.

Reflective strips make your cat visible from much further than they would be otherwise. If you have a dark colored cat it is even more important that he or she has a reflective strip to help keep them safe.


You may not think of color as an important factor in your selection, but it is worth considering whether or not the color of the collar will stand out against your cat's fur.  

Not only will this help people understand the cat is not a stray, but it'll also help identify your cat in low light situations. Bright colors against dark fur make a stark contrast in fading light or on a dark road.

Can I Walk My Cat With a Collar?

A very calm cat can potentially be walked on a collar, but a collar is not at all designed to stay on a cat in any situations of stress or hard pulling. I wouldn't recommend walking a cat on a collar no matter what type, but you should be even more careful if your collar has a breakaway component or a stretching elastic band built into it.

These collars are basically designed to come off or let your cat out when they encounter a stressful or dangerous situation. If your cat is out for a walk and encounters any form of danger they can easily slip out of a collar and disappear on you.

Collars are not designed for taking your cat on walks. If you want to take your cat out on a walk you should definitely look at a traditional harness and leash combination instead. Harnesses are specifically engineered to stay on your cat even when they are pulling hard against the leash.

This means additional safety for your feline friend and an easy way to pick your cat up when it is necessary.

Should My Cat Wear a Collar?

Ideally all cats should wear collars. The simple fact is that most cats that get lost never make it home to their family. This is of course another reason you should microchip your cat, but a collar can make all the difference.

Collars not only provide an additional level of safety for your cat, they also let people know that a cat belongs to someone.  This means people are more easily able to look at the collar and make a quick phone call if they discover a lost or injured cat.

Without a collar your cat would easily end up in the Animal Care and Control center or even worse, ignored as a stray when in dire straits.

Even if your cat is completely an indoor cat you should still consider a collar. Most cats manage to escape the house at some point or another. They are curious after all, and every time the door or window opens it is an opportunity for your feline friend to get out.

A high quality collar is a great way to let people know that this cat belongs to someone and it likely wants to find its way home. With advancements in safety releases and latches you also have far less to worry about than you previously did when fitting your kitty with a collar.

Will My Cat Wear The Collar?

Many owners don't think that cats are likely to wear a collar. But the research flat out shows that cats can and will get used to wearing a collar if the owners are committed to ensuring their cat wears it.

Research from a consortium of schools revealed that as long as owners insist on their cat wearing a collar the cat is quite likely to wear it.   Over 70% of cats in a 6 month study kept wearing their collar when the owners stayed on top of it.

The short of it is, as long as you take control of the situation you will be able to keep a collar on your cat. You may need to introduce the collar slowly, but once your cat is used to it there won't be so many problems.

There are all sorts of tips and methods available for getting your feline friend to wear a collar. You can check some of them out here on the  Humane Society website.

How Do I Make Sure It Fits?

Making sure your cat's collar fits is pretty straight forward. It is mostly dependent on you measuring your cat before you purchase a collar and then fitting it to the point that it is snug, but not too tight that it feels like it choking your kitty.

You can measure your cat on your own with a piece of string and a ruler. The most important measurement for a collar is around the neck of your cat.  You want to make sure that your collar is going to buckle on snugly at the appropriate length, otherwise it will be prone to fall off easily and get lost.

The general rule of thumb for 'snug' is that you should be able to fit two of your fingers between the collar and your cat's neck. This will give sufficient space but also stay on well enough to keep your cat safe.

Check out the video below for more detail:

Wrap Up On the Best Leather Cat Collars 2020

If you're in the market for a collar and you simply don't like nylon options then leather is a great option. It looks great and it will also do the job just as well as any nylon collar.

There are also a lot of great looking options that simply aren't available with nylon when it comes to the decoration on the collars.  This means you can get some additional good looks or a bit of bling you might not otherwise see on traditional nylon collars.

The best leather cat collars feature a safety release mechanism like a breakaway snap and they also ensure that your cat's information is attached or included in case of any injury or a lost cat.  If you have any experience with the collars above or another option then please leave a comment below!

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References: Rogz Collars, Humane Society, ASPCA

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