Cat Of the Week – Billbert – October 26th, 2020

Billbert on the balcony railing

This is Billbert, she’s 3 years old. She loves absolutely loves playing hide and seek outside. She has 3 bushes which are her go to when playing and she loves sneaking up on her humans when they hide behind trees. Given the season maybe she'll learn to say Boo instead of giving a meow!

Billbert playing hide and seek

You can see she manages to hide quite easily despite wearing a tuxedo all the time! Cats certainly are impressive when it comes to camouflage aren't they?!?! With a bright orange kitty convict collar she might be easier to spot, but that'd certainly take all the fun out of it!

Billbert is also quite partial to a game of fetch she often brings sticks up to us to throw for her.

Bill also loves to get out on the roof and have a nice morning or evening stretch as you can see! She's got quite the downward dog pose going there doesn't she?

When she’s not outside playing she likes nothing more than sleeping on her chair in the living room and if someone happens to be on the chair she makes a point of pushing them off. I'd say she needs a cat tree, but she seems to have plenty outdoors!

Billbert on the balcony

She’s not really a lap cat but at night she snuggles right up to you and that’s her pretty much for the night. It doesn't sound like Billbert needs any tips on how to sleep at night like some kitties do!

Billbert Looking around while standing up

She makes her owner Katie laugh every day with her wide eyed stare that she’s had since she was a kitten and it makes every day a little bit better. I had to recommend to Katie that she submit Billbert to Reddit's CatStandingUp subreddit after this picture as well. What a cutie!

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