Top 10 Christmas Cat Collars of 2021

a cat in a christmas tree

Looking for a way for your cat to feel festive, but you don’t want them inside your Christmas tree? You might also know from previous experience that your kitty will not be too open to a full on holiday costume, but you still want some pizzazz!  You’re in luck, there are options!  Particularly in the area of holiday cat collars.

Several of the feline accessory companies now have their own lines of Christmas Cat Collars! If your cat isn’t open at all to wearing a full on costume then a collar is a wonderful choice for a lot of reasons:

  1. Collars are designed for safety purposes, they have a loop for ID tags
  2. All of these collars feature a breakaway safety buckle so the collar pops off if it gets caught
  3. Holiday cat collars bring a festive look to your kitty without the impact & complications of a full on costume

So let’s get right into it and take a look at the ten top holiday cat collars of the year!

#1 the pettsie Christmas cat collar with snowflakes and a wooden bowtiePettsie Cat Collar Bow Tie with Breakaway Safety

This is hands down my favorite cat collar out there for the holidays. It is incredibly stylish and charming as a collar, and it has a very fashionable wood bow tie to make your cat look extra dapper. But on top of it, and this is pretty important folks, it comes with a matching friendship bracelet for you. This way your cat will know that you are showing off your love for her while you’re out and about! It will strengthen the relationship with your best friend and make you totally cool during holidays.

  • It is made of natural cotton that is not only comfortable, but it has great durability to last an extended period of time and keep both you and your cat stylish all through the winter holidays
  • This awesome collar comes with a safety breakaway buckle for your cat’s safety in all situations, if your cat gets stuck it will open from the pressure and fall off
  • The collar is 3/8 of an inch wide and adjusts anywhere from 8 to 11 inches giving you a lot of room for different sized cats
  • The bracelet is also adjustable from 5.9 to 9.1 inches, just in case you were wondering
  • It has a built in loop for you to add an ID tag or a jingle bell to make your kitty extra festive
  • Every order of the collar and and friendship bracelet comes in a pretty natural gift box, it makes a great present for any cat lover

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two cat collars with reindeer and christmas tree patterns#2 Blueberry Pet Holiday Celebration Breakaway Collar Pack of 2

Blueberry Pet has been in the collar making business for a while now and they make a huge host of collars for all times of year. To say the least, they know their stuff! This is an awesome two pack of collars in case you want to be able to switch things up for your cat or maybe you’ve got two kitties around the house like I do! Features worth noting:

  • These collars are definitely geared toward larger cats with a neck girth of 9 to 13 inches
  • The width of the collar is a pretty standard 3/8 of an inch
  • It is equipped with a breakaway clasp to ensure if you’ve got a curious kitty like mine they don’t risk and hazards getting caught or stuck
  • Manufactured from high density polyester webbing this collar is made for durability
  • The bow ties cannot be taken off of these collars (they can’t fall off either and pose a choking hazard)

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a snowman patterned cat collar

#3 Critter Gear Breakaway Cat Collar in Christmas Snowman Red

Critter Gear is one of those companies that has been in the pet business for a long time. They got their start making dog products and have recently transitioned into the world of felines, but they’ve made quite a splash bringing their high quality products over to our world. They have a bunch of different collars out there, but this one is an awesome snowman themed cat collar:

  • Critter Gear manufactures all of their collars with a strong nylon core and then covers it with 100% cotton fabric for a comfy fit around the neck of your cat
  • The collar fits cats with a neck size between 6 and 11 inches, hurray for collars for a bit smaller cats
  • At a 1/2 an inch wide it is one of the two standard sizes for cat collars
  • A silver bell that tinkles nicely will make your cat seem even more festive for the upcoming holidays (removable)
  • It is equipped with a breakaway clasp to ensure your cats safety if they get hooked or caught on anything

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#4 Expawlorer Cat Breakaway Collar with Bell Designer Pack of 2

Woah! A two pack of Christmas collars at such a low price? Now your cat can get her collar changed up so she doesn’t feel stuck with the same look every day. I bet she’ll be ecstatic even if she doesn’t show it. Who doesn’t want to look stylish for the holidays? Expawlorer changes things up a little bit from your more traditional cotton collars and has created their collars out of nylon webbing that is comfy for your cat.

  • The collar is of course equipped with a breakaway buckle in case it gets snagged on anything, we want your cat to be safe over the holidays
  • Each collar is equipped with a silver tinkling bell and there’s space on the ring for ID tags
  • A perfect option if you’ve got two cats at home and you want them both to dress up for the holidays
  • The collar is 3/8 of an inch wide and adjustable from 8 to 10 inches, a little less space than many of the other collars but still plenty of room for a lot of cats

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#5 Fairy Pet Set of 2 Breakaway Christmas Cat Collars

Fairy Pet rings true to its name with cat collars that are focused more for the smaller side of felines. Fairies are typically pretty small in all the movies and in our imagination, so that’s how I like to think about it! Fairy Pet provides a wonderful looking two pack of collars that are very fashionable and very functional for the chillier times in the year!

  • Crafted to fit on cats with a neck anywhere from 6 to 11 inches you’ve got a lot more space to work with on the smaller end of the spectrum, if you’ve got a small cat these are the right choice for you
  • These collars come in at a width of 3/8 of an inch, one of the two standard sizes out there
  • Of course they come with a jingle bell to make your cat seem even more festive throughout the holidays
  • As with any collar worth its salt these both come with breakaway technology that will let the collar snap off if it gets caught on anything while your feline friend is out exploring the world

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#6 Country Brook Petz Snowman Featherweight Cat Collar

Frosty the Cat Man, was a jolly happy soul! It just doesn’t really have that same ring to it does it? Oh well, with this collar your cat will look like a jolly happy soul.  This wonderful stylish collar is specifically designed to be as light as a feather for your cat to minimize the impact of having a collar on at all, in fact they might not even notice they are wearing it! Things worth noting about this gorgeous Snowman collar:

  • It is about a half an inch wide and it is extendable from 8 inches to 12 inches giving you lots of room for different sized felines
  • The collar is made of  polyester webbing combined with top quality hardware to ensure you get the best deluxe featherweight collar on the market
  • Country Brook is 100% dedicated to the safety of your cat so this collar is equipped with a YKK Safety (Breakaway) Flat Side Release Plastic Buckle in case your cat gets snagged on anything
  • This collar is fully constructed in the good old United States of America, always an additional bonus when you can buy American

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#7 Critter Gear Breakaway Cat Collar in Christmas Christmas Gingermen & Canes

Gingerbread men and Candy Canes! What an awesome combination right?  These are two of my favorite things about the holidays and now I can put them on my cute little fur ball to encourage her to like them as well. Whether or not she’ll decide to like them through osmosis from the collar is another story.  That being said, it is no surprise I’ve got another collar in here from Critter Gear, they have some of the best patterns out there for cat collars this holiday season.

  • Critter Gear manufactures all of their collars with a strong nylon core and then covers it with 100% cotton fabric for a comfy fit around the neck of your cat, several reviewers have indicated the collars are incredibly durable and do not fray from use
  • The collar length is workable for cats with a neck size between 6 and 11 inches & it is 1/2 an inch wide
  • There’s a red little jingly bell attached as well to make your cat ring in the holiday season
  • There’s also of course a breakaway clip built right into the collar which is your traditional safety feature that allows your pet to break free if your cat gets caught on something, this one is designed to release when a 5 lb of pressure or more is applied

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#8 Lupine Christmas Cheer Cat Safety Collar with Bell

The Lupine Christmas Cheer collar is an excellent choice among festive cat collars for the holidays.  Not only does it tout a cheerful holiday design, but it also comes equipped with a wonderful breakaway mechanism in case the collar gets stuck on anything while your cat is roaming around!  As an added bonus, this particular collar is manufactured right here in the US! A few other items worth noting:

  • It features a breakaway safety buckle for your cats safety, it releases under 4 pounds of pressure and will ensure your cat won’t choke if the collar catches on anything
  • Fully equipped with a tinkling bell to keep your cat ringing in the holiday season
  • A standard D shaped ring is attached to the collar for ID tags
  • The collar is .5 inches wide and adjustable from 8 inches to 12 inches, lots of options for cats big and small
  • There are two different designs to choose from in case you’re curious, click the link below

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#9 Critter Gear Breakaway Cat Collar in Christmas Candy, Holly, and Flakes

Critter Gear again you say?  Sorry to say it, they just make some awesome festive collars. Plus, you’ve got to love the name of a company called Critter Gear! While they started off making products pretty strictly for dogs they’ve now transitioned and they make very festive collars for your kitties as well, wohoo! Now we cat owners can take advantage of everything they learned created rough and tough dog equipment for our feline friends!

  • Critter Gear manufactures all of their collars with a strong nylon core and then covers it with 100% cotton fabric for a comfy fit around the neck of your cat
  • The collar length is workable for cats with a neck size between 6 and 11 inches
  • One of the two standard sizes out there for cat collars, this one is 1/2 an inch wide
  • The collar comes with a silver jingly bell to make your cat seem even more fashionable this holiday season
  • There’s also of course a breakaway clip built right into the collar which is your traditional safety feature that allows your pet to break free if your cat gets caught on something, this one is designed to release when a 5 lb of pressure or more is applied

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#10 Sunflower Bees Christmas Breakaway Cat Collar With Candy Cane Charm

Now if your cat is as sweet as sugar then you may want to consider this Sunflower Bees collar because it comes with all of the wonderful safety features of other collars, but it also comes equipped with a really cool candy cane charm!  Who wouldn’t like to be sporting this festive collar around the holiday season? Quite dapper if I do say so myself!  The key features worth noting:

  • The neck is adjustable from 6 to 11 inches, plenty of room for different sized kitties but open to smaller cats
  • It has a breakaway buckle built in that releases at 4.5 pounds of tension, again featuring smaller cats
  • Made of cotton for added comfort with solid durability
  • Fully manufactured in the USA, so if you prefer to buy American this is an awesome choice

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Fitting the Collar & Putting It On

There are lots of collars and options out there that aren’t necessarily the safest for your cat. Every collar I’ve recommended above is a break away collar so you shouldn’t have any worry from a safety perspective. There are still a few things you should consider though!

The collar should be snug so it doesn’t pull over your cat’s head easily, but you want enough space there to fit two fingers between your cat and the collar. This ensures it isn’t so tight that it is choking your cat! Cut off long collar ends after fitting the collar.

If your cat has never worn a collar before then give yourself a few days at least to get your cat used to the idea of wearing the collar:

  • If you have any Feliway Spray definitely give it a little spray first
  • Introduce your cat to the collar and let her sniff it and play with it
  • Leave it in your cats bed or a place she likes to sleep for a day so her scent gets on it
  • After a fun play session and some pets put the collar on for the first time, have treats handy and be liberal with them
  • If your cat doesn’t seem bothered then try leaving it, if she does then pop it off and rinse and repeat this process over the next few days

In the first few weeks you’re likely to find that your cat is going to get the collar off of her here and there. If this happens just pop the collar back on and provide treats, pets and play time. This helps her associate positive things with the collar. And of course double check the collar is snug, but with the two fingers of space mentioned above. Eventually most cats will get used to wearing a collar if you consistently enforce it.

Wrapping It Up On The Best Christmas Cat Collars

The market has about a million different cat collars out there, but let’s be honest, we cat owners only want collars that are first and foremost safe! But second of all we want them to be festive so our feline friends can celebrate the holidays with us, even if they don’t really know they are celebrating until treat or present time!

Every collar here has breakaway technology to ensure your cats safety whether they are indoor or outdoor cats and just as importantly they have space for ID tags as well. On top of this each collar has a festive look and most of them come equipped with a jingle bell to ensure your cat can help ring in the season!

Do you use lots of different collars to keep your cat seasonally dressed? Is your cat already spruced up for the season? Send me a picture so I can post it here!

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