Phera – Cat Of Halloween Week – October 29th, 2018

a black cat in a basket

This week's cat of the week is Phera! Phera comes submitted to us by reddit user akatuesday and we thank her for the submission!

I specifically chose a black cat as cat of the week because they ​sometimes get a bad reputation, especially around Halloween. But black cats are amazing! They are tons of fun and just as cool as any ​other type of feline. And there are over 22 different breeds of cats that can be completely black! So let's get to Phera!

Black cats just seem to find their way to ​akatuesday's family. They found Phera as a teeny, tiny stray kitten underneath a truck that was parked near ​their house. No mom cat or rest of the litter in sight. ​They believe she was the runt.

Phera the black cat on the back of the couch

About a month before ​they found ​Phera ​they had to put ​their beloved Andy to sleep. ​Andy had been a black cat ​rescued as a kitten as well. ​akatuesday's dad had decided no more new cats as ​they already had 3 others. But the universe gave ​them Phera.

​They caught ​Phera in a blanket and took her back to ​the house where ​dad said, “No way are you bringing that cat inside.” So ​they tried to put ​Phera in an old ​kennel ​but she was so little that she slipped through the bars and got out. 

Phera relaxing on her cat tree

akatuesday then disobediently took ​Phera to ​her bedroom and waited for ​her mom to get home. ​Phera has pretty much ruled over the house ever since that day. As you can see above, she loves relaxing on her cat ​tree!

Phera absolutely loves attention but doesn't much like ​other cats! ​Oddly enough enjoys wrestling with the family dog.

​Phera has a very pushy personality, she will nudge you with her head or bat you with a paw until she gets what she wants.

She is very vocal and will meow and trill in response to anything so long as she feels important. My cats do this too whenever they want attention, usually ​it means they want to play before going to sleep!

Phera chilling on her cat castle

​The family has always called her ​their little Halloween cat because she will walk around with her back arched way up meowing for attention. She posed quite nicely for these photos​ because her little ego is inflated over how much attention she got over her cauldron photo.

Phera the cat in the Halloween Cauldron

​The cauldron was purely a naughty moment of if she fits, she sits. She pulled a trick or treat. "Pet me and I might move in a few hours so you can have your smooshed treats." If she could ​speak English she would say she is elated to be a cat of the week and she’s excited for All Hallows Eve!

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