Sterling – Cats Of the Week – December 10th, 2018

Everyone meet this week's cat of the week, Sterling! Sterling comes submitted to us by his human Natasha!

Last year, Sterling was brought to the Humane Society after being found inside of a car that had been driven for about ten miles. After some help from the vets he made a quick recovery and was adopted soon after when he was around four months old.

Sterling (then Hopper) caught his family's attention because he was very vocal, and didn't quite meow - it was more of a very cute scream. He was very cuddly and social from the beginning, and the star of the show at any party. 

He has grown quite a bit since then! The shelter he was adopted from told his family that he would stay a bit petite in size, but boy they were wrong. He loves to eat and has no reservations about letting his family know that come feeding time. Sterling is just as talkative now as he was as a kitten.  You can also see Sterling looks quite dapper with his collars on!

Sterling loves to talk to his family throughout the day, and sometimes it just seems like he likes the sound of his own voice. Sometimes he will even mimic the way people speak when they talk to him. Of course, he is noisiest when anyone comes home. He will run to the door to see who it is, and if he recognizes them he will start chattering away.

While Sterling isn't a big fan of boxes, he LOVES hair ties and toy mice. He is often seen around the house carrying mice in his mouth or a hair tie stolen from Natasha's vanity. He also, for some reason, really enjoys sitting in empty laundry hampers.

One of Sterling's most striking features are his eyes. They have earned him the nickname of "Owl Eyes" around the house. It is not unusual to wake up to Sterling sitting on the pillow next to you with eyes as big as saucers. Unnerving, but cute.

Sterling is very loved and leads a happy life. His family would not be the same without him.

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