Furminator for Cats With Long Hair Review [ByeBye Hairballs]

The furminator for cats with long hair review
The ​Furminator for Cats With Long Hair is a specialized brush designed specifically to deshed long haired cat breeds. It does its job wonderfully and has tons of ​significant benefits for both you and your feline friend.

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Furminator for Cats With Long Hair

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Cat Brush / Cat De-shedding Tool


Long haired cats come with all sorts of their own unique needs, especially if they are particularly large or if their hair is extra long or thick.  Brushing your long haired cat can be a daily requirement for many cat owners.

The Furminator comes in many designs and sizes, but the version specifically for long haired cats will help any cat owner decrease shedding, minimize hairballs, give your kitty a shiny coat and even help you develop a bond with your cat!

Watch the Full Video Review

If you're not much on reading and you really want to see the Furminator in action then you catch the whole video review here:

Will It Help Decrease Hairballs?

Absolutely! If you're tired of hairballs then you're going to love this brush.

Cats normally ingest the larger portion of hair that they pull off of themselves during self grooming. This results in the hair getting into the digestive track.

When the hair doesn't pass through the track faster than it builds up it results in your kitty getting a hairball. It really isn't a pleasant experience for anyone involved, your cat included.

By using the Furminator you're able to assist your feline friend in removing a large portion of the loose fur before it can ever end up in their mouth. This means less fur in the digestive track.

Less fur in the digestive track means it can pass through much faster than it can build up and cause a hairball. Celebration all around!

Does It Minimize Shedding?

Shedding is mostly from loose fur that has already fallen out of your cat's skin, but hasn't yet made it off and onto the floor or into the air yet.  Brushing your kitty will help pick up many of those hairs.

The more hairs you pick up there the less likely they are to end up on the floor or floating around your house where you'll see them in those beams of sunlight piercing through the window on a beautiful day.

What is the best brush for long haired cats

Although almost any brush will help, most brushes are only designed to pull loose hair off the surface of your cat's coat.

The Furminator for long haired cats is specially designed to get into the undercoat and remove loose fur from multiple levels of your cat's coat to stop shedding in its tracks!

If you combine daily brushing with something like an automatic robot vacuum you can pretty much kiss fur tumbleweeds goodbye in the foreseeable future!

Will It Help Promote a Healthy Coat?

​Brushing your cat will also help remove hairs that have already lost their connection to your kitty. Not only will this ensure only the newer shinier hairs stay present, but it'll pull away the strays.

On top of this brushing your cat will also help spread the natural oils your kitty produces throughout her entire coat!  This is a huge benefit, especially for older cats who maybe can't do this as easily themselves anymore.

Do note that if your kitty doesn't have a nice shiny coat even with brushing that you may want to consider modifying your cat's diet.

A diet of high quality food that is rich in fatty acids like omega 3s can really help your feline friend shine again! You can read more about the best ways to modify your cat's diet here on PetMD.

Does It Pull Out Too Much Hair?

If you're buying a deshedding tool for your cat and you get in a rhythm using it then you may start using it on a daily basis. You might even start to worry if you're pulling out too much hair.

After an in depth discussion with my veterinarian he basically indicated that it is pretty hard to pull out too much hair.  You're far more likely to ​irritate your cat's skin than you are to perform any lasting damage to your cat's coat.

The short answer is there's really nothing to worry about here unless you start brushing your cat way too much or too often and this is a relative term. Many cats with extra thick or extra long coats may require daily brushing and attention for maintenance purposes!

If you do happen to go too far most cats will make this well known by expressing their feelings with meows, their paws ​or even their teeth.

Will it Irritate My Cat's Skin?

The Furminator is specifically designed to be gentle on your cat's skin as you use it. The tines built into the brush aren't sharp and will not scratch or puncture your cat's skin.

All brushes have the opportunity to potentially irritate your cat's skin if they are overused or used incorrectly. Given this be sure to take signs from your kitty when you are potentially hitting a sensitive area or an area they simply don't like being brushed.

You'll see in the video above that Lexi simply hates having her sides and tummy brushes. They are far more sensitive than her back and tail. Brushing her back and tail though still have huge benefits!

Will it Help Cat Allergies?

​Allergies are another common complaint that some cat owners experience. Allergies are traditionally caused by cat dander, but the more fur floating around the house the more likely that dander is to cause issues.

Cat dander easily binds to fur and then as stray or loose fur falls off your cat it gets blown around the house and may hand on someone with allergies.

a woman blowing her nose from allergies

Brushing on a consistent basis can easily help reduce issues with cat allergies and the Furminator does a great job of pulling off loose fur from both the outer and undercoat of your cat!

​If you are having issues with allergies even with brushing you may want to consider adding a high quality HEPA air filter to your home or to the room(s) you spend the most time in.

​Are There Any Alternatives?

​If you don't ​like the Furminator for one reason or another then there are plenty of other great options out there on the market.  They range from de-shedding tools to de-matting tools to other simple brushes.

You can check out my favorites in the below article:

​The other alternatives that are always available are to take your kitty to a groomer or ask your vet to give your kitty a quick brushing. These options are usually more common for trimming hair though than brushing.​

Furminator for Cats With Long Hair

All in all this has proven to be a life saver for us with our long haired cat Lexi. Lexi used to get a couple of hairballs a month and we'd always fund them sitting in the middle of a rug when we'd wake up in the morning or got home from work.

Yuck, to say the least.  

Once we started brushing her consistently with the Furminator this weekly ritual has gone the way of the dinosaur. No more nasty hairballs to step on or see lying on the ground in the morning.

We've also seen a huge decrease in clumps of Lexi's black fur stuck in our rugs or floating around on the floor as we used to.

All in all a huge win for us!


The Good Stuff:
  • Minimizes hairballs
  • Desheds loose fur so you don't have to vacuum it up
  • Super easy to hold for extended or constant use
  • Easily and conveniently ejects fur with the push of a button
  • Lexi often starts purring during use
  • Helps build a positive bond with your kitty

The Bad Stuff:
  • Could irritate skin if overused or used incorrectly (true of most any brush)

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