The 15 Best Cat Carriers 2020 [Comfy and Easy To Load]

A cat and Kermit the frog in a suitcase

So you’re in the market for cat carrier and you want to make sure you get one that is just right for your cat. Given there are about a million options on the market you'll want to choose one of the best cat carriers around. ​

Below there's a list of some of the best carriers around and then a bunch of additional info on carrier selection and why you might need one. ​So get to reading, pop open the Table of Contents for easy navigation!

If you're specifically looking for a Cat Bubble Backpack check out this article.

Table of Contents

The Amazon Basics Soft Sided Carrier

a soft sided basic cat carrier made by Amazon

If you’re looking for a dirt cheap reliable carrier that will be used primarily for transport back and forth to the vet a few times a year this is a great go to.

Note there are three different sizes of the carrier available and you should choose accordingly based on the size of your cat.  This particular carrier is what you would call a ‘no frills’ carrier but there are a few things worth pointing out below.

Key benefits worth noting:

  • It is super lightweight and also very cheap from a price perspective
  • check
    Shoulder strap and standard handles are available
  • check
    The ventilation is top notch  & it has multiple entrances
  • check
    There is a pad included that can be tossed in the washing machine
  • check
    It breaks down easily to take up minimum spaceIt does fit under most airline seats, but you’d have to check each airline specifically to verify

A few things worth cautioning you about:

  • The carrier bottom is rather flimsy, if you have a heavy cat it will not be super stable
  • Exclamation Triangle
    This is a basic carrier at a basic price so the mesh isn’t going to stop a determined cat from tearing a hole in it

The PetsFit Expandable Travel Carrier

a grey expandable travel carrier

If you’re looking for a soft carrier that is a hefty chunk larger and has more comfort than something like the Amazon Basics carrier than the Petsfit Expandable is a great carrier to consider. Not only does it include all the major perks of the Basics carrier, but it also has some cool features like the expandable side area that gives your cat a big bump up in real estate space inside.

This is exceptionally useful when you have a long layover or a long trip in a car and you don’t want to let your cat out, but still want her to have some space for comfort or a bowl of water or food. There’s a full video review available below, but the bullets below detail it out pretty well:

  • Lots of extra space for your cat on longer trips in the car or outside of a plane while you wait
  • check
    It has a study frame, but it can be removed before going onto a plane where space is restricted
  • check
    It is super lightweight & both shoulder strap and standard handles are available
  • check
    The ventilation is top notch & it has multiple entrances
  • check
    There is a pad included that can be tossed in the washing machineIt breaks down easily to take up minimum space
  • check
    It does fit under most airline seats (when the expander isn’t out), but you’d have to check each airline specifically to verify (and you will likely need to remove the frame)

A few things worth cautioning you about:

  • It comes in at a much higher price point than the Amazon Basics carrier, but it does have many additional features
  • Exclamation Triangle
    If you are traveling on a really consistent basis, as with any product made of nylon, the edges will fray and the frame will start to push through

The Petmate Two Door Top Loader

a hard sided cat carrier in grey and blue

Petmate is an incredibly well known company and I see these carriers in use on a consistent basis at the shelter I volunteer at all the time.  Not only are they well designed, but they are incredibly durable and they come in a varying set of sizes.

I’d highly recommend you go with the 24 inch version for any adult cat and if you have an extra large cat you might want to consider something even bigger than this. That being said, these carriers are constructed solidly and perform extremely well. You can also check out the video review below.

Key features worth noting:

  • Very solid construction using screws to hold the pieces together
  • check
    The ventilation is top notch with it having a grated door and tons of small air holes
  • check
    It has both top and front entrances for those cats that don't like being loaded in from the front
  • check
    Easy to add your cats favorite blanket or bed inside with plenty of room
  • check
    Super easy to clean after a trip if necessary

A few things worth cautioning you about:

  • As with any hard carrier there is no shoulder strap so it can be annoying to carry it a long distance
  • Exclamation Triangle
    I’m still personally not a fan of the handle being built into the top gate as it is, but that is more of a personal fear problem than anything founded in research or experience
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Not fit for airplane travel due to the size and the lack of flexibility (most hard carriers are not)

Petsfit Comfort Cat Backpack

a green and grey backpack for felines

Widely considered one of the best backpacks designed for cats and dogs, the Petsfit comfort backpack is super comfortable for both you and your pet!  

It is designed for cats that are 15 pounds or less and I would recommend staying under that mark. Anything bigger would definitely start to get cramped inside the space available.

Key features on this backpack include:

  • Super easy to transport your cat in because all the weight is on your shoulders
  • check
    Both top and front loading, though admittedly the front loading is small and not easy to use
  • check
    Has a harness attachment & the front window unzips for better viewing (be very careful with this as your cat can and will jump out if they want to)
  • check
    This particular backpack has solid ventilation as well with 4 major ventilation gratings
  • check
    The bottom is fully removable for easy washing and cleaning
  • check
    Has additional stability straps for your waist and chest to keep the backpack tightly against you
  • check
    Breaks down for easy storage just like a regular soft carrier

A few items worth cautioning you about:

  • There are no pouches or pockets to carry anything like snacks or treats
  • Exclamation Triangle
    When upright it will be cramped for a cat to lay down other than in a tiny ball
  • Exclamation Triangle
    There is no handle to carry it if you don’t want it on your shoulders

Paws & Pals City Walk Stroller

a black stroller made for cats

This stroller is definitely the most popular stroller I’ve seen around for pets of any kind, but for cats especially. I’ve generally seen folks with older cats use it to get their cats some air outside in a completely safe environment where nothing will bother them.

That being said it also works great for pairs of cats that might otherwise not easily fit in a traditional carrier. I ran into one gentlemen at the vet that had bonded cats that loved this stroller. It was the easiest way to transport them since they would meow like crazy if they weren't able to see each other.

Key features worth noting on this model are:

  • Super easy to transport your cat because you’re not carrying any weight
  • check
    Fully enclosed with a large viewing area that is fully ventilated for your cat both front and back
  • check
    Tons of space to carry drinks, accessories, bags, whatever else might come to mind
  • check
    Hooks inside to snap your harnessed pet onto if you don’t want to keep the screen closed
  • check
    Waterproof rain hood, definite necessity, cats don’t love the rain too much generally
  • check
    Cushion included inside to keep your kitty comfy, but plenty of room to include their favorite bed too
  • check
    The wheels are much larger and higher quality than a lot of rolling suitcase type carriers so they don’t get stuck as easy and they don’t make nearly as much noise either


  • The stroller is obviously large and bulky and doesn’t fold down like a traditional soft carrier, it takes up a lot of space
  • Exclamation Triangle
    If you have small animals be sure to fully explore the setup when you get it, there have been some reports of kittens sneaking their way out of the enclosed area through tiny little holes you’d never expect them to fit through

Pet Magasin Collapsible Carrier

a small grey circular shaped carrier that collapses

Looking for all the benefits of a hard sided carrier, but don't feel like dealing with the hassle of all the storage space it takes up?  If that's the case then you've probably found the best of both worlds with this awesome new carrier from Pet Magsin.

This carrier has both a hard top and bottom which give it a nice stable frame, but it can collapse and zip up into the size of a small shopping bag due to the soft sides it has. It is perfect for trips to the vet or short trips in the car!

Key features worth noting on this model:

  • The hard top and the hard base give you a solid framework for the carrier and a nice firm place for your cat to stand on or lay down on
  • check
    There's tons of ventilation built in including a mesh front panel and a boatload of air flow holes
  • check
    The sides easily fold down and the top and bottom zip together for a nice little package that is easy to carry 
  • check
    It measures in at 17" long by 13" high by 14" wide

A couple of notes worth cautioning prospective buyers about:

  • There's only one handle on the top and no shoulder strap so it can be tiring to carry it around
  • Exclamation Triangle
    It isn't great for long trips unless you have a very small cat, it isn't large enough inside for easy movement

​Lifepul Tunnel/Carrier/Kennel

a three in one carrier/tunne/kennel for cats

​If you're looking for one product to provide a bunch of different functions then Lifepul has an amazing option here for you.  This model has three key uses: a carrier, a kennel, and a tunnel.

How you might ask, does one product provide so many features? Well, they designed it to be collapsible/extensible! Pretty darn cool and certainly worth a look.

Key items worth noting:

  • ​It uses spring driven technology to fully collapse for fully expand into each of the modes
  • check
    Converts into a 20 inch long tunnel with a built in hanging bell to drive engagement
  • check
    Plenty of ventilation for shorter trips with a cat face shaped mesh window and a top vent
  • check
    It is made of lightweight sturdy fabric that ​keeps it nice and light, less than 2 pounds


  • ​There's no shoulder strap available, so it can get heavy if you've got a heavy cat

PetLuv Premium Travel Carrier

a blue travel bag for cats with roll down shades

If you've got a cat that stresses out extensively during travel then this option from PetLuv may be the perfect fit for you and your feline friend. Not only does it have a nice roomy design so your kitty has lots of space, but it also has several features to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Key features and functions worth noting on this model are:

  • Optimum ventilation and maximum sightseeing with all-around windows
  • check
    There are window flaps that can roll down and close across each window
  • check
    It also has tear-resistant heavy duty rubber mesh for those cats that may attempt and escape
  • check
    The zippers lock together to keep the genius cats from popping the carrier open
  • check
    There are built in seat belt loops for car travel security
  • check
    It measures in at a Length of 24", Height of 16" and Depth of 16"

A few items worth noting on this model:

  • If you plan to carry a heavy cat or multiple cats then be prepared for the bottom to sag a bit, there's no bracing built in for this

Petsfit Rolling Cat Carrier w/ Removable Wheels

a grey rolling carrier for felines

Tired of lugging your cat around on a single shoulder strap? Or maybe even tired of the backpack you tried out for a few weeks?  This might be the right option for you.

Petsfit has designed an amazing carrier that you can pull along just like a suitcase. And even better, the wheels can be popped off for storage or if you just need them off for a period of time.

Key features worth calling out on this one are:

  • You can easily pull your cat around without any weight on your back or shoulders
  • check
    The handle measures just under 35 inches long so you've got lots of space
  • check
    The carrier folds down flat and you can remove the wheels for storage purposes
  • check
    It is rated to hold a pet up to 28 pounds, but be sure to measure first
  • check
    Because it zips together you can load your cat from almost any direction

A few things worth noting for you potential buyers:

  • When you take it off the wheeled base it doesn't have a firm bottom, it may sag
  • Exclamation Triangle
    This carrier specifically calls out that it will not fit under an airline seat

​Jet Sitter Luxury Carrier

an expandable carrier for cats with two side compartments

​If you're traveling by plane in the states then you're likely to end up taking United Airlines somewhere. The claim to fame for this particular carrier is of course that it expands, but beyond that it is also specifically designed to meet the United Airlines Cabin Under Seat requirements.

It has a bunch of other amazing features that make it a great carrier as well, here are the key ones worth knowing:

  • ​It is TSA compliant and also fits: Southwest, JetBlue, American, Delta, Alaska, Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant Airlines
  • check
    It is rated to hold animals up to about 14 pounds, but measure your cat first
  • check
    It has both a front and top load entrance and it has expandable sides
  • check
    There are built in luggage loops  to set it on top of roll aboard bags
  • check
    There are seat belt buckles for car travel too
  • check
    There are two key sizes for different cats and the product link has a great sizing chart

​There is one major item worth cautioning you about with this model:

  • ​This model does not collapse at all

​Pet Magasin Luxury TSA Approved Carrier

a bright blue cat carrier approved for airlines

​If you're looking for a small lightweight carrier that will fit on almost every airline (and pretty much anywhere else) then this is an excellent option.While it is a nice cozy carrier, it is not specifically designed for long term travel and it won't support large cats.

Key items worth calling out on this model are:

  • This model is in line with TSA approved, it measures: 18" X 11" x 10"
  • check
    ​It is super lightweight, it only weighs a little over 2 pounds before you add your cat
  • check
    It folds down completely flat for storage so it hardly takes up any space when not in use
  • check
    The material it is made from is waterproof for easy wipe down and cleaning post travel
  • check
    Has great ventilation and two methods for carrying it (shoulder strap included)
  • check
    ​There are two colors: bright blue and bright orange

​A couple of things to consider before your make your purchase:

  • It only has the ability to load your cat from the front
  • Exclamation Triangle
    ​Given this model is somewhat small (to meet airline requirements) it will not fit large cats

​SportPet Hard Sided Triangle Traveler

a triangle shaped carrier made of plastic

​If you prefer a hard sided carrier, but you're looking for something that cats are a little less stressed by climbing into, then the SportPet Triangle Traveler may be the right choice for you.

This option is hard sided for those that prefer it, but it also gives you a nice large entrance for your cat. It is perfect for trips to the vet and around town or even on a car or train vacation.

A few other key items worth noting on this model:

  • Has a huge opening making it easy to load your cat or have her walk right into it
  • check
    Since it is made of solid plastic it is super easy to clean
  • check
    It folds down into a ​thin briefcase style ​for easy and compact storage
  • check
    Has numerous sliding locks to ensure your kitty can't slip out like Houdini
  • check
    It measures in at 15.2” L x 18.5” W x 14.2” H

​A couple of items worth considering before purchase:

  • ​This model is not airline approved and you'd want to consider another for air travel

​PetPeppy Expandable w/ Built In Tunnel

a cat traveler with a built in tunnel

​Worried your kitty will get bored while stuck in their carrier for a long travel day?  PetPeppy has you covered. You've not only got two expandable sides for lots of room to walk around a bit and stretch out...But you've also got a built in expandable tunnel too!

That means lots of extra room for your feline friend to enjoy. There are a couple of other key notes worth calling out as well:

  • Expands in three different areas: two sides and an expandable tunnel for extra fun
  • check
    Has an added ​​wire frame ​for extra stability to eliminate  sagging corners ​& bunched up edges
  • check
    Comes with a random colored PET BOWL, a shoulder strap, and a bottom fleece base
  • check
    Designed to fit under ​the seats of these major airlines: Alaska, Allegiant Air, American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, United, Virgin America
  • check
    ​Designed for compact storage, folds up ​flat into ​these measurements: 18"L X 11"W X 1.5"

​Worth cautioning you about before purchasing:

  • ​There have been several notes that the shoulder strap is not very reliable

Pet Kennel 24" Airline Approved Carrier

an airline approved 24 inch hard carrier

This particular hard carrier is made for pets up to 25 pounds, so if you’ve got a cat that is a bit larger this might be the right choice for you! Not only does it assemble easily and have great built in ventilation, but it also has some nice additional little adds on like a food bowl that hangs on the inside of the front gate.

Key features worth noting on this model:

  • Very solid construction using screws to hold the pieces together
  • check
    All construction can be performed without any tools
  • check
    The ventilation is top of the line with plenty of air flow holes and the gated front
  • check
    Easy to add your cats favorite blanket or bed inside with plenty of room
  • check
    Super easy to clean after a trip if necessary

A few things worth cautioning you about:

  • This kennel is too large to fit under a seat on a plane (most hard carriers are)
  • Exclamation Triangle
    It only has a front entrance so it is easiest to load cats by convincing them to w in with treats

​One for Pets Cat ​Driving ​Lounge

bright ride cat car traveling setup for two cats

​If you're looking less for a carrier and more for a way to show off your cats in a location away from home, then One for Pets has you covered. This cat house is a great option for your cats to relax in when you're out and about or traveling by car.

There's plenty of space and there are two separate compartments for your kitties to relax in.  A few other things worth noting:

  • ​Built specifically for car travel, it straps right into the seat belts in your car
  • check
    You can keep your cats separate or you can unzip the middle to let them hang out together
  • check
    ​Tons of space for your cats to relax during travel: 24" H x 24" D x 42" L
  • check
    It has double doors on the front so you can release one or both cats at the same time
  • check
    Folds down easily and comes with an included carry bag for the carrier
  • check
    Includes pegs to secure it to the ground if you want to let your cats hang outside safely


  • ​It is not easy to move on its own and shouldn't be used for carrying long distance by hand

Why Do I Need a Cat Carrier?

Below is a short list of the major reasons you might need a cat carrier. It is by no means comprehensive, but it covers the big ones.

  • Vet Visits: Hopefully you’re getting your cat to the vet on a yearly basis. A carrier is a must have to transport your cat back and forth from vet visits. This includes both standard checkups and shots as well as any random sickness or injury that might arise.
  • Moving: If you happen to be moving sometime in the near future a carrier can be really handy. Cats generally don’t travel well so a carrier is a huge plus.
  • Vacation: If you happen to go on vacation and you bring your cat along in the car a carrier is a must have.
  • Natural Disasters: If a the area you live in gets hit by a tornado, hurricane or flood having a carrier can mean all the difference in getting your cat to safety.
  • Adopting/Purchasing A Cat: If you’re acquiring a new feline friend bringing your own carrier along is a bonus! I of course recommend adopting a cat from a shelter or the city pound, but your own carrier is a bonus even if you’re purchasing your cat from a breeder too!
  • A Safe Spot For Your Cat: While this may seem counter intuitive because most cats are known to dislike carriers, if you do it right a cat carrier can be considered a very safe and relaxing spot for your cat. Many carriers are snug, warm, comfortable and they also provide protection from multiple sides so nothing can approach your cat without being seen. These are all key things cats look for in a place to sleep or a place to hide if they need one.

Now that we know the major reasons for needing a cat carrier let’s take a look at the most common types of carriers that exist and determine which might be right for you!

What Types of Cat Carriers Are There?

There are several different kinds of carriers on the market and each one has perks and drawbacks.  Below I’ve given a high level description of each of the major types. Further down you’ll find a high level comparison of the major benefits of each different type of carrier and the potential shortcomings as well.

Cardboard Carriers:

The most common place you’ll find a cardboard carrier is at an adoption center or an animal shelter. Cardboard carriers are meant to be a very temporary solution to get your cat from the adoption center to your home. This should definitely not be considered a permanent solution for a laundry list of reasons, but the biggest two are that cardboard carriers are flimsy and they aren’t comfortable to hold.

One additional item to consider is that they don’t provide a great deal of ventilation which is key for any carrier and you can’t simply open a small portion of the carrier because the whole top is the only entry/exit point. To reiterate, you should only use this in unique circumstances.

Hard Carriers:

Hard carriers are probably the most common carrier around. They are generally made of a combination of plastic and metal. The frame itself is usually plastic with the door being made of a lightweight metal.  Hard carriers are very firm and provide a nice secure surface/place for your cat to travel.

The biggest concern with hard carriers is that they aren’t very comfortable to travel with (for the human!), even short distances. They typically have one big handle on the top and that is the only way to hold or move the carrier. This can make them irritating if you have to move your cat a long distance because hard carriers are typically heavier and they’ll be banging against your hips or legs with every step. One other thing that always freaks me out from a safety standpoint is I worry the handle will give and rip the top off letting the cat out while I’m outside.

Soft Sided Carriers:

Soft sided carriers are probably the second most common type of carriers, hard plastic carriers being the most common. Soft sided carriers are traditionally made of nylon or some derivation of it which makes them flexible and lightweight. They also usually have a solid set of short straps for easy carrying directly in your hand, but more importantly they have a larger and longer shoulder strap to let the weight rest instead of actively having to hold it up. This means they are a heck of a lot easier for you as an owner to carry around.

Generally soft sided carriers are comfortable for cats as well because they come with in included pad or piece of lambswool to stick inside on the bottom. Soft sided carriers come with all sorts of other features to make them better for different kinds of travel, for example the one on the left has fold down covers for the vents so you can help minimize outside sensory overload for your cat at stressful times.

There are also soft carriers that have cool features like pop out sides to expand the size of the carrier when it is stationary.  They are also great for storage purposes because they break down easily, many completely collapse in on themselves into a flat pancake style setup.

Soft carriers aren’t perfect by any means though. One key thing to keep in mind is that since they aren’t made of firm materials they can leave your cat to bounce around/dip up and down quite a bit as you move which might result in an unhappy cat or a motion sick cat. Be sure to check how firm the bottom is before purchase.

Backpack Carriers:

Backpack carriers are definitely somewhat of a novelty in the market right now, they are a variation on soft sided carriers. You can find all different sorts of them from ones that have a single bubble window on the back so your cat can see out to full on ‘soft style’ carriers with backpack straps so you can more easily hold your cat and walk around with them.  If you have trouble with the standard single shoulder strap on the soft carrier this might be a good option for you to consider, but be sure to get one with good ventilation.

Another common use for backpack style carriers is for adventure cats. Adventure cats are those types of cats that are commonly out in the open following their owner around on foot during hikes and walks (usually on a harness/leash).  The backpack carrier is a great spot to deposit your feline friend if a less than ideal situation appears that could endanger your kitty.

Suitcase/Stroller Carriers: Rolling carriers are generally another variation on soft sided carriers, on wheels. Rolling carriers were developed for folks that have difficulty carrying heavy objects around. Given that some of our cats these days are getting in the area of 20 lbs or more (I’m looking at you Maine Coon owners!) they can be pretty tough to lug around on a single shoulder strip.  Rolling carriers tend to be a bit larger than a traditional soft carrier and they also take away the strain of carrying the cat yourself by laying all the weight on the wheels just like a rolling suitcase.

My biggest gripe with these kinds of carriers is that the wheels are often tiny so they get stuck easily on pavement. On top of this the wheels are often made of plastic instead of rubber to keep things cheaper and this makes a ton of noise when you roll it. Most cats aren’t a fan of being in the carrier to begin with, loud noises don’t help with keeping them calm.

What Type of Carrier Is Right For Me?

There’s no single right answer to this question. The right carrier for you and your furry friend is going to be different than the one I choose.  We all have different priorities and different cats too. I live downtown and I walk my cats to the vet, but other than that they hardly leave the house. This leads me to use a soft sided carrier because it is easy to throw the single strap over my shoulder and walk, but it also breaks down super easily and can be stowed away in my closet.

You might on the other hand need a carrier that fits a much larger cat that mine and your kitty might be less relaxed when traveling so more likely to claw the sides of the carrier. You might even have a cat that gets sick really easily during transport. This might lead you to a hard carrier for ease of cleaning.

So instead of me trying to pick the best carrier for you, let’s get you educated on picking the right carrier for yourself and your situation. These are the major areas of consideration you should keep in mind when selecting a carrier for yourself and your cat. I’ve put them in order of importance as well, primarily focused on the comfort and happiness of your cat:

  • Size: 
    • Be sure that your carrier is the appropriate size for your cat.  Your cat should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down easily in the carrier.  The picture to the right is of my foster cat Buzz in the carrier for my tiny cat Beast. While he can lay down in the carrier he certainly can’t stand in it comfortably.  This carrier is not a great fit for Buzz.
    • If you’re going further than simply the vet’s office you should also ensure your cat can have a meal and drink inside. The key thing you want to avoid is a super large carrier as a smaller space feels more secure for your cat, especially in an unfamiliar environment like in a plane or in a car.
  • Sturdiness / Durability:
    • A hard carrier is far more durable than any soft carrier. It has a firm floor/base that won’t move or give at all for your cat which is reassuring from a security standpoint.  Soft carriers typically have some give to them which can scare your cat while you are carrying it.
    • If you’re unsure on the specific carrier then drop a few heavy objects in it in the pet store and walk around with it on your shoulder to see how it reacts. If the carrier seems really flimsy for a cat of your size definitely find something else.
  • Ventilation:
    • Your cat wants and needs plenty of ventilation.  I’ve seen several backpack type carriers that only have one tiny little vent on them. This can be extremely dangerous for your cat, especially in hot weather. Ensure you have lots of vents and make sure your cat isn’t left in a carrier in hot weather for long periods of time!
    • Note a lot of carriers also have vents that can be covered/uncovered in different types of situations. These are ideal for helping minimize your cats reactions to outside forces. Most of this simply snap over the vents and are very easy to pop off.
  • Ease of Carrying / Transporting:
    • Make your selection depending on where you’re going and how you’re getting there.
    • I have generally found a soft sided carrier is the easiest from a transport perspective, but I have two lightweight cats and neither of them are terribly afraid of the carrier nor do they go very far.
    • If you constantly walk long distance with your cat then a backpack soft sided carrier might be ideal, but if you have difficulty with heavy objects you might want to instead consider a rolling carrier.
    • The only major caution I’ll call out here is that while hard sided carriers do provide excellent protection and a great safe space for your cat they can be a huge hassle to carry anything more than short distances. They tend to be heavier than soft carriers and you can’t rest the weight on your shoulders.
  • Side & Top Openings:
    • Some carriers, particularly the hard carriers, tend to have only one opening at the front.  Many adult cats have already learned that the carrier means a trip to the vet and they’ll struggle to go into the carrier. This can result in all sorts of scratches and sometimes even bites with a cat that is very against the trip.  I would aim to get a carrier with at least the front and top opening because placing a cat in from the top is often easier.
  • Ease of Cleaning:
    • Hard carriers are by far the easiest to clean.  Since they are plastic you can basically pop everything out of them and simply spray them out or wipe them down with a wet rag.  This is ideal if you have a cat that gets motion sickness easily while traveling.
    • Softer carriers usually have a removable bottom that can be wiped down or tossed in the washing machine, but the carrier itself normally has something like a thin piece of plastic or cardboard inside the jacket that can’t be removed. This means throwing it in the washing machine can be a hassle and cleaning nylon behind isn’t terribly easy.
  • Storage Space:
    • Soft carriers are typically very easy to break down and store in a very small space. This is a nice perk if you’re in the city or simply have limited space no matter where you live.
    • Hard carriers can typically be broken down, but they usually end up in multiple pieces that can be easily lost or misplaced and they still tend to take up more vertical space as the parts don’t ‘stack’ perfectly.
    • Suitcase & Stroller style carriers are probably the worst from a space standpoint as just like a stroller for a child they can only break down so far.

  • ​What Are The Airline & Train Requirements?

    ​The requirements for each airline and each train company are slightly different, but below I've provided some overview details for each of the major airlines in the United States. If you happen to be traveling on another airline then you'll have to take a look yourself.

    You can usually find ​​Google "[airline name] in cabin pets" for more details. Or check the table below for ​standard specs.​ Note some planes on some airlines are unique, so click the links for more details.​​​​​​

    ​Carrier ​Guidelines by Airline

    ​Airline/Train Name

    ​Carrier Specs (LxWxH)

    Hard: 17" x 11" x 7.5"

    Soft: 17" x 11" x 9.5"

    Hard: Not Allowed

    Soft: 16" X 19" x 9"

    ​Plane by plane basis.

    Hard: 19" x 14" x 10.5"

    Soft: 19" x 14" x 10.5"

    Hard​: 18" x 14" x 8"

    Soft: 18" x 14" x 8"

    Hard: 16" x 10" x 9.5"

    Soft: ​16" x 10" x 9.5"

    Hard: 17" x 12.5" x 8.5"

    Soft: 17" x 12.5" x 8.5"

    Hard: 18.5" x 13.5" x 8.5"

    Soft: 18.5" x 13.5" x 8.5"

    Hard: 18.5" x 13.5" x 8.5"

    Soft: 18.5" x 13.5" x 8.5"

    Hard: 1​8" x 1​4" x ​9"

    Soft: ​1​8" x 1​4" x ​9"

    Wrapping It Up

    So let’s close things up with a quick recap:

    • There are a bunch of reasons you should have a good quality carrier available for your cat
    • There are numerous kinds of carriers out there, each type has pros and cons & you should select on based on your needs
    • A cardboard carrier should not be considered a long term solution
    • Be sure to associate your cats carrier with positive things like treats or meal time, this will make them less likely to balk at going into it when it is necessary

    If you have any other thoughts on the cat carriers and which type you use please leave a comment below or send me an email at so I can update this article. Also feel free to point any questions my way through comments or email as well!

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