11 Best Cat Bubble Backpacks 2018

Love taking your cat outside but you don’t feel safe on just a harness and a leash? Or perhaps you just don’t like the single shoulder carriers. Who can blame you? With every step you take it bangs against your side and digs into your shoulder.

This is the exact reason backpack cat carriers were created. While they aren’t exactly new, they aren’t as popular as they should be. Cat backpack carriers are really versatile and they are far easier on us humans no matter the destination.

This could be a simple trip to the vet or an extended hiking session where your kitty gets in and out of the carrier.

My favorite backpacks have a bubble built right in. These provide a nice window for your cat and make your cat look like an astronaut too!

Who can blame any cat owner for wanting to take their cat out in this cool carrier? If anything it is going to get your cat out and about more than any other method! Let’s take a look at the best cat bubble backpacks.

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Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Carrier for Cats

a blue texsens cat backpack carrier with multiple vents and mesh panels

Texsens is probably the most well known brand of bubble backpack carrier on the market today and probably the most trusted as well. They’ve they been one of the pioneers in developing this type of carrier so that’s no surprise.

But they have also been producing high quality backpacks for both cats and dogs now for several years. This gives them an edge compared to other companies because they have a bunch of experience and feedback to build their products off of.

This particular model has that sweet looking semi-sphere window design that makes your backpack look like a space ship. This along with the several vents on the side give your feline friend lots of space to look out of the backpack whether sitting or standing.

On top of this it comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps for carrying comfort which is a huge benefit compared to a typical single non padded shoulder strap.

You’ll also love the built-in security leash which ensures even if your cat does get out of the carrier accidentally, their leash stays attached to the carrier so they can’t get to far.

This of course assumes that you have harnessed and leashed your cat before loading them into the carrier, but that’s just a best practice anymore!

This carrier also comes with both top and side entrances for ease of accessibility which is a huge benefit for both the cat and the owner. Inside you’ll also find a nice soft washable pad so between trips it easy to keep your carrier clean!

You can also check out my full video review below or read the full written review here:

The Fat Cat Backpack for Large Cats

a large backpack for cats with a mid placed window

The Fat Cat is an excellent bag specifically designed for larger cats. It is difficult to tell from the picture, but it actually has quite a bit of extra space inside it compared to other cat backpacks.

There's still tons of ventilation and a nice firm base as well. On top of this The Fat Cat has adjusted the height of the window compared to many other bags and it is largely lower. This means your cat has a much better view most of the time and doesn't have to be fulling sitting up on her hind quarters to see out.

The bag is great for short trips or long adventures. I've used it numerous times to take the cats out for a walk and also even taken Beast on a solid 15 mile bike ride to see how the pack worked out.

All in all a great option, especially if you've got a larger cat. A full written and video review will be released on October 10th, 2018. So if you're considering this model check back in then!

Petforu Space Capsule Faux Leather Cat Backpack

the petforu backpack cat carrier, faux leather with a dozen vents and 2 mesh panels and a bubble window

Petforu comes to the market with what is by far one of the nicest looking and most versatile faux leather cat backpacks on the market. On top of this it of course still comes with the amazing astronaut type bubble window to let your cat get a great view out so long as they are sitting up inside the backpack.

You’ll also notice from the picture that this particular model has a significant number of ventilation slots built into it. Not only will this ensure your cat has plenty of fresh air to breathe, but it also ensures that it stays nice and cool inside the backpack even if it is a little toasty outside!

There’s also the benefit of access from both sides and the top which means you’ve got a lot of options to get your cat in and out of this particular bubble backpack.  On top of this, the straps are specifically designed to allow you to wear the pack on the front or back.

It just depends on what is more comfortable for you and hopefully less bouncy for your feline friend. Last but not least, it has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on smooth surfaces which is an added bonus!

The dimensions of this backpack are: 12.6 wide by  10.25 inches deep by 16.54 inches tall. If you have a large cat it might be a little cramped, so do be careful to check your cat first. I would say anything over 13-14 lbs might be a little too big for comfort.

On the note of comfort, the pack also does come with a comfy liner for the bottom of the pack that is removable for washing.

U-pet Innovative Messenger Style Bubble Carrier

a messenger style brown cat carrier with a bubble window

You’ll notice an obvious difference in the design of this bag right away, it isn’t your typical two shoulder strap backpack! Now if you want to be extra trendy with a capsule bag and also let your cat have more space to lay down you can go for this messenger style bag.

This bag will convert you back to a single strap bag though very similar to your traditional style carrier. The key difference is that this bag does of course include the coveted astronaut bubble that makes these kinds of carriers so darn cool!

The dimensions of this model are 15.4″L x 7.1″W x 10.6″H which is a little bit limiting for your cat if they are large in size. I wouldn’t aim to put any cat in this bag that is over 10 pounds, and even that might be pushing it.

Also note that your cat is going to have a difficult time standing up in this bag and spinning around as well due to the tight confines.

As with all of the U-Pet bubble bags you’re getting all of the necessities. You can switch out the bubble window for a mesh cover if you prefer that. It also has a safety latch inside to hook to your cats leash and harness for additional safety.

Last but not least, it does have a comfy little pad added to the bottom (that you can remove) to make sure your kitty rides in comfort!

While this is a really cool and trendy looking bag, do be sure you do some measuring first to ensure your cat will have sufficient room to move around inside of it. That or ensure your cat loves to lay down while bounding along on a walk with you!

Giantex Astronaut Cat Carrier Backpack

a teal astronaut carrier with a hard shell from Giantex

Giantex is another company that has been at making cat carriers and pet products for quite some time. This particular model is is of course their astronaut’s cat carrier to give your kitty a nice safe view of the outside world while keeping them in a controlled environment.

It features a large space inside with big air holes and mesh to ensure it stays comfortable and breathable for your kitty. There’s also a place to attach your leash inside to prevent your kitty from running away if she so happens to get out of your hands when loading or unloading her.

This model is made of high quality oxford cloth and scratch-resistant, durable plastic. This ensures it not only looks great, but that it stays looking great for an extended period of time.

This type of carrier is budget friendly compared to a lot of other options on the market. If you’re looking for a cute carrier at a more affordable price then this is probably the option for you!

The dimensions of this model are 15.7 inches tall 11.8 inches wide x 11 inches deep. That means that it can pretty comfortably fit a cat that is about 15 pounds or so.

While functionally the carrier will provide the same general internal environment for your cat as other bubble carriers, there is a key difference in getting your cat in and out of it.

This carrier functions much more like a traditional backpack in that it only has one entry point for your cat. It has 2 zippers on the same line that run from end to end which can be a little harder to get your cat in and out of than carriers with multiple entry points.

Pettom Large Breathable Bubble Carrier w/ Rolling Attachment

a rolling cat carrier by Pettom with a space capsule window

This is a relatively novel idea in the bubble carrier space in that Pettom has essentially designed a carrier that is primarily a backpack, but it can also be attached to an associated roller.

This means if you’ve got an extra long distance to travel or perhaps a nice smooth bit of road or sidewalk and you just want a break you can drop the backpack right into the roller and keep going.

On top of this you’ll notice a lot of other great features that this carrier includes. It has numerous air vents and two full on mesh panels built into the sides for excellent air flow and comfort for your kitty.

While you can only see a single zipper in the picture to the side, it is important to note that you can load your cat into the carrier both from the front and from the side.

There’s also a coveted leash attachment built right in so once you harness your kitty up you can keep the leash attached safely inside just in case they happen to hop past your waiting hands and arms when you open it up to let them out.

The bottom of the carrier also comes fully equipped with non slip feet to ensure that it won’t move around while you’re trying to load or unload your pet on a hardwood or tile floor.

This carrier does have a much larger weight capacity than most coming in at about 22 pounds. The dimensions are 12.6″L x 8.7″W x 15.8″H. If you add in the wheels the height becomes just over 36 inches.

Note: You can buy this model without the wheel attachment and save yourself somewhere in the area of $15.  Is you don’t feel you need the wheels it is a nice option to have handy.

Pettom’s Airline Approved Cat Carrier Backpack

a bright pink hard shell carrier by pettom with the space capsule window

This is an excellent option for those of you looking to take your feline friend on a plane and you think a backpack will be easier than a traditional carrier.  Given this carrier has already been vetted by multiple airlines you’ll be off to a great start.

It is worth noting that most airline approved carriers are on the smaller side and thus only hold cats on the smaller side as well. This carrier is rated to hold a cat up to about 10 pounds or so.

While you can’t see much from the frontal picture, it is important to note that this backpack does let your cat breath through nicely sized vents on the side of the carrier.

Your cat will have no problem breathing easily even in warm weather! Given the straight forward design you can also load your cat in and out of the carrier from either the top or the sides.

While this particular option is bright pink it is also worth noting that Pettom brings a huge number of colors to the market, just check out the button below to see the whole list of available options.  The dimensions for this model are 11.8″l x 11.0″w x 17.3″h.

There’s also a removable pad that comes with the carrier so you can easily pop it out for cleaning purposes if your cat furs it up or somehow makes a mess in the carrie

HBuir Innovative Diamond Traveler Pet Carrier Shoulder Backpack

an innovative diamond shaped hard shell backpack cat carrier with a space capsule window

You’ll notice a couple of distinct differences in this carrier right away. First and foremost it is a hard shelled carrier which is far less common. This means that it maintains its space integrity inside much more effectively than canvas or nylon carriers.

The other is the diamond design which is engineered to provide as much space as possible to your cat inside the backpack!

The inside of the carrier is very comfortable for your feline friend. It comes fully equipped with a comfy washable pad that can be removed as necessary.

It is also full of ventilation holes to ensure your feline friend stays cool and relaxed with plenty of fresh air.  There’s also of course a safety hook inside too that you can attach to your cat’s harness just in case they happen to pop out as you open it up.

The covers are also interchangeable, as with many other models here there is the coveted bubble cover, but there’s also the option to insert a more transparent mesh version that is also bubble shaped if you have an alternate preference.

The dimensions of this carrier are 13.8″L x 10.6″W x 18.1″H and it is rated to hold a solid 14 pounds which means you’ve got lots of room for your cat!

Texsens Canvas Transparent and Breathable Capsule Portable Pet Backpack

a canvas cat carrier back pack with a large porthole window

You’ll notice a distinct difference between this bag and the other versions that Texsens has on the market, primarily in the overall design structure.

This backpack is designed with the intent that you’d be loading your cat from the top, there is no way to unzip either of the side compartments and let your cat enter the bag this way.

You’ll notice this bag has excellent ventilation, even compared to bags that have numerous vents. The biggest difference being the entire top and large portions of the side of this bag are mesh panels.

This ensures your cat won’t get hot or uncomfortable due to lack of air flow, imperative for any outdoor adventures! It is also worth noting that this model is made of canvas as opposed to your typical nylon materials used for backpacks which makes it even more breathable.

The bubble window also has a totally interchangeable plastic vent option if you’d prefer something else or if you need to conserve space for one reason or another. They require only a couple of minutes to change out, you simply unscrew one and slip the other in and screw it into place.

The measurements of this bag are 11.81″ L x 9.44″ W x 14.17″H and it is rated for cats up to 10 pounds. The shoulder straps are nice and comfy too ensuring that even if you have a 10 pound cat in the bag it won’t dig into your shoulders and cause you any pain.

Texsens Topside Bubble Backpack Cats

a canvas cat carrier with the astronaut window on the top instead of the back

Another variation on the Texsens backpacks above, this one instead moves the bubble to the top of the carrier as opposed to back side of the carrier. While clearly a preference option, this will provide a heck of a lot better view up and out as opposed to toward the back of the carrier. No surprise I suppose!

Just like the rest of the Texsens carriers you’ll notice that it has amazing ventilation including numerous mesh panels and even holes built right into the bubble.

This model is also made of canvas specifically to encourage air flow for your feline friend while you’re out and about on your adventures. Your cat will stay nice and cool while going for a ride in this backpack.

Given this model is designed for outdoor adventures it also has shoulder straps that are designed for extra comfort with thicker padding. This means no sore shoulders after taking your cat out hiking or for a walk around the city or park!

You’ll also find that there’s padding built into the backing of the bag to ensure that it doesn’t rub your back raw as well.

The dimensions of this carrier are 12.6″ W x 9.8″ D x 15″ H and it will hold a cat up to 13 pounds without any issue.  As with the rest of the models by Texsens you’ll also note it has a mesh panel that can be put in place of the bubble if so desired.

Texsens Canvas Transparent and Breathable Capsule Portable Pet Backpack

a canvas cat carrier back pack with a large porthole window

You’ll notice a distinct difference between this bag and the other versions that Texsens has on the market, primarily in the overall design structure.

This backpack is designed with the intent that you’d be loading your cat from the top, there is no way to unzip either of the side compartments and let your cat enter the bag this way.

You’ll notice this bag has excellent ventilation, even compared to bags that have numerous vents. The biggest difference being the entire top and large portions of the side of this bag are mesh panels.

This ensures your cat won’t get hot or uncomfortable due to lack of air flow, imperative for any outdoor adventures! It is also worth noting that this model is made of canvas as opposed to your typical nylon materials used for backpacks which makes it even more breathable.

The bubble window also has a totally interchangeable plastic vent option if you’d prefer something else or if you need to conserve space for one reason or another. They require only a couple of minutes to change out, you simply unscrew one and slip the other in and screw it into place.

The measurements of this bag are 11.81″ L x 9.44″ W x 14.17″H and it is rated for cats up to 10 pounds. The shoulder straps are nice and comfy too ensuring that even if you have a 10 pound cat in the bag it won’t dig into your shoulders and cause you any pain.

Lemonda Portable Travel Space Capsule Pet Carrier Backpack

a light pink space capsule cat carrier backpack

Lemonda brings to the market another excellent looking space capsule type carrier with all the bells and whistles that will make you love it. Not only does it come in a huge variety of colors to match any outfit, it also has a nice sleek design that makes it look great too.

This backpack is designed with extra padding on the straps so you can take your cat for long walks or hikes and it is specifically engineered to allow you to wear it either on the front or the back!

The back is a hard case made of acrylic to ensure your cat doesn’t get cramped, but the rest of the bag is made of breathable canvas.

You’ll also note there are a significant number of air vents built right in to maintain a nice cool and comfortable environment for your feline friend.

On top of plenty of ventilation this model also comes with a comfy velvet pad on the inside to ensure your cat is traveling in luxury. The pad is removable and washable so you can also keep the bag nice and clean with ease.

As with the other models noted on this page you’ll also love that you can change out the bubble window for a typical mesh cover if you have a desire to limit your cat’s visibility or you just want to make a fashion statement!

The dimensions of this bag are 12.6 “L x 11.5 “W x 16.5 “H and it is rated by the manufacturer to easily hold a cat up to 16 pounds, although I’ll freely admit a long hair at 16 pounds would probably be a little cramped in this carrier!

PetLoft Foldable Bubble Carrier

a gym bag style cat packpack with a port hole window

Right, it isn’t a backpack. I know, I know! But it is still an excellent carrier and I wanted to include it because of the key unique feature. This carrier is so easy to break down and fold into a really small space.

Most of the backpack carriers I have indicated so far don’t really have a way to collapse. This means they take up a lot of space when they aren’t in use. This model can fold down to only a few inches tall. Great for storage!

It also has 3 different entry points (two sides and one top), 12 ventilation holes, the space for the grating or the bubble and a comfy carrying strap for your shoulder.  All in all an excellent option outside the backpack realm!

Why Use a Cat Bubble Backpack Carrier Instead of a Traditional Carrier

There are a couple of key reasons people prefer to switch over to a bubble carrier in place of a traditional carrier:

  1. Comfort: The biggest factor I’ve found in making the switch is that bubble carriers are just far easier to get around with than a traditional single strap shoulder carrier. Backpacks were designed for this purpose specifically, and cat backpack carriers are just a heck of a lot easier on your shoulders than that single strap is.
  2. Safety: The bulk of backpack carriers come equipped with additional safety features that traditional carriers don’t have included. While this is largely because they are often designed for Adventure Cats it doesn’t mean those safety features are any less helpful for your typical cat just going on walks.
  3. Cat Happiness: A lot of traditional carriers don’t provide the best view in the world for your cat. They can of course hear a lot through the mesh, but they often can’t see much through it. This is limiting and makes the trip boring! The space bubble lets your cat see everything going on around them and gives them a chance to check out the world.
  4. Style: Let’s be honest, they’re just plain cool looking compared to a typical carrier. And it is way easier for other people to check your feline friend out as you take a walk! What could be better?!?!

If you’re still curious about traditional carriers (I still have one myself) then I would also recommend you read my other article here on the best traditional carriers out there. It should help you make a decision if you’re not sold on a backpack yet.

Getting Your Cat Used To The Carrier

When you bring a new carrier home you’re going to want to take some time getting your cat used to the carrier before immediately loading her right into it and taking her for a walk.

While I understand you just got this really cool carrier and want to show it off and show your cat off I would suggest a gradual approach to use. This will ensure that you don’t scare your cat away from the carrier right away and then have to spend weeks getting he or she acclimated afterward.

So how do you go about it?  Well there are a couple of pretty simple steps you can take to ensure that your cat will end up loving the new carrier:

  • When it first arrives be sure to let your cat explore and sniff it without trying to put her in it
  • If you have any Feliway Spray you might also want to try spraying some of this on and in the carrier
  • Be sure to leave it out in the open and place some treats inside the carrier so your cat associates the carrier with positive things
  • Start out with short walks and don’t make the first trip to somewhere your cat hates (the vet or the groomer)
  • Take your cat on multiple trips a week, but keep them short and end them with treats when you get home
  • Over time work up to longer trips and start feathering in trips to the vet and other places

Leash & Harness Training Your Cat

While it is not a necessity by any stretch of the word, many people that use bubble backpacks also have a desire to leash and harness train their cat to take it on adventures.

This is no surprise, if you want to show your cat the world you’d also want to let them out to actually get a chance to explore it a little bit.

There’s an excellent article available on AdventureCats.org that will tell you all about the best method to harness train your cat, but here’s a quick rundown just to get you started:

  • Introduce the Harness: As with anything else (costumes, collars, etc.) you’ll want to introduce your cat to a harness slowly to ensure they associate positive things with it. This means letting them sniff it, letting their scent get on it, and of course rewarding them with treats when it is nearby. You can also spray some Feliway on it for an added benefit.
  • Slip It On: Put the harness on your cat, but don’t actually tighten it up. This will let her get a feel for it without restricting her movement. Over time tighten the harness and then remove it after short periods of time working up to longer attempts. Again, treats and praise go a long way.
  • Attaching the Leash: Once you’ve got your kitty used to the harness you can attach the leash to it and take her outside. This is where your let your cat do the exploring. Go at her pace and let her figure out what is of interest. As she gets more used to the world outside then you can start encouraging her to follow you and keep pace with where you want to go.

A few other tips:

  • Always pick up your cat and carry them through the threshold of the door when you’re first harness training her. This makes her think that’s the only way to go outside. Otherwise she’s prone to learn the second the door opens she can bolt out.
  • Don’t leave your cat unattended outside, especially with a harness and leash on. This is an easy way for your cat to get stuck and injured.
  • Always ensure any cat that is going outside is microchipped at the least. I also recommend a breakaway collar with tags with your cats essential information.

If You Don’t Trust Me – Trust Anna Akana

Now if you don’t happen to trust me about how awesome these backpacks are then you should definitely take the word of YouTube star Anna Akana. Here’s an awesome video of her showing what happens when she goes out with her cats in her bubble backpack!

Wrapping It Up on Cat Bubble Backpacks

My personal opinion is that cat bubble backpacks are a heck of a lot more versatile than your traditional style carrier. First off, they look a heck of a lot better!

But they also give your cat a much better view of the outside world while still maintaining all of the important safety features that come with a regular carrier.

Another huge benefit is that you’re going to have a heck of a lot more comfort for yourself when you use a backpack style carrier. It is a heck of a lot easier on your shoulders and your back because it distributes the weight a lot more effectively than a single strap.

Do you use a backpack carrier for your cat? Does yours have the cool bubble to give your cat a view of the outside world? If I’ve missed any of the awesome bubble backpacks please send me a link.

This way I can track down those additional options and get them added to the article. Feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email at Craig@StuffCatsWant.com.

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    • January 18, 2018 at 8:16 am

      For the models I’ve listed in my top 10 here you are definitely correct that the best price you’ll find is on amazon. If you check the big blue buttons you’ll find your way to the cheapest sellers on Amazon!

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    looks like many people have a hard time getting the window in place on all these bags, did you have any issues?

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      Changing out the window for the bag can actually be a pretty difficult job the first time around. The hardest part is removing the existing piece that comes when the bag is shipped to you, as soon as you figure that part out you’re golden. Really the best help I can give is that you’ll find on each of the product websites or product descriptions on Amazon. Take a look at each individual link for the respective directions.

  • January 28, 2018 at 5:53 pm

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      They vary in price, if you click each link it’ll take you to the cheapest place to get them. That being said, they run anywhere from about 30 dollars up to about 80 dollars depending on the model you decide to go for.

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    I LOVE THESE! I love how they are better than normal carriers and have the bubble so that the cats get to see the outside as well!

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      They are pretty fun and you certainly get a lot of looks while walking if your cat happens to have his or her head right in the bubble area!

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    These are funny. I guess I never thought about getting Jessie something else, beyond the typical carrier. She’s an indoor cat, so it isn’t something that I think about very often. However, this article has a lot of things to think about when it comes to this, and I will look into it. Being able to get them on Amazon makes it easy as well.


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    thanks for this very interesting article!
    I have one question about those kind of bag about the temperatur inside.
    I’m planning to take my cat on hiking this summer and I want to be sur that my cat doesn’t have to hot in the bag.

    What do you think?


    • April 9, 2018 at 10:45 pm

      Generally speaking the bags have great ventilation. Unless you are out for a very long time or in very hot temperatures I wouldn’t worry about it.

      I use this version in the summer with my cats often and it works great. It has 15 ventilation holes when the bubble window is installed and also has 2 large scale mesh vents on the sides.

      If you’re out hiking though you can always let your cat out for a little while. The version linked above also has a hook for your leash and harness so your cat is safely connected to the pack.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Well, what will they think of next.

    I liked the ones approved for airline travel and the one with the backpack or pull behind as this is very versatile.

    Like you said, it is very important to get the cat used to the backpack before trying to use it. The hopefully will reduce any stress of using it.

    • April 18, 2018 at 6:13 pm

      The rolling version is nice if you have a long distance but you might also run into stairs or something like that. Outside that it does end up being a little bit more uncomfortable on your back cause of the framework built in for the wheels and the handle.

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      Hope that she finds it helpful! I know that my cats absolutely love going on walks in the backpack. Beast especially.

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