The 11 Best Cat Window Beds of 2019 [Zzzzzz]

Everyone knows that cats simply love lazing about in the sun.  They do it all the time. If I could do it all the time I probably would too, seems like a pretty sweet deal. This is an awesome video of my cat Lexi enjoying her cat window bed more than I’ve ever enjoyed any bed ever:

Not only do cat window beds provide a wonderful place to sleep, they have the benefit of not taking up space on the floor like a cat castle.  If you’re cramped for space (I’m looking at you city dwellers) then a cat window bed can be a very wise investment.

You’ll also be providing a nice solid view of the great outdoors for your feline friend. If your cat normally sleeps all day on your bed and keeps you up at night then a window bed might help alleviate this behavior.

When your cat is in the window they’ll be watching everything that passes by with a keen eye ensuring that when the lights go out later they’ll be ready to sleep. So if you’re looking for an awesome way to let your cat relax in the sun then check out a quick rundown of the best window beds on the market.

The Best cat window beds Quick Guide

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The Original Kitty Cot

There’s a reason this window bed tops the list, it is the first of its kind and they have continued to improve it over the years to ensure they provide a top of the line product.  It is hands down the most reliable standard window bed on the market and is rightly dubbed the ‘Worlds Best Cat Window Bed’ by the creator.

The Original Kitty Cot does a stellar job of providing your cat a spot to relax in the sun, there’s really no reason to look elsewhere unless you have a uniquely shaped window or a different need like a multi cat window bed.  The key features of the Kitty Cot include:

  • The bed mounts to windows using four gigantic suction cups & provides a 26″ x 14″ relaxation area
  • The Kitty Cot is rated for a 25 pound cat, but it can probably hold more as each suction cup can hold 15 pounds
  • This is the only bed I’ve found that is Humane Society Approved
  • The Kitty Cot is super easy to clean with soap and water if necessary
  • The frame is made of PVC plastic pipes and fittings so it is durable but also super light weight 
  • The fabric that slips over the frame is rugged and has lasted through tons of use from my cats
  • Kitty Cot uses stainless steel support to ensure there’s not concern from a safety or durability standpoint

 Check out this awesome slideshow of cats using the Kitty Cot for additional proof!

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The Ultimate Cat Perch

This is The Ultimate Cat Perch. And to be clear, while it is awesome, that is its name, not my opinion on it! This perch provides the same kind of space for a cat to sleep on, but notice the support comes from  underneath the bed instead of on top of the bed. This is what makes it a perch as opposed to a typical window bed.

Key features worth noting are:

  • It is incredibly safe for your cat because there are no wires for cats to get tangled in like many beds
  • The fabric is made for outdoors so not only is it durable, but it’ll maintain a tight fit and ensure there is no sagging so your cat has a solid landing surface
  • You’ve got 4 giant 3.25” patented suction cups that can hold up to 80 pounds which means increased stay-on reliability
  • The frame is made of thick walled tubing so it won’t bend or warp over time
  • A glued frame ensures that it won’t come apart during regular use, many other options aren’t glued together
  • It is made in the USA

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K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Penthouse

If you thought your cat was spoiled before, wait until you check out this penthouse window bed. Did I say penthouse? Yes I did! This window bed’s claim to fame is that it is by far the most luxurious of the beds on the entire market.

How you might ask? Well as you might be able to see from the picture here to the right it is a fully enclosed bed with multiple viewing portals out the sides. On top of this it has a nice ‘porch’ area for your cat to jump up and enter the penthouse, wouldn’t want your kitty tracking any dirt or litter into her gorgeous little home now would we?!

Key features include:

  • 6 EZ mount suction cups that are make installing your new penthouse in the window a total breeze
  • A fully enclosed penthouse with 6 viewing portals that give your cat a view of anything outside
  • There’s also a sill on the front for your cat to jump up onto as an entry way and on top of this the rooftop is open for business as well, to say the least there’s a lot of space!
  • The penthouse is rated to hold up to 60 pounds which means your cat can invite a friend over, so long as their willing to share that is
  • The size of the sleeping area is 23” long by 15” (both inside and on the roof) wide which means there’s plenty of space for even a large cat inside
  • Elevator service delivers your cat to the penthouse so they can truly feel like royalty, it also comes with champagne and a cat water bed (totally kidding!)

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K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

K&H Manufacturing has totally changed the game when it comes to window mounted beds. The most traditional form was always a few suction cups and a cloth fabric on a PVC frame.

K&H really broke the mold when they took one single piece of plastic and simply attached the whole thing right to the window with a couple of suction cups. On top of this the sill is pretty darn comfy for cats. Let’s take a look at key features:

  • 3 industrial strength suction cups mount the whole sill directly to the window
  • It is totally open on the top for easy access for your cat(s)
  • The weight limit here is up to 60 pounds, that’s even a bump up from the Oster 50 pound bed
  • It comes with a comfy cat bed / pad that drops right inside the sill and that is 100% washable
  • The sleeping surface is 18″ long by 6″ wide, note that’s half the width of standard mount beds
  • You’ll need a space about 30″ long by 14″ tall to successfully mount the bed, so do measure your window first
  • If you have an extra large window you could mount numerous beds almost like shelves up a wall

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K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Window Pod Kitty Sill

As mentioned above, K&H has really changed the game up when it comes to window beds for cats. This one isn’t so much a bed so much as it is a pod or a bubble that is attached to create a fully enclosed space for your cat to relax in. 

Very similar to the other version, this mounts on most any window with a set of super high quality suction cups, the key difference here is that it your cat will be mostly shut off from anything indoors and can totally focus up on what’s going on outside. Key features include:

  • 4 industrial strength suction cups mount the whole pod directly to the window
  • It is mostly closed off to keep your cat in a nice safe spot where they have a view outdoors
  • The weight limit here is up to 60 pounds, though it is hard for more than one cat to get in it
  • It comes with a comfy cat bed / pad that drops right inside the sill and that is 100% washable
  • The sleeping surface is 18″ long by 7″ wide, note that’s half the width of standard mount beds
  • You’ll need a space about 30″ long by 24″ tall to successfully mount the bed, so do measure your window first
  • With an extra large window you could mount numerous pods to create a sort of step system up to the top

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K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sill Ez Window Mount

knh double decker window bed
Now this is where the real fun comes in, K&H has taken things to a whole new level with this particular model. The other window beds above all only have a single level. This particular model has a base level and then a second layer on top.

You could consider it a Duplex Up for those of you that are city dwellers.  On top of this, it is designed to handle a massive amount of weight so it could easily accommodate two cats without problem. Key features include:

  • 6 industrial strength suction cups mount the two levels directly to the window
  • A steel frame that is designed to hold up to 100 lbs of cat(s) – That’s a lot of cat!
  • The is also designed to fold right up into the window so you can close the shades without taking it down (see video @ 1:10)
  • It comes with a comfy cat bed / pad that drops right inside the sill and that is 100% washable
  • The sleeping surface is 23″ long by 12″ wide, note that is times two, one for each level
  • You’ll need a space about 24″ long by 30″ tall to successfully mount the bed, so do measure your window first
  • Check out this awesome video for more details on this innovative design:

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Sunny Seat Cat Bed

The Sunny Seat Cat Cat Bed is designed for cats large and small. It will make your cat love you far more than they currently do, especially if you live in a place where your windows provide a good view in the sun.

Living in a garden unit in Chicago, this bed lets both of my cats see out the window up at street level. This keeps them entertained when I’m not around because they have people, birds, dogs & even other cats to keep an eye on. This bed is loaded with great features to keep your cat happy and safe:

  • It uses 4 large suction cups to latch onto the window and keep it in place
  • It is rated to hold up to 30 pounds, I’ve had both of my cats in it at the same time and that is a combined weight of about 22 pounds
  • It is a great size that will fit most windows, it comes in at 22″ inches in length and about 12″ inches in width
  • It comes with a nice washable piece of lambs wool that you can place in the bed for extra comfort
  • The cover for the frame is 100% machine washable as is the lambs wool
  • I have left it up through multiple seasons where it is exposed to changing window temps and constant abuse from the sun, it took over 2 years before the suction cups finally gave out
  • This is definitely one of the more affordable cat window beds on the market
  • My cats constantly rub their faces against the wires and nibble on them, there’s no sign of fraying or damage
  • You can combine it with a see through suction cup bird feeder for extended entertainment

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CO-Z Kitty Window Mount Cat Window

The CO-Z Kitty Window Bed is a slight variation on a common design.  They key difference that CO-Z Kitty brings to the table is in the material of the frame and the actual bedding. This particular bed has a very nice steel frame in comparison to many of the beds on the market that are made of PVC.

Not only does this make it feel a lot more sturdy than its PVC counterparts, but it also carries a much higher weight capacity than the bulk of the beds on the market. The material the bedding is made of is also extremely durable to ensure it lasts for an extended period of time. Key features include:

  • 4 heavy-duty suction cups that are rated to hold up to 88 pounds, the bed itself is recommended to hold 40 pounds just for the sake of safety
  • The frame is made of solid steel as opposed to the more common PVC versions
  • The bedding itself is made of Dacron, the same material sailboat sails are made of, it is extremely strong and lightweight & UV proof which is perfect for the sun
  • The bedding wraps around the frame super easily for installation or for temporary removal for cleaning
  • Built in folding capability without removing it from the window for easy use of the blinds
  • The size of the resting area is 23.6” in length by 13.4” in width

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K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Cat Scratcher Kitty Sill

If you’re looking for something even more novel than the other items K&H has brought to the market then you might consider this. The K&H EZ Mount Cat Scratcher is basically a combination of a window bed with a cardboard cat scratcher. In reality, the scratcher is the bed.

The scratcher hangs up very similar to other cat window beds, it uses a couple of suction cups and a lightweight frame. The key difference here is that this scratcher is also fully interchangeable with new ones as they get wrecked from use by your cat. Pretty darn cool idea! Key things included in this model:

  • It attaches to the window with 4 industrial strength suction cups and a lightweight frame holds the cardboard bed/scratcher
  • No longer do you need to worry about your cat scratching up or biting your furniture, this model is designed to encourage your cat to scratch it
  • The cardboard is 100% recyclable so you can feel good about it from an environmental perspective
  • It is rated to hold up to 60 pounds, way more than any single cat I’ve ever seen
  • The sleeping surface is curved to hold your cat comfortably and it is sized at 20” long by 11” wide there’s plenty of space to relax

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Oster Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed

The Oster Sunny Seat Window bed has a claim to fame of being able to hold up to fifty pounds, that is a heck of a lot of cat you’re dealing with if you need that kind of coverage. That of you’re definitely letting multiple cats into the window bed at the same time.

That being said, you’re not going to notice a heck of a lot of difference between this model and the Sunny Seat Listed above. They key difference is the weight limit. That being said, here are the key features:

  • The real big claim here is the 4 industrial strength suction cups and frame can hold 50 pounds of cat(s)
  • It is a great size that will fit most windows, it comes in at 22″ inches in length and about 12″ inches in width
  • The strings that hold it onto the window are made of plastic (not metal), but still proved incredibly durable with my cats nibbling on them and rubbing their faces against them constantly
  • The cover for the frame is 100% machine washable
  • This was the first window bed I ever bought for my cats and it lasted about 18 months in the window, through multiple seasons (Chicago) where it is exposed to changing window temps and constant abuse from the sun, that’s a pretty good run
  • This version doesn’t come with a lambs wool blanket for comfort
  • It only takes about 2 minutes to put the entire frame together and install it
  • Preferred model for larger cats or multi cat households where the cats sleep on top of one another

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Petamo Cat Window Bed

The Petamo Cat Window bed is another in a line of PVC framed cat window beds. Its claim to fame is that it is leveraging well respected Japanese manufacturing prowess to bring you a high quality window bed your cat will appreciate and feel safe in.

Beyond the fact that parts are produced in Japan it doesn’t have a lot of differences from the Oster or the Sunny Seat, which isn’t a bad thing since those are excellent models. Here’s a quick overview of the key features:

  • Attaches to the window using 4 giant patented suction cups sourced from Japan and the suction cups have tabs on the edges built in for easy removal for cleaning
  • Each of the suction cups is rated to hold 15 pounds but Petamo recommends you keep the weight in the bed to 50 pounds or less
  • The frame is made of PVC pipes and the sleeping surface is made of a nylon like mesh material that slips over the frame
  • The cables in this version are stainless steel meaning that even with constant rubbing and even some nibbling from your cats you won’t see any damage
  • The sleeping surface is 19.5” long and 14.5” wide leaving plenty of room for two cats if they don’t mind snoozing on top of each other a bit

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Why Consider a Window Bed?

Cats love sleeping in the sun and they also love looking out the window. Cat TV as many people call it. My cat Lexi absolutely loves lazing about in the window and watching people come by.

She has also picked up the hobby of bird watching from her window bed, it keeps her awake and engaged for hours at a time.

a black cat sunning herself in a window bed

If you’re having issues with your cat staying up all night then a window bed, while counter intuitive, may actually help. You can consider installing bird feeders outside the window so your cat always has something to keep an eye on.

Essentially, window beds are a great way for your cat to stay engaged and alert.

On top of this you might also consider a window bed simply to get your cat’s bed up and off the floor or to keep your cat off the rest of your furniture. Cats love sleeping in high places and window beds provide an excellent view to help your cat feel safe!

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Are These Things Really Safe for My Cat?

After multiple years and multiple window beds I have had zero safety concerns. It is key to remember that each of the suction cups alone will hold the weight of a traditional house cat, so even if one of them lets go there’s still plenty of support for your kitty.

You’ll also want to verify you installed the bed properly before you let your cat into it.  I highly recommend waiting for about 2 hours post installation before you let your cats use the bed.

This will make sure none of the suction cups slip off. If the suction cups to fall off then be sure to clean the window surface thoroughly with something like Windex and use a little water on the suction cups themselves to ensure they have firm suction.

a grey cat sleeping in a window bed
You should also consistently check on the bed every couple of weeks to make sure that the suction cups are still securely attached to the window. If even one of them seems loose then take the whole bed down, clean the window, and reattach it.

Do note that over time suction cups will break down due to sun exposure. You’ll need to replace them after a few years as they will simply stop working as well as they used to. Be sure to check the bed constantly as noted above to make sure your kitties stay safe!

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Will It Damage My Window?

The short of it is these window beds will not damage your window if you properly hang them. The most likely time you might end up damaging your window is while you are originally hanging the bed.

This is because you’ll be pushing firmly against the glass to get the suction cups to take.

The weight of the bed and a  cat against a modern window is not likely to cause any damage. Just be careful when hanging the bed and you’ll be in great shape.

Ensure you aren’t pushing too hard against the glass when applying the suction cups. If you can open your window and press from both sides at the same time this makes it even easier.

I’ve used various beds on two of my front windows over the past 4 years and not run into a single problem with either window. Just be sure to measure your window before purchase, especially if you have a multi-pane window.

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Wrapping it up on the Best Cat Window Beds

When you’re looking for the best cat window beds a lot of things probably come to mind.  But the most important items on your mind are probably the safety of your cat and the integrity of your window.

You want your cat safe and you don’t want your window to get damaged in any way.

After testing multiple window beds I can honestly say the likelihood of damaging your window seems slim to none. My beds have had both of my cats in them several times and that’s a combined weight of over 20 pounds on a pretty consistent basis.

Unless you hang multiple beds on the same window and really overload it with weight you shouldn’t have trouble with the window.

This means you’re basically down to the safety of your cat as the key deciding factor.  All of these beds are designed to hold way more weight than that of a single traditional domestic house cat.

Those of you with Maine Coons or much heavier cats will want to ensure you choose something rated to hold more weight like the K&H Double Decker or EZ Mount Sill.

No matter which bed you choose you should consistently check the status of the suction cups. Over time, especially in changing weather, they are bound to loosen and become unstable.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that sitting in the sun for several hours a day degrades every material out there, it doesn’t matter what it is. Be sure to test your bed every few weeks to ensure it seems stable and if you need to take it down and reset it after cleaning the window.

If you’ve got a window bed you’ve used and it isn’t listed here please comment below or shoot me a note at so I can update this article to reflect your thoughts. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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12 thoughts on “The 11 Best Cat Window Beds of 2019 [Zzzzzz]

  • November 4, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Wow my cat would love the sunny seat cat bed. It looks perfect for him because he always wants to look out the window, but the window ledge isn’t really big enough for him to lay down comfortably.
    Very cool!

    • November 4, 2017 at 9:13 pm

      Definitely give it a shot, my cats have loved every window bed they’ve ever had, they are too spoiled!

  • November 4, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    This is too cool. I always see cats perched up in the window. They love to do that obviously. This is my first time being exposed to this product and I can guarantee they will love this.

  • November 4, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Oh my goodness!! I’ve always had cats and yes they looooove windows! Granted they are both inside and outside cats so they DO get to experience the outside world. However, when they’re inside, they might as well be out because they sit and stare out the window all day…. or they’re in the laundry baskets. I’ll have to look into these awesome window beds! Thanks for sharing!

    • November 4, 2017 at 9:12 pm

      Hahaha, they are a riot. My fluffball Lexi loves to sleep on both clean and dirty laundry. I don’t mind the dirty laundry, the clean is a bit more of a hassle! Thanks for furring up my freshly cleaned stuff, can’t you use your window bed cat?!?!

  • November 5, 2017 at 8:20 am

    These things are neat! I never knew these existed. It seems that you can find a window bed for your cat to fit any style and match all kinds of decor in the room. Very cool.

  • November 7, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    I love these cat beds! There is one for any price point. Have you had any problems with the suction cups? Can they really hold 25 pounds or more?

    • November 7, 2017 at 10:36 pm

      I’ve never had significant problems with suction cups for any of the beds I’ve used. My two cats jump in the same window bed from time to time and that’s a combined 21 pounds or so and it hasn’t fallen down. The only time I’ve encountered problems is when the weather changes or when I haven’t checked on the bed in weeks.

      Definitely check the suction cups every other week to see if they’re still secure!

  • November 9, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    Is the cost difference really worth the performance difference between the Kitty Cot and the Oster/Sunny Seat? I know you mentioned that it depends on how long the suctions last but are they more durable on say the sunny seat?

    • November 9, 2017 at 9:39 pm

      My personal opinion is that it is well worth it. While the Oster/Sunny seat versions look identical, I’ve noticed a difference in how long the suction cups lasted for my Kitty Cot version. The frame was also definitely more solidly put together.

  • November 10, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    They all look so great and perfect for cats who love watching outside (who isn’t?). I like the Sunny seat but feel a bit nervous about holding it with suction cups to the window. Is it really safe even though they make a big move like jumping off from the bed?

    • November 10, 2017 at 4:09 pm

      They’re actually all held up by suction cups and so far I haven’t had any problem whatsoever. As long as you pay close attention to the suction cups when hanging it and check on them every other week or so they’re pretty darn solid!


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