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Raw Food Diets For Cats (Are They Safe Or Not?)

By Craig / March 27, 2019

If you follow pet news it has recently become quite trendy to follow raw food diets for cats. If you’re not familiar, this basically means feeding your cat a diet of uncooked animal muscle meat, organ meat, and in some cases even including the bones. You’re probably wondering if it is safe to try a raw diet […]


My Cats Eyes Are Watering, Should I Worry? [And How to Help]

By Craig / February 6, 2019

My cats eyes are watering. This is common for my cat Beast. It is pretty much a weekly if not daily occurrence. I was going to the vet for a checkout though so I had questions to ask. Is it dangerous? Do I need to worry? Is there anything I can do to help? Should I […]


Why Is My Cat’s Butt So Dirty & Can I Help?

By Craig / July 20, 2018

If you’ve ever had your cat wandering around with a clearly filthy butt you’ve probably wondered to yourself ‘What the heck is she thinking? Why doesn’t she clean up right after using the litter box?’ You might even have bits of poo stuck in your cat’s hair, or cat dingle berries. Yuck. This can be incredibly frustrating […]


How to Clip Your Cat’s Nails In 6 Easy Steps

By Craig / July 13, 2018

Clipping your own nails is a pretty simple process, grab the clippers and a file and you’re good to go right?  On the other hand clipping your cat’s nails can be quite a different experience. You might have a cat that dreads getting her nails clipped and bolts the second she hears you open the […]


The Ultimate Guide to Cat Diapers [7 Best Options in 2020]

By Craig / July 11, 2018

Is your cat is peeing or spraying everywhere in the house? Or perhaps your feline friend is getting up there in years and having the rare (or even common) accident due to incontinence? Cat diapers can help. With cat diapers you can not only let your cat roam the entire house again, you can ensure your furniture and floors […]


What is the Ideal Temperature for a Cat?

By Craig / July 5, 2018

Given we’re getting into the heart of winter here in Chicago I was wondering what’s the right temperature for my cats. Especially when I’m gone during the day at work and nobody is home. Is it alright to let it cool down to 65? Or maybe even a bit lower? Or will my feline friends get […]


The 15 Best Kitten Teething Toys of 2020 [Immediate Relief]

By Craig / June 17, 2018

If you’ve never had a kitten before then you might be in for a bit of a surprise at age 3 months! Like human babies, kittens go through teething. It can last up until your cat is about 6 months old. While the You’re going to want some kitten teething toys around when their adult teeth […]


17 Practical Tips To Make Your Cat Sleep When You Do. Tonight.

By Snow / March 26, 2018

It’s 3:07 AM and you wake up to your cat batting around a toy just outside your door. It is 2:17 and you wake up to your cat walking all over your bed meowing. Sound familiar? Cats love to operate on their own schedule, they are independent after all. It can be a little frustrating at […]


10 Interest Cat Whisker Facts

By Snow / February 14, 2018

While I’ve had cats for years and I’ve always known their whiskers come in handy I never knew too much about them until I decided to research this article! I had no idea all of the different reasons our feline friends have whiskers, and that they had them in so many places. Cat whiskers are […]


What is the Best Time to Neuter a Cat?

By Craig / October 29, 2017

If you’ve just recently adopted or are considering adopting a male cat then neutering him should be one of the first things on your to do list as a new cat owner. There are a wide variety of reasons that you should neuter your male cat and they can be broken down into a couple […]

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