The Ultimate Guide to Cat Diapers [7 Best Options in 2020]

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Is your cat is peeing or spraying everywhere in the house? Or perhaps your feline friend is getting up there in years and having the rare (or even common) accident due to incontinence?

Cat diapers can help. With cat diapers you can not only let your cat roam the entire house again, you can ensure your furniture and floors stay in perfectly good condition while doing so.

There are a host of different options available. Below you’ll find cat diapers from various categories including washable, disposable, reusable, absorbent and even leak proof.

What’s most important though is that the diaper stays on your cat and he or she is comfortable with it. If that’s not the case then your cat can’t roam freely! So let’s take a look at the best diapers out there.

Pet Magasin Luxury Reusable Cat Diapers

3 cloth diapers in a stack

Pet Magasin is one of the most well respected Pet Product Manufacturers in the market and they have what are widely considered the best cat diapers on the market. Note they are marketed for both dogs and cats and work great for both.

The key benefits worth noting on this type of diaper:

  • These diapers have multiple inner layers that are each highly absorbent and an outer layer that is 100% waterproof.
  • They are made of extra soft fabric to increase comfort and acceptance.
  • There are numerous sizes. While most of you will use extra small or small for your cat you may bump up to medium for extra large cats like a Maine coon. You can measure your cat first and check the sizing chart to ensure fit.
  • They are both machine and hand washable. There are no special steps or special detergents required.
  • They are a quick drying by air or you can put them in a dryer on low temperature.
  • Washable diapers are far more environmentally friendly than disposable diapers.
  • There are 3 wraps in 3 colors in each package: green, blue, and purple.
  • Extra strong Velcro makes it quick and easy to secure and it won’t stick to fur.

Pet Parents Premium Washable Cat Diapers

3 cloth diapers together

PetParents is well known for their diapers and for good reason, they bring an amazing product to market that helps your cat feel like they aren’t even wearing a diaper. They also play to a large market of different cat sizes with one single product.

The key items worth noting on this product:

  • These will support a cat with a waist size 4″ to 10″. Measure your cat’s waist right in front of the back legs for the best fit.
  • You’re getting 3 colors in each package: pink, purple and black.
  • Far more environmentally friendly than disposables.
  • The highly absorbent pad is sewn right into the diaper and has a waterproof layer on the outside to prevent any leakage.
  • Velcro makes it quick and easy to close and secure and ensures it won’t stick in your cat’s fur.
  • There’s only nice soft fabric, no crinkly texture that some disposables have that tend to annoy cats.

Barkertime (Barkerwear) American Made Cat Diapers

a cheetah print cat diaper

Barkertime primarily focuses on making dog products, but this cat diaper is specifically made for cats. They’ve used their years of knowledge on dog diapers to bring an outstanding product to the cat market.

They key benefits of this type of diaper are:

  • This diaper was specifically designed for incontinent senior cats, female cats in heat (piddling cats) and spraying male cats.
  • There’s also a no-tail version available upon request.
  • Sizes extra small and small are ideal for most domestic house cats.
  • I think it is pretty obvious that the cheetah print is also a huge fashion statement. Bring out your cat’s true inner cat.
  • It has three layers of protection to ensure there’s no leakage: 
  • 1) The outside is made of a polycotton fabric. 
  • 2)The inside has a super soft lining for comfort. 
  • 3) There’s a waterproof layer sewn between the outer shell and inner lining.
  • It is super easy to put on and take off with the adjustable hook-and-loop tab system.
  • Barkertime also brings an added level of coverage with their Barkertime Suspenders for cats that try to pull them off.

Veterinarian’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Female Diapers

a package of disposable cat diapers

This is an excellent option for those of you that are looking for a short term option. If your cat has recently had surgery and only needs temporary coverage than disposables are often a better option than cloth diapers.

The key features worth noting on these diapers are:

  • Each one of these disposable diapers is manufactured with a wetness indicator that lets you know when to change it.
  • Each one is also built with a comfort fit band that has a leak barrier to minimize leaks and spillage
  • There are also fur-safe fasteners and closures that are easy to reposition so you get the best fit for your cat every time.
  • Each pack comes with 12 disposable diapers which should last a couple of days.
  • Size extra small is the best for cats, but be sure to measure your cat for fit before purchase.

Wegreeco Washable Female Diapers

3 washable cat diapers in a pile

Wegreeco has another awesome option for extra small cats. If you’ve got a cat that is still growing up and is in need of a diaper before they become an adult than this is an option you’ll want to consider.

The key pieces to focus on here:

  • These small diapers are geared toward young or smaller animals. If you have a kitten that needs a diaper these are likely your go to option. Be sure to measure your cat closely before purchasing to ensure a good fit.
  • They are super easy to use with Velcro closures that secure it.
  • It wrap around your feline friend easily for maximum comfort and it won’t stick in her hair.
  • There’s no “crinkly” or uncomfortable texture that makes many cats unhappy.
  • They are washable so they help minimize environmental impact.
  • An extremely absorbent pad is sewn into the diaper and there’s an outer layer of water proof fabric to minimize leakage.
  • There are 3 colors: hot pink, purple and blue.

Simple Solution Disposable Female Diapers

a package of disposable pet diapers

Simple Solution brings another form of disposable diapers to the market. These provide another viable option if Veternarian’s Best have not worked or you’re simply looking to get a lot more diapers in a single package.

Key options to note about these diapers:

  • The core is super absorbent and designed to lock in all moisture to ensure your kitty stays nice and dry even after peeing.
  • The fur friendly fasteners keep the diaper from slipping off your cat and they also ensure that fur doesn’t easily get caught in them.
  • There are two key sizes worth considering, the Extra Small and the Small. Extra small will be aimed at kittens and very tiny cats while small would fit most adult cats.
  • They feature a unique stretchable fabric that fits comfortably around your kitty.
  • The tail-hole has extra-long wings so these will stay in place even when your kitty is moving around.

Peepers Disposable Diapers

If you’re looking to buy disposable diapers in bulk then Peepers has you covered. You can buy bases of their disposable diapers at a significant discount compared to traditional prices. Key items worth noting:

  • There’s built in elastic to help maintain a close fit and minimize leakage.
  • The fasteners are not sticky at all and won’t pull at hair.
  • Tail hole allows for plenty of comfort for your kitty.
  • You can order in bulk for a significant discount if you know you’ll need them long term.

All-Absorb Cat Litter & Urine Pads

a package of absorbent urine pads

If you decide to go forward with cloth diapers then you’ll likely find yourself washing them quite often. If you’ve got a lot of diapers or quite a bit of free time then this isn’t much of a concern.

But many of us are looking to minimize time spent washing things and maximize time spent with our kitties. Even if that means spending a few extra dollars. These absorbent pads can be cut to size/shape and put inside cloth diapers to help control leaks.

They’ll simply help control the frequency with which you’ll have to wash your cat’s diapers and help cover up any associated smell by immediately trapping the scent in the pad in a gel form.

Joybie’s Piddle Pants

Joybie’s are an alternative to a diaper, but they are largely similar in their purpose. The key difference between a diaper and piddle pants is that they are quite difficult for a cat to pull off.

Instead of only wrapping around your cat’s waist piddle pants are similar to overalls and loop around your cat’s entire body. They also have absorbent pad inserts that you can leverage to ensure maximum absorption and minimum leakage.

Some people have noted you can easily use any kind of absorbent pad cut to the appropriate size to cut down on overall costs.

Castle Paws Stud & Queen Pants

Stud & Queen pants are another diaper alternative. Studs for boys and queens for girls. Strangely enough the garments are identical, it is mostly just terminology as stud pants sounds far more masculine.

Note that Stud & Queen pants at the link below are hand made by a single individual as opposed to mass produced. So you are truly getting an individualized product if you go this route.

Stud Pants & Cat Diapers are constructed of two fabric layers. The outer layer is breathable premium cotton. The inner layer cotton flannel.

Elastic is sewn on the inside for comfort and mobility & a hook and loop system is used for closure and adjustment. A washable or disposable pad is required inside the garment which can be purchased alongside it or you can use an alternate pad and cut it to fit.

This video will give you an idea of how to put stud pants on your kitty:

Why Might a Cat Need Diapers?


This is by far the most common reason you’d use a diaper for a cat. In the simplest terms possible it basically means your kitty is no longer able to consistently control his or her bladder. This is typically something that either has a medical cause or is simply coming with the age of your feline friend.

The older your cat gets the more likely this is to occur. If you have a young cat that is having issues controlling his or her bladder you can almost certainly chalk it up to some sort of medical issue. The most common issue is some sort of urinary tract obstruction.

If your cat does have an issue you’ll notice it quite quickly. Cat urine tends to have a rather strong odor and is rather unmistakable when it is not covered up or absorbed by a litter box. Given incontinence normally leaves behind anywhere from a few drops up to a large puddle you’ll identify the issue quickly.

Illness or Surgical Recovery:

Some felines may need diapers after a medical procedure or while recovering from an illness. This happens when surgery results in a lack of mobility for your cat or a limited capability to control the bowels or the bladder.

This need is usually on the shorter side, days or potentially weeks. As your cat regains mobility they’ll again be able to reach the litter box and use it normally.

Spraying or Marking:

When spraying and marking are becoming a long term issue and other methods of stopping them haven’t succeeded then you may want to consider a diaper for your cat. Diapering a cat that is spraying or marking is usually a last resort.

This is something you should discuss with your veterinarian before attempting as diapers can present other health related implications for your cat.

What Are The Symptoms of Incontinence?

Not so sure what the problem is with your fur ball? Well if you’re seeing any of the following occur with your kitty then he or she may be experiencing incontinence:

  • Does your cat constantly have wet fur on her lower abdomen?
  • Have you ever found his or her bed (or maybe your own) wet?
  • Have you recently found puddles of pee on the floor when your cat has never had this behavior before?
  • Is your furniture starting to have wet spots from time to time even though your cat isn’t spraying?

The above are all common symptoms that your cat may run into as he or she gets older. Just like us humans your cat can experience difficulty controlling his or her bladder as they get older.

What are the Causes of Incontinence?

As noted above, the most common cause of this type of issue comes from age. As cats get older, just like humans, it becomes more difficult to maintain complete control of all of their faculties.

If your cat is not old there are some other potential reasons that could be causing your feline friend to experience incontinence.

  • Overweight Cats: These days feline obesity is becoming a more and more prevalent problem. Vetstreet estimates that over 25% of household cats are obese today. Overweight cats can develop diabetes or diabetic related symptoms. This sometimes causes cats to drink excessively which can overwhelm the bladder and cause urine to leak out.
  • Bladder Stones: Bladder stones are not 100% understood, but the most common theory for them is that certain minerals are found in elevated levels in your cat and they basically the compound over saturates the urine leaving behind a deposit. The longer the issue persists the larger the stones get and the more painful it gets for your cat. (Source: VCA Hospitals)
  • Neutering: Getting your cat fixed is considered one of the most important things an owner can do for long term health. But there are some potential drawbacks as well. Spaying or neutering your cat stop the production of estrogen or testosterone respectively. These hormones help close the external urethral sphincter and without them leaking is more common.
  • Genetics: If your feline friend has had issues with leaks her entire life then she may have a genetic condition/mutation. Your vet may be able to help diagnose the problem more accurately so definitely schedule a visit if you haven’t already.

While this list isn’t comprehensive it certainly touches on some of the most common culprits of incontinence in cats.

If you’re not already certain of the cause get your kitty to the vet ASAP for a check up. Your vet can help identify the root cause and may have potential treatments for you behind simply handling the resulting effects.

How Do I Treat Incontinence In My Cat?

First and foremost, this is a question for your veterinarian more than it is for a website. A vet has the capability to examine your feline friend and take a look at which specific causes may be at fault and then provide an answer.

That being said this article simply wouldn’t be complete without some details on the potential treatments. So here are the most common treatments for incontinence that you may encounter.

  • There are of course different drugs on the market that can help treat an overactive bladder.  My personal opinion is you should not self medicate your cat if you can avoid it. You should instead talk to your vet about this.
  • Stress is often a significant factor that can impact cats (just like humans). Reducing overall stress can significantly improve the health of your cat. Feliway could potentially help reduce stress for your cat. Making sure your cat has a comfy place up high and away from other pets might help too if you have dogs.
  • Changes what your cat is eating and drinking can also be helpful. Going grain free seems to be the most common change to help along with eating more greens. You may also find that gingko biloba can help alleviate incontinence.

What Types of Diapers Are Available for Cats?

Choosing the right type of diapers for your kitty is dependent on a couple of key questions. But before we get into selecting the right type it’d probably help to understand the different types that are available:

  • Reusable Cloth Diapers: These diapers are mostly made of fabric that you can wash and reuse. They’re mostly machine washable, and have pockets inside where you can place an absorbent liner. These liners can either be disposable or washable. They may cost more initially,compared to disposable diapers, but they’re better value in the long run.
  • Disposables: Exactly as the name states, these are just like disposable diapers for children. They are pretty much single use and you throw them in the trash after.
  • The Belly Wrap Band: The core difference between this and a reusable cloth diaper is that it doesn’t cover your cat’s butt. It only collects urine which is a nice benefit for cats that may only have a bladder issue but not a bowel issue.
  • Cat Pants: Originally developed to stop male cats from spraying they quickly also took on the role of minimizing the leaking of blood from female cats in heat.  Similar to all of the options above you can insert a pad to collect the liquid.
  • Human Baby Diapers: It may sound odd, but many people do find success with baby diapers. You’ll have to experiment with the size and fit and you’ll obviously need to cut a hole for your cat’s tail, but there are benefits. Human diapers tend to be much cheaper because we produce a heck of a lot more of them. Most people recommend starting with the newborn size if you go this route.

Which Kind Is Best For My Cat?

So which is the best type for your cat? Consider the following questions to help you determine which option is right for you and your feline friend!

  • What type of problem does your kitty have?
  • Is the problem expected to be short term or long term?
    • The type of diaper you buy will largely be dictated by how long you expect to need it. For example, if you’re only going to need them for a week for post surgery recovery you’ll likely aim for disposables.
  • How many do you think you need?
    • This will be determined by your expectations of how long you’ll need to use them. Cloth diapers can be used effectively for
  • Are you able to wash/clean the diapers in your home?
    • If you’re either unwilling to clean the diapers or you don’t have a method for cleaning them then you’ll want to go the route of disposables.
  • How big is your feline friend?
    • Be sure to weigh and measure your cat and compare the measurements against the specifics of each brand before you make any purchases. Using a diaper that is ill fitting will not result in a positive experience for anyone involved.

How Do I Put the Diaper On My Cat (and keep it on)?

Putting the diaper on is the easy part with most cats, at least when you first get started. First you’ll want to slide your cat’s tail through the hole in the diaper and slide the larger side between the hind legs and under the stomach.

Then flip the short end up over your cat’s back and bring the larger side up to meet it and then use the adhesive/clips/tabs depending on the type of diaper you’ve decided to use.

Now the fun part, keeping the diaper on. Since cats don’t like much of anything but their own fur wrapped around them they are likely to attempt to bite or paw the diaper off. I hope that you have a very relaxed cat that just doesn’t mind the diaper.

If you don’t then you may want to consider purchasing a standard human baby onesie. These will fit around your cat’s entire body and minimize their ability to paw or bite at the diaper. they are also dirt cheap and you can buy them in bulk so you have extras when they (and they will) get dirty.

There also used to be a product called a diaper harness. This product was specifically designed to keep your cat diaper on your cat. But as I’ve recently updated this article I haven’t been able to locate the product for sale anymore.

You may also find this video helpful for putting on and changing diapers. Note that you’ll want to find specially formulated wipes for your cat, not baby wipes. Standard baby wipes can cause quite a bit of skin irritation or even worse in cats.

Diaper Hygiene Tips

It shouldn’t come as any surprise, but you’ll need to put some extra work in if you want your cat to wear diapers. Since cats don’t naturally have anything wrapped around their body it can cause skin irritation if not handled properly.

Below you’ll find a few tips that may help in ensuring your cat is as comfortable as possible:

  • You should expect to change diapers often to minimize the amount of time a wet diaper is pressed against your cat’s body.
  • We all know cats don’t love new scents, be sure to use unscented alcohol free wipes to clean your cat’s skin.
  • If your cat develops a rash ask your vet for an ointment that is specifically for cats.
  • It should go without saying that if your cat poops in the diaper change it immediately.
  • Taking your cat to a groomer to shave or trim the area the diaper covers can make maintenance far easier.

Wrapping It Up On Cat Diapers & Incontinence

If your cat is indeed in need of diapers then you’ll need to have a good deal of patience and a lot of persistence. Cats don’t tend to love wearing anything and diapers are high on that list, at least initially.

It is however the best way to deal with a problem that otherwise stresses both you and your feline friend out. It even ensures that your kitty cat can get around the entire house again and is no longer sequestered to places where spills and accidents can be contained.

Diapers are an excellent option to consider and I applaud anyone that is willing to spend the time and effort to ensure their cat maintains the full freedom of the house! If you have any additional comments or questions regarding cat diapers please do feel free to leave them below. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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