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How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Cat?

By Craig / July 31, 2017

So you’ve just gotten a cat and you’re wondering if you should be feeding her once, twice, three times a day.  What’s the right number? Does it depend on the size of the cat? Does it depend on what kind of food I’m feeding my cat? There are so many variables that factor into this […]


How To Stop Cats From Scratching The Carpet

By Craig / July 21, 2017

Your first instinct when you hear the sound is to yell ‘No!’ at the top of your lungs. That’s usually because your cat is in another room, I think they wait for us to leave or they purposely go find another spot because they know we don’t like, but it clearly doesn’t stop them.  You […]


How to Play With Your Cat – 12 Ways to Play

By Craig / June 30, 2017

You don’t see a lot of cats going out for jogs with their owners, well, I certainly don’t.  This is due to a lot of reasons that we won’t get in to today, but it is important to note that cats still benefit greatly from physical activity.  It is basically ingrained in them to stalk, […]


How to Get a Cat Into a Carrier The Easy Way

By Craig / June 26, 2017

A typical situation: Wife: “Today is Fluffy’s yearly check up with Dr. Clark. We’ll have to tag team catching her and getting her into the carrier.” Husband: “Ok, you grab the treat bag and shake it until Fluffy jumps into your lap and then grab her. I’ll be waiting in the other room with the […]


How Much Water Should a Cat Drink A Day?

By Craig / June 4, 2017

If you’re concerned about the amount of water your furry friend is drinking each day you certainly have a good reason to be! Cats in general don’t really have a high drive to drink water so dehydration can be a serious concern for them. But before we get into how much water your cat should […]


How to Keep Cats From Eating House Plants

By Craig / May 28, 2017

We’ve all heard the good old phrase “curiosity killed the cat” right? Cats are pretty darn curious little fur balls and they’ll often decide to see which of your house plants might taste the best. This could include anything from batting at the leaves to digging up the dirt around the plant to all out […]


How to Stop Cat Shedding – Is it even possible?

By Craig / May 10, 2017

Does the phrase ‘Cat got your tongue?’ sound familiar? Probably, but I’m not using it in the common sense. I mean more in the sense that you have cat hair in your mouth, on your tongue. Not only is there cat fur in your mouth, it is likely all over your clothes, your furniture and […]


How to Stop Cat Litter Tracking – A Comprehensive Guide

By Craig / May 5, 2017

While not all cats use litter, the bulk of them certainly do.  It is usually the easiest way for us humans to provide a good place for the cats to relieve themselves. But litter can be a pain in the neck. Anyone who has picked up a couple 40+ pound bags of litter can relate. […]


How To Stop a Cat Scratching Furniture – Foolproof Methods

By Craig / April 27, 2017

If your cat is driving you nuts with scratching and you look like this from time to time, you’re not alone! You hear it from a distance…Your cat is after your rug, or your couch, or your chair, or maybe one of a hundred different things in your house.  You’ve paid good money for all […]

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