The 11 Best Christmas Cat Stockings 2020 [Happy Holidays!]

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Wondering ​if your ​cat deserves a stocking in place on the mantle. ​Debate no more. Even if your cat doesn’t ​love ​presents the stocking will look ​absolutely amazing. 

​Stockings also double up as a nice warm place for your kitty to sleep once they’ve gotten a chance to play in all the empty boxes from ​other Christmas gifts ​opened throughout the day. ​

But let's hope they appreciate you thinking about them and get to ​the 11 Best Christmas Cat Stockings!

​The 11 Best Stockings

1. Glitzhome Handmade Hooked Cat Christmas Stocking

​Glitzhome provides over 50 selections of Christmas stockings, and on the bright side, they have one specifically focused on our feline friends!

These whimsical Christmas Stockings will encourage your family members to give your kitty the best gifts around and ensure they have just as much fun on the holidays as you do. A few items worth noting:

  • ​The front is 100% acrylic fabric and the backing is 100% polyester meaning this stocking is very durable
  • check
    There is a decorative top border, a felt hanging loop, and holiday accents
  • check
    You’ve got 19 inches of space to work with from top to bottom, plenty of room for cat toys and treats

​2. Kitty Cat Soft Plush Cloth Hanging Christmas Stocking

​This hanging stocking by Clever Creations is the perfect way to bring Christmas cheer to your home this holiday season. This stocking has a unique design that you simply will not find anywhere else. It is sure to give your home that wow factor and bring the Christmas spirit into your home.

A couple of key items worth noting:

  • ​By far the coolest cat stocking from a design standpoint, there is nothing else that must be said
  • check
    This Christmas stocking features a great black and white kitty cat with fluffy ears, paws, and a plush fish attached with a ribbon
  • check
    This stocking has a large top opening and is about 16 inches deep so it has a spacious interior that is perfect for all kinds of small gifts and stocking stuffers for an exciting Christmas morning
  • check
    It has a built in hanging loop for ease of hanging it over your fireplace on the mantle

3. Hello Kitty Plush Head Stocking

If you’re into cats then you’re definitely aware of Hello Kitty. This stocking uses the likeness of Hello Kitty to bring you a one of a kind stocking for your furry little friend in the house.  Any cat will be excited to have a wonderful feline friend in the house gracing the mantle for the holiday season!

There are a few features worth calling out:

  • A unique design featuring the words “Hello Kitty” written above an image of Hello Kitty sitting among Christmas presents beneath a Christmas tree
  • check
    The stocking is made of high quality acrylic fabric to ensure it lasts for a very long time
  • check
    This stocking is on the smaller side at only about 12 inches tall, so if you’re aiming for a smaller set of gifts it is the perfect fit for your feline friend

4. Cheap Chic’s Cat Christmas Stocking

​Cheap Chic is a brand known for bringing great looking, but affordable products to the market. They’ve definitely hit the mark with this cat friendly stocking!  

It has adorable green paw prints all over it and it says MEOW in giant letters with a cute little image of a cat sticking out through the letter O.  Hard to go wrong with a stocking that looks this good.

  • ​The stocking is made of 100% polyester, it is durable and will hold up over the years very well
  • check
    The approximate diagonal length of the stocking is 20 inches so there’s tons of room for cat presents
  • check
    The plain white cuff allows you and your family to personalize the stocking any way you want

5. Northlight Embroidered Kitty Cat Christmas Stocking

​If you’re looking for a unique stocking design then this is going to be it. There’s only one other one out there that looks remotely like it and that was listed up above.

Northlight has brought another amazing looking cat focused stocking to the market and the white band along the top allows you to personalize it.

A couple of key items worth calling out:

  • ​Beautiful tuxedo cat design wearing a collar with a fish that says KITTY in all capital letters
  • check
    It has a red fabric loop built right in so it is easy to hang it up right away
  • check
    The stocking is a whopping 19 and a half inches long, tons of room for you to fill the stocking with lots of cat presents or tasty treats

6. Downright Bandanas Paw Print Christmas Stocking

​If you enjoyed the movie 101 Dalmatians (yes I know it is a dog movie!) then this stocking is going to be right up your alley. It has about 100 little black paw prints on a white background to make it look like kitties stepped in ink and walked all over it.  

It reminds me of that wicked and crazy Cruella Deville. The white section on the top is left fully open for naming meaning you and your family can personalize it for your individual pet once you get it home!

A few additional items worth noting:

  • ​This particular stocking is made of 100% cotton and is also a product manufactured right here in the USA
  • check
    It comes fully equipped with a white hanging loop to make it ready for Santa the second you open it
  • check
    The stocking is about 16 inches tall and 6 inches or so wide in the leg section and 10 inches wide in the foot section, plenty of room for tasty treats and fun toys

7. Greenbrier’s Felt Christmas House Cat Family Stocking

​If you’re looking for a discount stocking for your kitty cat then this is definitely the route to go. Greenbrier brings to market the most affordable of all the stockings in the list with their Felt Christmas House Cat Stocking.  

Honestly, how can you go wrong when you can let your kitty celebrate the holidays with you for a price like this?! It comes in at just a bit above 5 dollars (last I looked on 10/15/18).

A few other items worth noting:

  • ​This stocking is made of felt and comes fully equipped with a hanging loop to make it ready for Santa the second it is opened
  • check
    There’s an adorable image of a peach colored kitty with a green bow around his neck adorning the front
  • check
    Plenty of room available to store a laundry list of toys and treats inside all in one go, get one for all your cats

8. Merry Stocking’s Cat Christmas Stocking

​If you like cat paw prints and little tiny mice then boy do I have the stocking for you! This stocking is adorned with numerous cat paws and even has five little green mice strapped across the top to make it any cat’s dream!

On top of this you can also personalize this stocking through the provider with any cat name up to 12 characters long, quite a nice perk!  You’ll also note that based on the shape there’s a good chunk of space in the ‘foot’ section of the stocking for any extra large gifts or treats for your kitty.

It is worth calling out these features:

  • ​Fully personalized with your cat’s name when it arrives, just enter it during purchase
  • check
    Comes covered in cat prints in both white and red to give it that feline look around the holidays
  • check
    Has a string of cute little green mice across the top of the stocking, making it the cat’s meow

9. Dear Santa, I’ve Been a Very Good Kitty!

​Let’s be honest, most of our kitty cats probably shouldn’t be writing letters to Santa Claus telling him that they’ve been good. They’ve likely been spoiled rotten and still been a little bit of a turd throughout the year. I mean, come on, we’re already buying them a stocking!  What more do these fur balls need?

If your kitty has been extra good this year then consider these additional items:

  • ​This beautiful stocking has a plaid kitty with a short ribbon collar on her and a few paw prints all around the writing (likely falsely) claiming that the kitty has been good all year long
  • check
    It is made of 100% polyester for a good durable stocking and comes with a built in red loop to make it easy to hang
  • check
    The stocking is about 18 and a half inches across diagonally giving you lots of space to pack it full of fun treats and toys for your kitty on Christmas morning (no coal!!!)

10. Paw Print With Fish Bones Stocking

​This particular stocking falls outside the normal shape and size of your typical stocking, but that doesn’t take anything at all away from how adorable it is!

This stocking is shaped just like a cat paw and has a nice plaid cat paw emblazoned across it, right where the wrist is there’s also a cool little set of fish bones hanging down just to drive home that it is a cat’s stocking, no dogs allowed!  

If you’re looking for style plus something totally unique then this is the way to go folks! A few other items worth making note of:

  • ​This stocking is 18 inches tall and 11 inches wide leaving you plenty of room to pack it full of treats and toys
  • check
    The plaid area around the cuff is left blank so you can personalize it through embroidery on your own
  • check
    Fully equipped with a hanging loop that matches the cuff on the top for ease and speed

​11. Outward Hound Christmas Stocking

​While the stocking is geared toward dogs (take a look at the name), many folks have indicated they’ve used it with cats to great success. Who would have thought that cats wouldn’t complain about such a thing?!

This is a gorgeous red stocking fitting the more traditional profile and it comes in two different sizes which is a nice perk if you’re cramped for space or don’t plan to pack it too full.

A few other key things worth mentioning on this version:

  • There's a built in hanging loop making it easy to throw on a hook on your mantle
  • check
    They are super soft and plush so they feel great to the touch
  • check
    Do note they are far bigger than the Amazon product dimensions list, that's the size of the package they come in. You're looking at about 13 inches long for the small and 15-16 for the large size
  • check
    ​Comes in at a nice affordable price of just under 10 dollars

Additional Information:

​Are Stockings Safe For Cats?

​There are two significant risks you can run with stockings for cats. The first and most prevalent is in the way you hang your stocking.

These days we often use counter weighted hanging hooks that place all the weight on the top of the mantle, But with cats (or pets in general) this can be a little problematic. Cats are prone to knock these off one of two ways:

  1. They might jump and grab onto the stocking thinking of it as a hanging toy.
  2. They might get on the mantle or ledge and ​accidentally (or purposely) knock it down. ​

The counterweight could easily land on your cat in the first case and cause a severe injury. In the second case it isn't likely to hurt your cat, but it could easily cause some damage to the surrounding area.

I recommend an old fashioned hook in the bottom of mantle if you aren’t opposed to it. You may want to choose one that isn’t terribly strong / bends easily so that if your cat does happen to jump up and hang on the stocking the hook simply let’s the stocking go. You can always change it out the day of Christmas for a stronger hook!

Another option is to look at the very lightweight ​counter balance options available that require a full stocking to be placed on them. This is a viable option if you don't want the stockings out for a long time or if your cat isn't likely to care what's inside them.

​When Should I Add Presents?

This may sound obvious to any of you cat owners with extremely curious and mischievous cats, but you’ll probably want to hold off on loading up that stocking with presents until the night before or even the morning of present opening time. ​ Your cat may go totally nuts like this one.

​Loading up the stocking early, especially if you include items with catnip or any other scents cats are interested in, could end up causing lots of damage.

​Curious cats can cause all sorts of havoc and not only are they likely to knock the stocking off, but they could easily start chewing up packaging if the gifts fall out. We all know that is no good for them.

​What Type of Presents Should I Buy?

​There are pretty much an unlimited number of cat related presents you could consider for your kitty.  But to ensure you buy things your cat will like make sure you take into account the following:

  • Age: ​Buying items that are age appropriate will help ensure engagement and use. You probably don't want to buy a top loading litter box for a 14 year old arthritic cat. Just cause it will be nice for you doesn't mean it'll be any help or any use to your kitty!
  • Size: Be sure to look for items that are size appropriate for your fur ball. Most cats toys on the market are simply too big and aiming for smaller toys will encourage more play time!
  • ​Personality: If your cat loves to just relax and isn't into playing then I wouldn't recommend buying a boatload of treats that might encourage you to share them and fatten your kitty up.
  • Exercise Related: Always aim to buy something that will keep your kitty active! Just like us humans, cats that stay active stay far healthier! Get a leash or harness or buy a clicker and start clicker training your feline friend!

​There are always a few recommendations you can select from and you'll be almost guaranteed to get a hit:

  • A Wand Toy​One of the best toys around to get cats to engage with you and great overall exercise.​​​
  • Catnip: Small and easy. It is great to get cats to re-engage with old toys too!
  • ​Hexbug Nanos: Hexbugs are amazing toys that are battery operated and drive cats nuts!
  • Laser Pointer: The laser pointer is still a classic go to for most cat owners. Be sure to end any play sessions with some treats or a real toy.
  • ​Cat TunnelsCat tunnels are great toys that are lightweight and collapsible so they'll be easy to fit in the stocking and your cat will love them!
  • Empty Boxes: I know these don't fit in the stocking, but at the least you'll have boxes from your other Christmas presents. Save them and unveil them all at once for an amazing cat present!

Wrapping It Up On The Best Christmas Cat Stockings

The market has about a zillion different items out there focused on enticing us to make a purchase for our cats this Christmas season.   While some of them are items that will likely not get  used much after the box is first opened, there’s no need to worry about whether or not your cat will use a stocking! We humans will take care of that for them!

A fashionable stocking is a wonderful way for you and your family to ensure your kitty can celebrate the holidays in all of their glory!  Not only can you stuff them full of fun little gifts for your fur ball, but on top of this you can also use it as a temporary bed or pillow for your cat once they’ve tired themselves out from all of the playing!

If you have any other ideas for your cat around the Christmas holiday that you love please please leave a comment below or send me an email at so I can update this article. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

​References: Glitzhome, ​Northlight

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