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West & Willow Cat Portraits!

By Craig / July 19, 2020

West and Willow  makes amazing digital renditions of your pets from any picture you share! You can get an amazing portrait of your furball(s) and immortalize them on your walls! Product Name:West and Willow Cat PortraitsProduct Type:Digital Cat PortraitsSummary:West and Willow’s incredibly talented artists take your real life photos and turn them into amazing digital […]


Ultimate Guide to Air Purifiers for Cats 2021 [Clean & Quiet]

By Craig / January 3, 2019

Tired of your friends complaining about your cats when they visit? Or have a runny nose because of your own cat allergies? There are some amazing air purifiers for cats available. They’ll do everything from pull dander and hair out of the hair to remove the odor from urine and the dust from the litter. I’ve identified […]


The 11 Best Cat Doors of 2021 [In & Out Easy!]

By Craig / December 25, 2018

Does your cat need to get between rooms or to get outside? More often than not they will scratch at the door or bang their head against it to get you to open it. Save yourself the trouble. Get a cat flap or a cat door. Some of the best cat doors out there even enable […]


The 11 Best Cat Cameras 2021 [Check On Fluffy Any Time!]

By Craig / December 19, 2018

Want to check in on your cat and see how she’s doing? You used to have to wait for your awesome pet sitter to send you a picture so you could feel some relief. But things have changed!  Now we can watch and play with our cats from our phones. Some of the best cat cameras […]


The 11 Best Cat Cooling Pads 2021 (Gel, Alloy & Memory Foam)

By Craig / July 18, 2018

This summer in Chicago has been pretty darn hot! And I don’t know about you folks, but some of these old apartment buildings don’t have very good air conditioning available. At best they might have a window unit. When it is 95 F outside it just doesn’t keep up. Now I know our feline friends come […]


The Ultimate Guide to Cat Diapers [7 Best Options in 2021]

By Craig / July 11, 2018

Is your cat is peeing or spraying everywhere in the house? Or perhaps your feline friend is getting up there in years and having the rare (or even common) accident due to incontinence? Cat diapers can help. With cat diapers you can not only let your cat roam the entire house again, you can ensure your furniture and floors […]


The 15 Best Cat Ornaments for Christmas 2021 [Unbreakable]

By Craig / December 13, 2017

If you’re looking for the ​easiest way to help your cat celebrate the holidays with you then put her up on the tree! No, I don’t mean that literally, I mean get something for her on the tree! ​Here’s you’ll find 11 of the best cat adornments for Christmas in 2018. ​You can laser her name […]


The 11 Best Christmas Cat Stockings 2021 [Happy Holidays!]

By Craig / December 2, 2017

Wondering ​if your ​cat deserves a stocking in place on the mantle. ​Debate no more. Even if your cat doesn’t ​love ​presents the stocking will look ​absolutely amazing.  ​Stockings also double up as a nice warm place for your kitty to sleep once they’ve gotten a chance to play in all the empty boxes from ​other […]