Cat Of the Week – Kali – January 21st 2019

Kali laying down

​This week's Cat Of the Week is Kali! She is a gorgeous orange fluff ball that is about to turn two years old! She comes submitted to us by reddit user Boethya and we thank her for the submission.

​​Boethya and her boyfriend ​were standing at the front gate of ​her house talking when suddenly we heard a cry and he decided to check ​it out. He turned on his phone ​light as it became obvious the cry came from a kitten on the construction site.

Kali sleeping curled up

​Worried it could be trapped, he immediately started looking for it as she approached. Suddenly a tiny orange kitten could be seen. Under the wooden beams, it stared at ​them while crying even louder, then slowly started to move towards them. 

Boethya squatted and meowed back, hopeful it would attract her/him towards me, while ​her boyfriend stayed a few meters back paying ​close attention to ​the surroundings worried that a dog or a car could appear. After what seems to have been 10 minutes, the tiny kitten came close enough ​to pick up.

Kali as a kitten being very fluffy

​Any fear that the move would startle the kitten vanished as it started purring on ​her chest. It was the most beautiful little girl she had ever seen. Luckily, ​the kitty was just scared and dirty. Besides being hungry, she was fine. ​Boethya's mother’s first reaction was “She’s so loud! We can’t keep her…but gosh she’s so pretty…”

Kali sticking her tongue out

​That was just under two years ago and they still have no idea how ​Kali ended up in such a terrible place nor for how long exactly, but because of that “past” she gets easily scared and has a deadly hatred towards the hairdryer. But she manages to look quite cute and dapper in her blue collar with a bell!

Kali wrapped in a blue blanket

With a rather strong personality, she is beautiful and she knows it. She knows her looks easily ​turn off all ​of her humans' defenses towards her mischievous behavior. She knows when she is misbehaving and she knows how to make the coldest heart melt.

She also loves to go outside on her harness and leash! Maybe one day she'll need a tracking device attached to her collar or a cat door to let her in and out!

Kali out and about on her harness and leash

She does not allow any strangers, such as the Vet, to touch her bum or nearly any part of her, and as no regrets ​toward scratching and biting her way ​to an escape. She is addicted to playing, her favorite game is hunting, which includes chasing/hunting her own shadow.

She loves to eat (she’s crazy about melon & tuna), and is easily bribed with food. To this day, she continues to try covering up her leftovers by “burying it” with imaginary dirt. All in all, she’s ​is a precious little baby and lives a charmed life!

​​We at StuffCatsWant also thank ​Boethya for submitting ​Kali as Cat Of the Week!! Please submit your cat as cat of the week by emailing with 5 pictures of your cat(s) and a short description of him or her or them!

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