The 11 Best Cat Doors of 2020 [In & Out Easy!]

a cat at a sureflat door with text that says the best cat doors

Does your cat need to get between rooms or to get outside? More often than not they will scratch at the door or bang their head against it to get you to open it.

Save yourself the trouble. Get a cat flap or a cat door. Some of the best cat doors out there even enable you to limit entry/exit to specific cats in your household! There are even options out there for windows and sliding doors.

Read on and find the easy way to let your cats get between rooms or get in and out of the house!

The Best ​Cat Doors

--Top 3 Cat Door Comparison--

Best ​interior ​Option
the kitty pass intrior cat door, shaped like a cat head
​The Kitty Pass Interior Door

​The ideal option for granting interior access 

  • Simple Installation
  • ​Cats large and small
  • Interior doors only
  • Cat shaped design
Best ​Bare Basics ​Option
a square white feline door for letting pets in and out
​Ideal Pet Products Basic Cat Flap

​Perfect fit for homes that need manual access controls

  • ​Super durable
  • Dirt cheap price
  • ​Interior/Exterior
  • ​Locks with ease
Best ​interior ​Option
the kitty pass intrior cat door, shaped like a cat head
​The Kitty Pass Interior Door

​The ideal option for granting interior access 

  • Simple Installation
  • ​Cats large and small
  • Interior doors only
  • Cat shaped design
Best ​Bare Basics ​Option
a square white feline door for letting pets in and out
​Ideal Pet Products Basic Cat Flap

​Perfect fit for homes that need manual access controls

  • ​Super durable
  • Dirt cheap price
  • ​Interior/Exterior
  • ​Locks with ease

--​Detailed Cat Door ​Descriptions--

​The SureFlap Microchip Flap

the white sureflap cat door that works with microchips

If you're looking for a door that will give you the absolute best security on the market then you'll want to go with a model from SureFlap. SureFlap also makes amazing feeders and other cool products, but their claim to fame is really in that they use your cat's microchip to grant access to their door.

If you don't yet have a microchip in your kitty then no worries, they send you one to attach to your cat's collar! And if your fur ball is going outside I always highly recommend a collar just in case!

Considering a cat tracker of some sort may be worthwhile too if your kitty disappears for long periods. But the key features of this door are:

  • Excellent security driven by your cat's microchip ID or the included collar tag, no strange animals
  • You can program your door to lock and unlock at specific times of day
  • The door dimensions are about 7" wide by about 6.75" tall, great for most cats
  • You can easily store multiple cats in the door memory, all cats can come and go
  • Features multiple locking modes for only letting certain cats in or locking it down completely
"Works great for our two indoor/outdoor cats. They can pop out whenever they want it and has so far stopped anything foreign from coming in."

It is very important to note the following before purchasing the SureFlap:

  • The door will always let any pet exit, you cannot lock down the door from the inside
  • Raccoons have been ​able to pry this model open from the outside

​The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

the kitty pass intrior cat door, shaped like a cat head

Do your cats constantly paw at interior doors because they want into some room where you've closed the door? I know mine certainly do! They do it pretty much every time I close any door in the house.

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door is the perfect solution to this problem! Not only is it super easy to install, but it'll grant your cat full access to any room you desire in only a few minutes.

A few other things worth noting about this door:

  • The Kitty Pass has an adorable design and easily lets your cat in and out of closed doors
  • It works great on hollow interior doors ​as well as traditional solid doors
  • The smooth side opening allows your kitty to pass through with ease and no snags
  • There are no visible screw holes or logos, just clean lines that compliment your door
  • The hole is 7.5" wide and 6.5" in height and can be used by cats both large and small
  • Also has an extra large version for those of you with extra big cats
  • Easily fits all standard interior doors with sizes, 1 1/4" to 1.75" thick
"We keep the litter box for both of our cats in the closet in the office. Once or twice my wife and I have accidentally fully closed the door which has left our poor kitties scratching at it the door for access. This door solved that problem immediately."

It is worth noting the following before making a purchase:

  • If you've got kids in the house that may constantly lean against or pull on this then you may want to consider using screws to secure it instead of the included 3M tape

Ideal Pet Products Basic Cat Flap

a square white feline door for letting pets in and out

If you're in the market for the pure basic locking cat door then Ideal Products has you covered from head to toe, and they have it done at an amazing value. This cat flat doesn't have any microchip driven security features, but it will get all of the basics done.

Ideal Pet Products developed this product for those of us that just want a simple door that will let our cats in and out of the house. You can of course lock the flap down overnight if you want want your cats going anywhere!

A few other key items worth noting on this option:

  • It is super durable and has a telescoping frame to fit doors of varying sizes
  • The flap measures just over 6 inches by 6 inches, perfect for cats in the range of 12 pounds
  • The flap is made from clear, weather-resistant, unbreakable Lexan so it'll be around forever
  • You can easily mount the door into a board and place it into a sliding window with ease
  • You can of course lock down the flap if you want to keep your kitty inside or outside
"These flaps have been a staple of my house for well over 20 years. They are super easy to use and dirt cheap. You simply can't find a better door for the price."

It is worth noting the following before making a purchase:

  • The door closes rather swiftly and firmly, if your cat is skittish this may be problematic

Perfect Pet Soft Flap Door

a white rectangular cat flap

The Perfect Pet Soft Flap Cat Door is a traditional cat door that is intended for installation on a door that lets your cat go between the indoors and the outdoors. It'll meet all of the basic requirements of a cat door and then some, but it is not one of the more full future models.

Instead of using microchips or a magnetic locking mechanism it is designed to simply close itself tightly with magnets until your cat pushes on the flap.

A few key items worth calling out on this model are:

  • The flap is magnetized to keep it sealed tightly whenever a cat isn't using it
  • You can lock down the door with a slide down mechanism to ensure no exit/entry
  • The telescoping frame adapts to doors of 1 1/14-inch to 2-inch thickness
  • There are two different sizes available to fit cats of any size:  5" x 7" and 7" x 11.5"
  • The mounting system is tamper proof so you can't remove it from the outside
  • Installation is super easy and takes only about 20 minutes on average
"I have a pretty large lady at home at about 15 pounds and it works great for her. She took a week or two of adjust to it with the flap taped open, but after that it was smooth sailing!"

The only thing worth noting on this model is:

  • The installation instructions are a little lacking and may require some additional mesaurements

​Petsafe Aluminum Screen Door Panel

a pet door installed into a sliding door

If you've got a sliding screen or glass door and you want to easily enable your cat to get outside without damaging the door then this model from PetSafe is the best choice.

This option basically gets inserted between your door frame and the door itself and creates a new section of the glass door that has an entry/exit flap.

There are tons of different sizes to choose from that will fit any traditional sliding door. Installation is a snap and you'll immediately create a way for your kitty to get in and out. On top of this you get a great seal that will minimize any heating/cooling costs too.

A few additional items worth noting:

  • Inserts between any sliding door and the frame to let your kitty in and out
  • Super easy to install or uninstall, perfect for rental properties as it won't cause any damage
  • The tinted flap uses a magnetic closure and is weather sealed for great climate control
  • The frame is made of strong but lightweight aluminum and has tempered glass for safety
  • There are 5 sizes and 3 colors to choose from to fit your home with ease
  • There is a plastic cover that can be slipped in to restrict access both in and out
"It took my fur ball about a week to get used to using it with help (treats on the outside and inside). After that though she was in and out without even noticing the flap!"

It is worth noting the following before purchasing:

  • Since screen and glass sliding doors can be uniquely sized be sure you measure very carefully before making a purchase as the frames are not flexible and you must purchase the right one up front

Moost 4 Way Locking Cat Door

a square cat door with a cat going through it

Moost has one of the most well respected basic cat doors on the market. You'll notice many similarities to the Ideal Pet Products model as they have a lot of the same features and are even close to the same size.

This door has also been proven to work extremely well on both hollow interior doors as well as solid exterior doors. If you've got your kitty's litter box squirreled away in a closet or something this door will allow for easy access while maintaining scent control.

A few other features worth noting:

  • Features 4 way locking: totally open, totally closed, in only and out only
  • The cat door flap is about 6" wide by 6" tall, great for average cats under 15 pounds
  • It is made from clear, weather-resistant, unbreakable Lexan so it'll last a long time
  • The flap is both hard and transparent which will ease your cat into learning to use it
  • Will work on all traditional interior and exterior door sizes from 1-2 inches thick
"This thing works great for a feral cat we have in the yard. We keep food and water for her in the back room of the house and she figured it out in minutes. She's safe and sound now whenever she needs shelter, but she has her freedom too!"

You'll want to consider the following before you make a purchase:

  • Several owners mentioned the screws are low quality, you may want to purchase your own from a local hardware store like Home Depot

Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap

a white cat door with a red locking toggle on it

Need a little bit of added security? Cat Mate has been in the market for years and has you covered. This cat door that will ensure your kitty can get in and out with ease!

This door comes with a small ta