Cats Of the Week – Pumpkin & Kittens – January 28th 2019

4 adorable kittens

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to this week's Cats of the Week are an entire family of kitties! They come submitted to us by reddit user existential_cat1 and we thank her for the submission!

They are Pumpkin and her 4 little babies: Finn and Jake are the orange boys and Marlin and Mikko are the tortie girls. They’re basically like two sets of twins! 

two pairs of kittens all cuddled up together

Pumpkin was a stray living in existential_cat1's neighborhood and she'd been hanging around the house all summer in 2018.  Many strays that are friendly with people know they can rely on them for a constant supply of food and water.

the kittens

While the family wanted to take her in they simply didn't have a chance before another house down the street decided to take her in instead. With a face like that who can blame them? She's quite the cutie!

one of the little kittens looking dapper

Fast forward a year and the family that took in Pumpkin encountered an unfortunate situation and ended up leaving poor Pumpkin behind to fend for herself! ​

Pumpkin remembered existential_cat1's house and started coming by again. The family quickly noticed she was pregnant so they took her in so she’d have a safe and warm place to give birth!

two kittens laying on each other

Although they didn't originally plan on keeping any of the kittens they are now keeping the entire family of five! Quite a coincidence if I do say so myself! They'll probably need some kitten teething toys and a big scratching post soon!

a cute fluffy orange kitten

existential_cat1 says "Strange how it worked out that way. We wanted her to be our cat and she couldn’t be and now she is!" They consider themselves as lucky as can be to get Pumpkin and all of her little fur balls!

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