The 17 Best Cat Drinking Fountains 2020 [Cool & Refreshing!]

a cat drinking from flowing water

Does your cat drink enough water? What’s enough water to begin with? Tired of cleaning and refilling bowls with fresh water cause hair floated into it or your fur ball dropped bits of food in it?

If you answered yes then a cat drinking fountain is the right choice for you. Not only do they encourage your cat to drink more by giving them a moving water supply, but they also filter the water to keep nasty impurities out.

There are loads of drinking fountains on the market, so let’s take a look at the best cat drinking fountains out there.

The Best Cat Water Fountains

Catit Cat Water Fountain

a green and white cat water fountain with a yellow flower on top

The Catit Water Fountain is a kind of like a unicorn, minus the coloring. It is the best in class, but it is the best in class across a variety of different areas of interest. It performs well in pricing, noise, ease of use for humans, variety of options for cats and in quality too.

Catit is also known to be an awesome company when it comes to customer service which is an added perk when it comes to any product. This is honestly one of the best cat fountains on the market and my personal favorite.

Accounting for everything I think this is an excellent product and you can’t go wrong with the purchase. Features worth noting:

  • It encouraged both of my cats to drink on a more consistent basis.
  • It comes in at a great low price of just under 30 dollars.I
  • t is super quiet compared to most fountains so long as the water level stays topped off.
  • It has a large tank that doesn’t need to be refilled often.
  • It is very easy to take apart and clean on a weekly basis.
  • Saves you from refilling bowls daily or from running a dripping faucet depending on the cat.
"This fountain does an absolutely amazing job in my home. Both of my cats drink way more often than they used to and it is a breeze to clean it when it needs it."

The only negative item I've noted in my experience is this:

  • Once in a while the filters start to heavily slow the flow of water and it can stagnate on the top. I've drilled a few extra holes in the green plastic filter holder to let water flow more freely.

MiauStore's Ceramic Fountain

a blue ceramic fountain from miaustore

This is one of the newest entrants to the market and it comes from Miaustore.  This model is an absolute must have if you're looking for a ceramic fountain. Not only is it beautiful, but it has everything you'd want as a cat owner and as a cat too!

Let's take a look at some of the most coveted functions:

  • It has a whopping 8 different drinking areas available.
  • It is whisper quiet and will not keep you or your pets awake.
  • It has a comprehensive video guide available to help you configure it!
  • All ceramic pieces are 100% dishwasher friendly making cleaning it a breeze.
  • You can add on a mini pot of cat grass (grow some yourself!) as a special addition.
  • Comes in 5 beautiful different colors, each hand fired in Europe.
  • Has an optional motion sensor to only flip on when your cat comes near it.
"It’s a lovely thing – very zen! The cats drink out of it from all the different levels and don’t splash water everywhere as with the more open bowls. Also the filter is much simpler than other fountains, and easy to clean Overall I’m very pleased with the fountain." -Miaustore Reviewer Linda

The only drawback I can find at all, and this applies to US customers, is that shipping time can be quite long due to it being manufactured in and shipped from Europe.:

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 128 oz. Cat Water Fountain

a white water fountain with a circular shaped bowl

PetSafe has been around the block and back when it comes to developing high quality pet products. They’ve been around for 37 years at the time of writing this article. That means they know a thing or two about creating a high quality product.

This pump comes loaded with all sorts of great features worth noting:

  • It has a capacity of 128 oz. (3.78 L) which is great for multiple cats.
  • You’ve got 5 changeable free-falling streams attachments to provide options to get your cat to drink.
  • This has a two part filter, a replaceable carbon filter to removes tastes and odors and a foam filter to remove hair and debris.
  • It also has an adjustable flow control cap so you can slow it down or speed it up if your cat is extra picky.
  • The plastic is BPA-Free and the fountain is top-shelf dishwasher safe.
  • A pump can be purchased separately if it happens to break.
  • Also note it doesn’t require a filter to operate if you don’t want to buy them.
"My cats love this thing. I bought this  the day I found it (over 5 years ago) and it is still working to this date. If you clean it and keep the filters cycled it'll run forever!"

The key drawback worth noting on this model:

  • This model runs quite loud compared to other models.

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Dog and Cat Water Fountain, Ceramic, 70 oz

a cat water fountain shaped like a pagoda with two levels

This ceramic fountain uses a quiet pump to push the water up and out of two streams at the top of the pump. The foam filter removes debris and hair and the activated carbon filter removes any bad tastes and odor from the water.

The water in your pet’s Pagoda fountain is constantly moving, inhibiting the growth of bacteria while also encouraging your pet to drink more.

  • Dual free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness and encourage pets to drink more water.
  • It has a carbon water filter that removes bad tastes and odors, keeping water fresh.
  • This model is ceramic and thus more hygienic than plastic models.
  • This is an excellent option for a single cat since it has an overall capacity of 70 oz.
  • There are both an upper and lower location to drink from.
  • Nice and easy to clean since it is top shelf dishwasher safe.
  • It can also be run without a filter in case you’re using filtered water already.
"Works great for my adult cat (12 pounds) and my brand new kitten (2 pounds)! They both love it!"

It is worth considering the following before purchasing:

  • The pump can sometimes have difficulty with pulling water through the carbon filter. You can remove the filter to resolve this problem, but it does expose the pump to jams.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

a pour spout style water fountain

The Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is a100% BPA free & dishwasher safe.  The rubber feet keep it from sliding around wood floors too!

The fountain features a huge built in reservoir, 168 oz. in total. This means it doesn’t require refills on a daily basis like some smaller capacity models. The pump is an adjustable flow pump so you can figure out the right speed to keep your cats interested in the fountain.

A few key items worth noting

  • The plastic the fountain is made from is BPA Free.
  • The fountain is 100% dishwasher safe.
  • The pump has an adjustable flow to slow things down or speed them up.
  • It has a huge reservoir size at 168 oz.
  • Has a built in pre-filter to help maintain the integrity of the pump, but note you can’t replace the pump.
  • Uses a carbon filter to keep the water clean for your cat(s).
"This fountain lasts forever. I've had mine for years! With proper maintenance you'll probably never need another fountain.

It is worth considering the following before purchasing:

  • This model can be a bit of a hassle to deconstruct and clean each time.

Mospro Cat 2L Water Fountain – Super Quiet Flower

a tiny kitten and a square shaped drinking fountain

Mospro is a less known name in the cat product industry, but wow have they made their mark with this fountain. And for good reason too, this fountain is worth raving about. It definitely has some of the best reviews of any fountain I've managed to find online. People are a fan no matter where you look at it!

That aside, there are tons of great features and functions worth calling out:

  • It has a solid 2 liter capacity which is plenty for a single cat for about a week before the pump starts to run low.
  • It is constructed of antibacterial PP resin and the bowl is BPA-free, non-toxic and odorless. It even has a food-grade certification to show you how safe it is!
  • It is built so you can quickly deconstruct it to clean it and reconstruct it after.
  • The pump is incredibly quiet and you’ll hardly hear the sound of the water.
  • The pump is tested to run up to a total of 10,000 hours and it can even run dry for up to one week in case you forget to refill it.
  • There are 3 different settings for the water: waterfall, bubble and fountain mode.
  • The recessed sink and water circulation system are designed to increase the contact area of water and air, and provide more oxygen to the water, bringing health and vitality to pets.
  • To ensure you have odorless and tasteless water it uses replaceable activated carbon filters.
  • Given design this model can run without the carbon filter, but since the carbon and mesh filters are combined be careful of damaging the pump as debris from your pets gets in the water .
"Such an amazing addition to the house. We keep it right in the bedroom for our cats at night and it is so quiet we hardly even notice it."

It is worth considering the following before purchasing:

  • Some owners have had difficulty with the pump lifetime.

Pedy Cat Automatic Cat Flower Water Fountain

a square fountain with a green top that says PEDY on it

Pedy Cat has followed a tried and true method in creating their own version of the cat water fountain. This fountain looks very similar to that made by Catit and in general the features are very similar as well. This model comes in a bit cheaper than the Catit version which is the key differentiator

Key features and functions worth noting:

  • It has a total capacity of 2L which is about 68 oz. You’ll be refilling it once a week or so to ensure the noise level stays low and the pump doesn’t dry out.
  • Other similar models can end up overflowing if the filter hasn’t been changed, this model has multiple overflow holes to ensure drainage.
  • The fountain is made of antibacterial PP plastic and is BPA free. It has a food-grade certification to gain your confidence.
  • The pump is ultra quiet and is expected to operate for 20,000 hrs.
  • It is super easy to deconstruct it and hand wash each part with dish soap. It can be done in less than ten minutes.
  • It has a multi stage filter to remove sediment and debris, as well as remove tastes, odors and toxins.
  • You can run this model without the filter if you’d like, but the pump will be more susceptible to damage.
"It looks adorable and it was easy as pie to put it together! The cats love it."

It is worth considering the following before purchasing:

  • This model causes more splashing than the Catit option and it may soak your floor.

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain

a highly reflective stainless steel drinking fountain shaped like a tear drop

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Fountain designed with one key feature in mind, it is made of stainless steel.  If you don’t like the idea of your cat drinking from plastic then this is a huge perk.

Stainless steel is safer int that it isn’t porous so it can’t harbor bacteria as easily as plastic. The second important features is that this doesn’t provide the waterfall or the human drinking fountain type water supply. Instead it uses a water slide.

If your kitty likes a gentle flow this a great option that is also very sanitary.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind though, the fountain has a pretty low water capacity. While it won’t necessarily run out of water quickly it will end up making a lot more noise as the amount of water in the fountain gets lower and lower.

The open design allows lots of hair and other things floating through the air into the filter, but if you clean it consistently this won’t be a problem.

  • It has a capacity of 60oz of water & uses a charcoal filter to keep the water clean
  • Stainless steel is 100% dishwasher safe & more sanitary than plastic
  • It provides a nice gentle flow of water as opposed to falling water like many other pumps
  • It is a great looking water fountain compared to plastic
  • There are two available drinking areas for your cats to ensure they have options available to them
  • If the pump breaks you can buy a replacement
"Stainless is the way to go. You can throw this thing right in the dish washer and save the hassle of hand washing it!"

It is worth considering the following before purchasing:

  • The way the wires are connected to the pump motor causes them to crimp and snap. The more frequently you clean it the more likely this becomes a problem.

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Ceramic Drinking Fountain

a black cermaic basin for cats to drink out of

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain is a high quality fountain designed with a few features in mind. It is made of ceramic namely. This is benefit to folks who dislike plastic.

Ceramic is safer because it isn’t as porous as plastic. This means it can’t harbor bacteria which means it is less likely to get your little fur ball sick.

The second major feature is it uses a slide instead of a full on waterfall. The water shoot out like a human drinking fountain.  This means if you’ve got a cat that likes a gentle flow instead of splashing or falling water this is the fountain for you.

It also comes in both black and white if you want to match decor.