Sindre – Cat Of The Week – April 23rd 2018

This week’s cat of the week comes to us from Instagram user bryonyeilish the United Kingdom, everyone come and meet Sindre! If you couldn’t tell straight away he’s a Norwegian Forest Cat!

Sindre came to his humans as a kitten from a Norwegian Forest Cat breeder in North Yorkshire. His human got him when she was around 13, her Mum had already visited the breeders and decided on Sindre so by the time she met him she was buzzing with excitement.

sindre the cat showing off his fluff

Their first meeting always stands out in memory because of his unique and funny personality made an impression from the get go. She still remembers arriving at the breeder’s house and looking in at this living room bustling with cats and kittens. Some tiny as can be and some bigger and ready for re-homing.

She asked “Where’s ours?” and was pointed to the kitchen with an “I think I saw him in there.” So she walked in and there Sindre was, away from all the other kittens playing together, frantically attacking…a leaf. She always laughs at that memory now and can’t imagine her and the family ever choosing differently.

Sindre is the most laid back cat his humans have ever owned and met! The term gentle giant always comes to mind because he is huge! Whenever someone (usually ill informed) brings up the stereotype of cats not being affectionate they always bamboozle them with  Sindre.

Some of his marvelous qualities and quirks include always having the ability to sense when you’re down and promptly popping himself on your lap or by your side.  His deep rumbling purr is also so relaxing he should sell it! He absolutely loves belly rubs too, a rarity for most cats.

Weirdly he LOVES avocado (which despite some rumors is not toxic to most cats!) and finally he’s one of the few cats they know of that enjoys a good tickle between to toes.

His wonderful personality and wonderful loyalty and affection has only grown through the years. Not only does he look magical, as giant fluffy Norwegian Forest Cats do, his nature has been and always will be magical too. Check him out sleeping under the Christmas tree! Looks to me like he might deserve a cat stocking of his own! He’s so fluffy he’d hardly fit in a normal cat bed.

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