Nibbles – Cat Of the Week – September 17th, 2018

By Craig / September 17, 2018
Nibbles the orange tabby in a bowl as a kitten

This week's cat of the week is ​Nibbles. Nibbles comes submitted to us by his human David and we thank him for the submission!

​Nibbles always keeps ​his family on ​their toes and he never offers a dull moment. ​They adopted Nibbles from the ​Operation Kindness as a reward to ​their son for doing well in school. When ​they walked in and started looking at the cats an orange Tabby immediately climbed up on ​their son’s shoulders and wouldn’t leave.

​They knew right then and there that this was the cat for him. His name at Operation Kindness was “Maddie” but ​they quickly decided that he ​needed to ​be named Nibbles. At the time of the adoption, the volunteers were sad to see ​Nibbles go because he was “their favorite cat” and “so full of energy.” After having Nibbles for almost 2 years, David ​says they were 100% correct!

That 5 month old kitten ​has ended up being one of the most unique pets he and his family have ever had. For example, Nibbles loves flushing toilets. ​The family ​began to notice something was up because ​they would hear the toilet flush at totally random times.

David always assumed it was one of the kids or they assumed it was ​him. Finally ​David heard the toilet flush and ​it was at a time he knew nobody else was around. ​He quickly opened the door and there was Nibbles with his bright eyes staring back at ​David! ​Nibbles loves watching the water swirl and would do it all day if ​his humans would let him.

Unfortunately for Nibbles ​(and fortunately for the environment!) they ​don't want to pay for unlimited water. To deter him ​they try to ​close the bathroom doors now.

Nibbles’ second favorite thing to do is to play fetch. Not the typical kind of cat fetch which includes you throwing something once and the cat chasing it once then game over. Nibbles will play fetch for extended periods of time and actually bring the item back to you! His favorite fetch toy is the round plastic lid off of a kid’s yogurt pouch. He can be anywhere in the house and once he hears the plastic cap hit the floor, he will come sprinting to ​his family as fast as he can!

Nibbles also enjoys staring out the window to see what’s happening outside. His favorite spot is the bay window above ​the front door ​though any window ​works for that matter. ​The family knows if ​they can’t find him ​they should check behind the blinds or curtains first.

Nibbles is a great pet and he does pretty well with ​kids too. Nibbles is always playful so there are occasional scratches, but ​they wouldn’t trade him for anything. As for ​David, he was apprehensive about getting a cat because ​his past cat experiences usually involved them not wanting anything to do with him (I had the same experiences before I got my first cat too, so I can relate!).

Nibbles with his young human

Nibbles is the exact opposite. He wants to be with you or on your lap all the time. ​His family loves him and we really appreciate ​having him be a part of their lives! And you can see that he has all his tags on and a dapper collar too! What a guy!

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