Cat Of the Week – Guus – November 2nd, 2020

Guus sitting on a bed

Everyone meet Guus, he is 14 years old this year!  Guus is half Maine Coon (which if I admit is a commonly known cat breed). The other half of Guus is Nebelung and even though I run a cat website I'd never heard of that breed. Apparently I haven't been doing my homework!

Guus absolutely loves to sleep. His "slave" Oscar notes that he likes to zonk out for about 18 hours a day on average. In my experience, my younger cats sleep about the same amount of time! If you're ever jealous of your cat sleeping so much check out this article on cat sleeping patterns to explain why. 

Guus the tripod cat in the kitchen

Even at 14 years old Guus is still quite a busy guy though.  Guus lost one of his legs due to a tumor so now he's a tripod. And while it stops him from hopping up onto high places, it doesn't stop him from living the good life. He's been with Oscar now for two full years and loves it!

Guus is definitely a one cat household kinda man. He wants his humans all to himself so he can chill out and relax with them. He keeps an eye out near the windows to make sure no new cats are invading his space. Next on his wish list is a cat bed so he can  sleep in the window.

He doesn't want anything to do with other cats, but he certainly wants as many treats as possible. When meal time rolls around Guus meows up a storm and makes it clear he wants snacks! 

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