Ultimate Guide to the Best Cat Wipes of 2020 [For Any Need]

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Many people consider cats to be 100% self sufficient and assume that they never need any help. 

But the reality is cats can often use help cleaning up and wipes are often the best option to help.

Below you'll find the best cat wipes of 2020 categorized by the reason for use.

So pop open the quick guide or scroll on down to find exactly what you need!

The Best Cat Wipes

Pogi's Feline Grooming Wipes

If you're looking for a great general wipe then Pogi's has you covered with their grooming wipes. Not only are they incredibly environmentally friendly, but they also do a wonderful job. They are made from bamboo so they'll help keep land fills free of wipes by quickly breaking down.

Pogi's also produces two different scents which is great for folks who have an extra sensitive cat. The two main options are green tea scented and unscented. 

A few other key features worth noting:

  • 100% earth friendly since the wipes are bamboo based and easily biodegrade
  • Includes Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi to help clean, freshen and condition while giving the coat a healthy shine
  • The wipes are quite large at 8 x 9, they'll easily help you clean even a big Maine Coon
  • The product is completely free of parabens, alcohol, fragrances, chlorine, and harsh chemicals
  • Come in various pack sizes depending on your needs: 100, 240 and 400
"These have worked great for my poor kitties that are suffering from a bit of diarrhea. No irritation even when used right on their sensitive behinds."

They key item worth noting on these wipes:

  • Not formulated for the eyes so don't use it around the eyes

Veterinary Sciences Butt Wipes

Dirty butt? Clean it up with Veterinary Sciences Butt Wipes for cats! These are specially formulated to be safe and effective at cleaning up your cat's behind when it gets a little too dirty for your liking.

Cats can easily end up with a dirty butt for many reasons, but the most common reasons are definitely age and weight. Age tends to result in arthritis which can make it hard for your feline friend to turn and reach their butt. Obesity in cats does the same thing, it makes the rear end unreachable.

These wipes will make it easy for you to clean up your cat's behind so they are both smelling and feeling good. And of course so they won't leave stains all over your furniture too.

A few other key items worth noting on these wipes:

  • These wipes are designed to be soft and gentle so they can be used daily with no issue
  • Each wipe comes with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and soothing Ale Vera for extra comfort
  • They are 100% alcohol free to ensure they won't irritate your cat's butt
  • The package comes with 30 wipes and each wipe is about 5 x 8 inches
"My cat is a fat cat to say the least. We adopted him from a shelter when he was already 20 pounds, and although he's losing weight (down to 18!) we needed a way to help him clean his butt. These work like a charm and we've seen no irritation at all even after days of repeated use."

The only key item worth noting on these wipes is:

  • These wipes do have a slight scent to them that your cat may not enjoy

Burt's Bees Dander Reducing Wipes

Burt's Bees is primarily known for their products that serve us humans. They make pretty much every moisturizer known to man and they do a great job at it. I use their lip balm and cuticle cream every winter!

But in this case they are going for helping your kitty if he or she has a bit (or a lot) of dandruff surfacing in her coat or even a red irritated bit of skin somewhere on her body. And while a HEPA air purifier will help full some of that extra dander out of the air, these special wipes will help address the problem at the site!

You'll want to know about all these great features too:

  • They moisturize and deeply condition your cat's dry skin to reduce redness and flakes
  • Aloe Vera and Oatmeal help reduce inflammation to decrease dandruff
  • The formula is vet recommended and free of fragrances, sulfates, colorants, and harsh chemicals
  • These wipes are suitable for cats of all ages, the pH balance makes them great for kittens too
  • Perfect for cleaning your cat's dirty paws or a dirty spot on her coat from venturing outside
  • Come in a soft pack of 50, but you can buy in multiples of 1 to 6 if you need lots
"These do a great job for my kitty with a bit of dandruff. The wipe is pretty neutral scent wise and the dampness helps pick up all the dandruff and some loose fur too. It helps that there are no harsh chemicals in it too!"

You'll want to consider the following before purchasing:

  • These wipes should only be used from the back of the ears to the tail, they are not designed for the eyes or the butt

PetMD Antiseptic Wipes

These wipes are specially formulated to help you and your kitty fight off a bacterial or fungal infection of some kind. If your cat has a skin problem or even a small cut these are the perfect option for disinfecting it!

In some cases these are even sufficient for treating a breakout of ringworm on your cat. You'll definitely want to check with your vet to see if this is sufficient or if a full body dip is a better choice, but worth mentioning for sure!!

And you know with the Pet MD logo on them they are the best out there. You'll want to keep these items in mind too:

  • A gentle antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal solution for managing cat skin issues like acne
  • The formula easily kills the bacteria and yeast most associated with skin infections in cats
  • They are premoistened to deodorize the skin while relieving hot spots, acne & insect bites
  • Made in the USA in small batches in regulated facilities to ensure the highest quality
"After only two weeks these are making a huge dent in the acne King Odin has. He is looking much healthier and happier than he was, even though he still doesn't love me wiping his face. He tolerates it well enough, he seems to understand it is helping."

The biggest complaint people have with these wipes is:

  • They are far too small for a cat of any size and are primarily good for spot cleaning

SofiesSecret XL All in One Wipes

If you're looking for an alternative to bathing your cat then SofiesSecret has you covered with their amazing 100% natural ingredient based wipes. Only the best natural ingredients are included so they can be used anywhere on your kitty for a full bathing experience.

Beyond making an excellent product, SofiesSecret cares about your well being, the environment and our furry friends. This product is cruelty free, SofiesSecret is PETA approved, Green America and Leaping Bunny certified. Quite a list of accolades! 

You'll also want to know the following about these wipes:

  • Use it all over your cat, these wipes are safe to use on paws, coat, face, ears, skin and teeth
  • These wipes are infused with natural ingredients and extracts that protect & nourish your cat
  • Made with only natural ingredients and extracts like chamomile, ginkgo biloba leaf, green tea, aloe vera, cinnamon oil, sesame seed oil and lemongrass oil
  • They are unscented and hypoallergenic, deodorizing and fragrance free
  • The natural oils, help prevent fleas and ticks from jumping on top of your fluffy friend too
  • To minimize waste they also sell refills for the plastic tub included in your initial purchase
"Bennie is a long hair and is super sensitive to anything on his skin. These have worked wonders when stuff gets stuck in the hair around his rear end and they haven't caused a single reaction yet!"

It is worth noting the following before purchase:

  • There are three scents available depending on the size of the package you buy, be sure you aim for unscented with your cat for the best results

Petpost Ear Cleaning Wipes for Cats

If you've got a kitty that just can't seem to keep his ears clean then these wipes will help remedy that problem in no time! If you're not sure why you'd want to do that, the answer is simple.

Debris and gunk in your cat's ears can easily lead to ear mites which cause massive irritation and can cause all sorts of longer term health problems for your cat if left alone.  

These wipes will easily wipe away the waxy build up and any other gunk that finds its way into your cat's ears!

A few things worth noting about this product:

  • The formula blasts away wax and debris ear mites love for a happier cat with clean ears
    The special solution is plant-based and contains the highest quality coconut oil and aloe 
  • There are no harsh chemical medications, pesticides, or irritants that will bother your cat
  • PetPost uses all natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, and eco-friendly natural cotton pads
  • No longer will you have to measuring medication and spill solution, these pads make it easy
"My cat is old and set in her ways. She hates having her ears and her tail touched. When I saw she was getting build up in her ears I decided to try these out. Although she didn't love me touching her ears they are now clean and clear and she didn't even claw me!"

It is worth noting the following on using this product optimally:

  • You'll need to squeeze extra solution out of the pads before you use them, they typically come over saturated and using too much solution can cause irritation

Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Wipes

Nature’s Miracle makes a truck load of excellent products for cats and dogs. These deodorizing wipes are great for quick clean ups between bathing or even good to replace bathing if your cat sill largely grooms herself!!

The alcohol free formula is mild enough for everyday use and it will safely remove dirt, dander and odors that may be stuck in your cat's fur. These wipes are enriched with moisturizing conditioners to leave skin and coat healthy and shiny. 

A few other things worth noting about these wipes:

  • The formula is alcohol free to minimize irritation and ensure you can use it daily
  • The wipes have moisturizing conditioners leave your cat's coat with a healthy shine
  • There are two pack sizes, 100 or 200 wipes, and each wipe is 8 inches by 7 inches
  • The wipes have a honey sage scent you are sure to love
"These work great on both my cats and my dogs. They always smell so nice afterward. I was worried at first because of the scent, but I figured I could always use them on my dog if the cats hated it. They seem to approve with all their paws though!"

You'll definitely want to consider the following before purchase:

  • This is a scented wipe, if you have a cat that is averse to new scents avoid this option

Well & Good Cat Eye Wipes

If your cat tends to develop a lot of goop around her eyes, like my cat Beastling does, then these are the perfect option for you. They are specially designed to be used right around the eyes and not cause any irritation or redness.

It is important to clean up gunk and goop around your cat's eyes to keep them from getting infected or otherwise irritated and these are the best option for the job.

Do keep in mind you still don't want to touch the actual eye with these pads as it can cause irritation!

A few other things worth noting about these:

  • The formula cleans dust, debris & set in tear stains around your cat's eyes
  • The solution is non toxic so it treats your cat's skin gently and painlessly
  • These wipes are fragrance free so your cat will not balk at any new scents near the face
  • There are 100 wipes in the package and usually one wipe gets the job done on both eyes
"Jackson purrs and closes his eyes when I wipe his face with these. That's the only approval I need, he clearly loves it. And I love it too, no more nasty black goop around the eyes!"

It is worth considering the following before purchasing these:

  • You won't want to use these as bath replacements like many of the other more general wipes, they don't include the moisturizers and conditioners to help promote a healthy coat

Feliway Calming Cat Wipes

If you have a feline friend that is very easily stressed out by situations like travel then these Feliway Wipes can be a huge perk.

Feliway is traditionally used through a special diffuser that you plug into the wall, but these wipes modify that process to make them immediately usable.

Simply pop open the package and wipe your kitty carrier down with this Feliway Wipe to help calm and comfort them. The primary use is definitely travel related, but you can use them for any potentially stressful situation.

A few other things worth noting about these Feliway Wipes:

  • Great for calming and comforting traveling cats, simply wipe down the carrier and bedding
  • Each package comes with 12 wipes (the image is of 1 of the 12 wipes)
  • One Feliway wipe is plenty to wipe down an entire carrier and calm down your kitty
  • They use a synthetic pheromone that makes your cat feel extra calm and relaxed
"After a big move my cats were not adjusting well to the new home. After trying everything I could think of I decided to give these wipes a shot. Half a dozen wipes later and a little work running them along my furniture and my cats are finally settled in!"

It is worth noting the following before purchasing:

  • You should absolutely NOT use these directly on your cat, they are made to be used on surfaces your cat will lay near or directly on like a carrier or beddin

Bodhi Cat Paw Wipes

If you've got a cat that loves the outdoors, but you hate all of the dirt and junk that they track into the house then these are the wipes for you. Specially formulated just for pet paws these are the perfect addition to any house with indoor/outdoor cats!

An automated robot vacuum will help pick up some of the dirt and a cat door will help control indoor and outdoor access, but if you truly want to let your cat be free these wipes make it easy!

A few other items worth noting about these wipes:

  • Instantly removes stinky smells by going after the source: bacteria, terms, dirt and dander
  • Wipes are 100% hypoallergenic and moistened with high quality cleaning agents including organic aloe vera leaf extract, organic chamomile and lavender oil
  • Each wipe is made with 100% premium cotton to ensure it is sustainable and durable
  • Although specially designed for paws they are great for face, nose, mouth, ears and hips too
  • Each canister comes with 60 thick and durable clothes that are 7 by 8 inches each
"My cat Pater is absolutely against baths. The second I even think about it he is gone and hiding under the bed where I can't get to him. These wipes have done an excellent job, especially since he loves exploring the woods behind our house."

It is worth noting the following before purchasing:

  • The wipes are a little fragile and easily rip and tear if they get caught on your cat's nails

Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Wipes

Anyone with an outdoor cat has tons of extra things to consider compared to people with full on indoor cats. They usually need a collar for safety and they might even have a GPS tracker to find them in case they get lost!

But beyond being able to find your kitty you'll also want to ensure they have proper flea and tick control. Without it they can easily get incredibly sick, potentially even fatally if ticks get ahold of them and you don't find it quickly enough!

These wipes are specially designed to help deter fleas and ticks:

  • A natural, touchable and pleasant smelling alternative to flea and tick management instead of chemically based options applied to your cat's coat
  • These wipes use natural Brazilian oils to prevent fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and flies from detecting the scent that attracts the insects to your pet
  • Easily wipe down difficult to reach places like armpits where fleas and ticks are prone to hdie
  • The wipes can be directly applied to beds, collars, leashes and harnesses as well for extra coverage
  • There is no oily residue left behind and you can touch your pet immediately after use
"These have done a great job of helping minimize flea infestations on my Fonzie. He loves the outdoors, especially in new areas to explore. These are easy to travel with too which is an added bonus."

One key item worth noting before purchasing these wipes:

  • The wipes aren't nearly as long lasting as traditional flea medicine or collars

Additional Information

What Kinds of Wipes Are there?

You may have thought that there are only wipes out there for cleaning up a dirty spot in your cat's fur, but there are surprisingly wipes out there for pretty much everything you can think of including flea and tick control.

All In One Cleansing Wipes

Most wipes are dedicated to cleaning for one purpose or another. It could be cleaning a specific body part or it might be focused on cleaning up dander or wiping away stray hair.  All in one wipes are designed to be used pretty much anywhere on your cat and for any cleaning purpose.

Note that they won't be much help from a behavior standpoint or for repelling insects.

Butt / Tush Wipes

These wipes are specifically designed to help you clean up a mess around your kitty's rear end.  If you have a cat that has to wear diapers due to a medical reason or age then these are a great option.

They also do a wonderful job of simply  helping you clean up your cat's butt end if they don't seem to do it themselves for whatever reason. The most common reasons for a cat not cleaning their butt are weight and arthritis.

Eye Wipes

Some cats simply have a lot of good that drains out of their eyes. My cat Beastling isn't sick on a consistent basis, but her eyes tend to produce a lot more stuff that sticks to the edges of her eyes than another other healthy cat I've met.

Eye wipes are a great and safe way to clean away the gook without irritating your cat's eyes in the process.

Ear Wipes

Cats can't really clean their own ears easily. If they go outside they are prone to get a lot of extra dirt and debris floating around and it can end up in their ears making them filthy.

It can also lead to ear mites being more easily missed because you're used to seeing dark spots on your cat.

Ear wipes are specially formulated to help you safely clean your cat's ears and wipe away any of the waxy or nasty buildup that can occur in and around them.

Dander Wipes

Some kitties have a tougher time than others controlling their dander. And while cats have all sorts of shampoos out there to help them control dander it is a heck of a lot easier to use and apply a wipe than it is to give most cats a bath of any form.

On top of these dander wipes are a heck of a lot more mobile than a bath tub so you can easily apply them on a consistent basis.  

It is also worth noting that if your cat is having dandruff you may want to consider brushing them on a daily basis to help spread natural oils through their fur which can help prevent dander.

Paw Wipes

Does your kitty go outside?  When they do they love to roam and they are amazing at finding their way into hard to reach spots where we humans can't follow.

In the process their little paws get dirty and track all sorts of fun dirt and leaves and such into the house.

Paw wipes are designed with this in mind. They are gentle but also extra durable to make it easy to give your cat's paws a nice deep clean when they come in from a romp outside!

Flea, Tick & Mosquito Repellent Wipes

Any indoor/outdoor cat that heads out into the wilderness on a common basis probably has their own cool cat door and they probably need protection from all the insects prowling the fields and trees.

Cats can of course use specific collars to help combat insects, but when you've got a cat that can't stand a collar then sometimes a wipe can do a better job than no protection at all! 

Behavior Relaxing Wipes

If you're not familiar with Feliway then it is worth reading up on it a little bit. The general idea is that it is a synthetic pheromone that will help your cat feel calm and comfortable.

Feliway is traditionally applied using a diffuser that can take hours or even days to have an impact because it needs to permeate the entire room.  

The wipes skip this process and directly apply the pheromone directly to your kitty for immediate assistance!

What Features Should I Consider?

Wipes, no matter their purpose, have a few general features you should consider before you make a purchase. Depending on what you need your wipe for you'll need to prioritize different factors.


Wipes for pets can be made of a wide variety of materials, but you'll want to find one that can be both durable and soft.  More often than not you'll find them made of things like hemp or bamboo fibers that are also a renewable resource which is a huge perk if you need them often.

You'll also find a lot of wipes out there specifically called Natural Cat Wipes. Natural cat wipes indicate that nothing in the wipe was processed or made, all of the items naturally occur in nature and they've simply been combined. 


If you've got a regular old house cat that's somewhere between 8 and 15 pounds then most of these wipes will get the job done from a size standpoint.

If on the other hand you've got a Maine Coon that goes outdoors or has an issue with a dirty butt then you'll definitely want to look for extra large sized wipes to ensure you don't need to use multiples each time!


Most wipes these days are designed specifically to be quite durable, but you'll definitely want to lean toward extra durable wipes if you're doing something like cleaning dried gunk off your cat's butt or paws.

If you get a wipe that isn't durable it can easily tear or get stuck in around sensitive areas which will likely cause your cat to run any time they see you with a wipe!


Wipes come in a bunch of different packages. If you're going to be using them on a more consistent basis you can consider pretty much any kind of package out there as you don't need to worry about them drying out.

If on the other hand wipes seem to be something you only need once in a while then I'd recommend aiming for one of the solid plastic cylindrical containers that have a complete seal on the top of them. 

This type of seal ensures that you won't run into issues that are more common with your traditional soft and flexible packaging that is most common with baby wipes.

These types of packages often don't seal very well and the wipes will dry out over a few weeks.

Hypoallergenic Wipes

Most wipes for cats are designed with the absolute minimum number of ingredients already, but if you've got a cat that has extra sensitive skin then you may need to consider looking for hypoallergenic wipes.

These wipes will be made of special materials and use ingredients that are least likely to cause an allergic reaction in your cat. You'll often find that natural cat wipes tend to be hypoallergenic.

Antibacterial / Antiseptic

Some wipes are specifically designed to kill of bacteria using a variation of chlorine. These are most commonly used for cats (and dogs) that run into bacterial or fungal skin infections.

They can also help kill off ringworm, though a full body 'dip' is widely considered the most effective treatment for ringworm by veterinarians and shelters.

Not only are they far easier than bathing your cat on a consistent basis, they tend to be a heck of a lot more convenient from a time perspective as well.

Clearly this type of wipe should stay away from places like your cats eyes.


You'll want to take a close look at any of the additives that have been put in the wipes you are considering. With cats it is especially important to consider the scents that may be added to wipes.

Cats are incredibly sensitive to different scents and smells and a wipe with an additive for scent can make them very uncomfortable and ensure that every time they see a wipe they run for the hills.

Earth Friendliness

To say the least wipes can be far worse for the environment than something like traditional toilet paper. They are also generally things that shouldn't be flushed down the toilet no matter what they say on the package.

Given this it is important to look for wipes that are made of renewable and biodegradable resources. In this case you're typically looking for a wipe that is made of something like bamboo or hemp to ensure it will naturally decompose in a landfill.

Can Wipes Be An Alternative to Bathing?

Wipes can certainly be a alternative to baths, but they might not give you the same level of cleaning or the same effect as an actual bath. It will completely depend on the purpose of the bath.

If you're just trying to give your kitty a good cleaning then the wipes are probably an equivalent that will mostly get the job done.

If you're also just cleaning your cat's paws or maybe wiping their ears or their eyes for preventative purposes then they are a great option in place of a full on bath. 

If however you have a different reason for bathing, like extremely matted fur around your cat's butt, then a wipe probably won't solve this type of problem. A butt bath is typically more effective.

Wipes are also not a successful alternative to dealing with fleas if your cat already has them. A full on bath with flea shampoo is going to be far more successful than a short wiping session.

How Do I Use The Wipes?

If you're not clear on how to use a wipe to clean your cat then this video can give you a little bit of help. It'll show you how to help groom cats that commonly like to roll in dirt outside.

Note that in the video he is using a Furminator and also the EarthBath Cat Wipes which are widely considered one of the best wipes around (and one of my number one selections).

If you're looking for some help on how to clean a cat's butt then you can check out this video which is incredibly useful for anyone that's never done this before. A few things worth noting in advance:

  • In this video he is simply using a rag and water instead of a formulated cat wipe
  • He has the calmest cat ever when the hair dryer turns on, mine run for the hills
  • This video has some vulgar language used in it before you open it up

For more specialized help in how to leverage cat wipes for cleaning your cats eyes or ears you should definitely consult your veterinarian, but this video may also come in handy for eyes in particular:

Your vet can also help you select the most appropriate wipes for your cat's unique situation if you're not quite sure what to do!

Do It Yourself Cat Wipes

You can of course make your own do it yourself cat wipes, but depending on what you need them for this may or may not be very successful.  in particular you can easily do this for general grooming purposes, especially for things like cleaning your cat's paws.

I would highly recommend you do not attempt to make your own antibacterial or specialized cleaning pads. If you can't afford traditional cleaning wipes or you simply don't want to waste them then you can usually use a clean wash cloth with just plan old clean water for most purposes.

If you're interested in making your own paw cleaning wipes though check out this video from My Furry Family:

Can I Use Baby Wipes?

You should not use baby wipes or even wipes formulated for adult humans on a cat.  These wipes often have chemicals or additives that can easily irritate your cat's skin.

The most common type of additive you'll find in wipes for humans is that they are scented. Cats generally speaking don't like foreign scents or smells being near them and dislike them being applied even more.

Even if you have unscented wipes made for humans you probably shouldn't use these wipes on your feline friend unless you first consult your veterinarian to ensure they won't cause any reactions.

I'd also highly recommend that if you do decide to try one out that you try it in a very small area first and give it a few minutes or hours to determine whether or not there is a reaction. If you do see any immediate reaction definitely get your cat to the vet immediately for assessment and treatment.

Can I Use Makeup Wipes?

While makeup removal wipes have certainly changed in the past few years, they are still formulated for humans instead of for cats. You should not use makeup wipes to clean your cat.

If you do decide to use one you run the risk of significantly irritating your cat wherever you decide to apply the wipe.

If you have no other wipes and you've got an emergency on hand I'd highly recommend simply using a damp cloth and regular old water.

What About Soap and Water?

Soap and water may sound like a great and easily accessible alternative, but you'll want to be very careful with any cleaning or disinfecting products around your cat.

Most household soaps have been designed to work well around human skin and not cause irritation, but that's not true for cats and dogs.

While you can absolutely use a soft damp cloth to help clean you'll probably want to avoid any use of traditional hand or dish soap. It is likely to cause irritation, especially if it is used consistently.

Be sure to wash any cloths you use immediately, especially if you use them on your cat's behind. No surprise, there is a significant amount of bacteria there and you wouldn't want to inadvertently spread it.

Wrap Up on the Best Cat Wipes 2020

You might have been surprised to learn there are so many different kinds of wipes out there for cats!  As more and more research surfaces about cats we'll continue to see more specialized products.

Most cat wipes are designed for cleaning one body part or another and then there are a few other key types for behavioral modification and for insect control.  

Most of the body part related wipes have limited differences, but just like with drugs for humans you're better off only using wipes for their intended purpose.

If you have any questions about the best wipes for cats please leave a comment below and I'll do my best to address it as quickly as possible!

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