The 11 Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowls 2020 [Stop Vomiting Now]

a cat sniffing coffee and text saying the best slow feeder cat bowls for cats

​If your cat eats quickly then pukes it probably both worries you and makes you crazy.

The good news is there's a simple solution to stop cats from eating too fast.

Take a regular old bowl, build some unique designs into it to spread the food out, voila!  Now your cat needs to eat around the design barriers and can't wolf down the food.

So let's get right into some of the best slow feeder cat bowls of 2020.

The Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowls

Cat Shaped Slow Feed Cat Bowl

three cat shaped feeding bowls to slow feed a cat

​If you're looking for something designed specifically by veterinarians then this is the model from SimplyPets is for you. On top of that it is also environmentally friendly which is a huge plus as more of us are watching our ecological footprint.

As you can see it is cat shaped which is adorable, but it has also been designed and tested extensively to ensure it requires your cat to work for food, but isn't too difficult to get frustrated and abandon eating.

A few other key notes worth looking at before purchasing:

  • ​This bowl is manufactured ​from bamboo fiber and rice husk, totally safe for ​cats and the ​planet
  • It was designed and tested by ​vets to ensure it has the proper balance of difficulty and speed
  • It is larger than a traditional cat bowl to promote slower eating over a longer period
  • It comes in three different colors so you can mix and match for fun or for specific pets
  • Designed to work for both small and large breeds and has a low profile of 1.5" tall
  • The bowl is 100% dishwasher safe so you can disinfect it easily
"​One of my two kitties is a big time gobbler and has been since the day we adopted him from the shelter. We'd tried separate rooms and multiple smaller meals per day, but it was difficult with our work schedule. This works great, we put food in when we walk out the door and we have only had one accident in the past few months!"

​The following is a concern for some owners of this product:

  • As with most other solid plastic bowls, flat faced cats can have a difficult time directly eating from the bowl and may abandon eating at all due to the frustration

​DotPet Ceramic Slow Feed Plate

a ceramic plate designed for slow feeding cats

​Even though this is much more a plate than a mat I wanted to include it because it is made of ceramic which is one of the best materials around for keeping things hygienic. 

It is a very large plate with a lot of surface area that you can pour kibble or wet food onto. One of the biggest perks is the low profile of the plate which ensures cats of all kinds can easily eat from it.

A few other key items worth noting:

  • ​Made of ceramic, it is by far one of the safest options because it is super easy to disinfect
  • It is of course 100% dishwasher safe if you don't feel like hand washing it
  • The low profile, 1.6 inches at its peak, means even flat faced cats can easily use it
  • It is quite large, the plate measures over 8 inches in diameter, meaning plenty of space for food
  • The heavier weight of ceramic keeps it from sliding around even on hardwood floors
"​​It has done wonders for our cats that scarf and barf. The only problem we had with it was in the middle our Persian can't reach the food. We started pouring it out toward the edges mostly and we haven't had a single problem since then!"

​Gulp Stopping ​Plastic ​Slow Feeder

a green bowl with three pillars in the middle

​This gulp stopping option comes in tons of different sizes and color options, so it is an excellent all around slow feeding bowl for cats of any size and homes of any decor!

It is make of melamine, which is a component used to make plastics. But not to worry, it is 100% non toxic and also 100% dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

​A few other key items worth noting about this bowl:

  • ​It has three feed slowing humps built into the middle of it to minimize gobbling
  • There's a curved handle built right into the side of the bowl for easy pick up
  • It has an anti slip rubber strip around the entire base to stop it from sliding around
  • It comes in four different sizes, the half cup option is ideal for most cats
  • There are 8 different color options so you can mix and match for multi pet houses
  • ​The smallest option measures 5.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall
"​It slowed down my food crazed kitty with ease! No more spewing after erasing an entire meal in a matter of minutes."

​It is worth considering the following:

  • ​If your kitty doesn't know to use her paws to move food then you'll want to consider a different option, the depth of this bowl can make it difficult to get to the bottom of it

Fun Stop Slow Feeding Bowl

a light blow slow feeder bowl for cats

​This is another great option in the family of slow cat feeding bowls that are made of plastic. All of the ridges and knobs in the center of the bowl make it perfect for slowing down even the most determined cat.

This bowl also has significant capacity if you need to feed multiple cats at the same time or if you'e got a cat that gulps, but fills up really quickly! It is also made of food safe plastic (meaning it is the same type of plastic we prepare human food on).

A few other key items worth noting:

  • ​The bowl has a total of 13 ridges and knobs to slow your kitty down when eating
  • All of the ridges and knobs are smoothed so your cat won't get scratched or ​cut
  • ​It has a huge capacity at over 7 inches in diameter and 1.8 inches deep
  • The extra wide base makes it difficult to knock over and anti skid pads keep it in place
  • There are three different color options available: blue, yellow and rose
"​I have three cats and this works great for the two ten pound cats to share. The 16 pound boy (no he's not overweight) has trouble getting his paws in to pull the kibble out though so don't go with this if you've got a big cat."

​You'll want to consider the following before making a purchase:

  • ​If you've got a larger cat this might not be a great option because there isn't space for large cat paws to get between the ridges and knobs built in.

​Ceramic Slow Feeding Station

a white ceramic station to slow down your cats eating

​This is clearly a little bit different than your traditional slow feeding bowl. ​Pioneer Pet has flipped the paradigm on its head to make your kitty find the right spot to reach the food from.

There are lots of different holes in different shapes all around the feeding station and you can dump food right in the center of it. It even has a built in funnel in the top to make this easy.

Once the food is in the middle your cat can pull the food ​out to the edge ​and then chomp it down. At most they get a few kibbles each time. A few other great things worth noting:

  • ​The feeding station limits your cat from eating quickly by making them work for the food
  • The stations is 100% ceramic so it is totally safe for the dishwasher for disinfection
  • Has a built in funnel in the top to easily pour food right into the middle
  • Ceramic is a heavy material so the feeder doesn't move around even when pawed at
  • There are two color options, white and black, both look really nice and sleek
​"An excellent way to reduce food intake and also challenge my little fluff balls overly active mind that is always looking for things to destroy! 4 paws up!"

​The key issue worth considering on this option is:

  • ​There is one design improvement that really needs to be made, there shouldn't be a lip toward the edge of the feeder on the inside. It makes it very difficult for the cats to get the kibble out of the feeder to eat, too difficult. They can get frustrated and simply give up.

Cat Catch Interactive Feeding Bowl

a purple dish with many prongs sticking out to make your cat eat slowly

​Catch is a brand new way to turn eating into ​an interactive game for your kitty. ​ It also creates a slower experience than simply gulping down every bit of food in front of your feline friend.

This helps not only entertain your cat and burn some calories, but it also ensures that your cat won't eat too quickly and simply throw the food back up a few minutes later!

A few other key items worth noting about this option:

  • ​This feeder is shown to slow consumption time by about 10 times a regular bowl
  • Comes in a bright brilliant purple and is large enough to easily feed multiple cats at once
  • This model measures about 10 inches by 9 inches and is 2.9 inches tall at the center
  • It is made with high-quality, food-safe ABS plastic that is free of BPA, PVC & Phthalates
"​My two young cats and my older cat all figured out how to use it quickly and it helped my older inactive cat lose a few pounds over about a 3 month period of time. Win win!"

​The biggest concern noted by some users of this model is:

  • You'll probably need to visually teach your cat to pull the food out from between the raised areas of this model, they are too tightly packed to fit their head between them.

Outward Hound ​Multi Pet Slow Bowl

a blue bowl for cats with many layers to make it harder to eat fast

​If you're looking for a great slow feeder that might work for both cats and dogs then this is an excellent option. While this model was designed specifically for dogs, it still works great for cats too!

The rings are just big enough that most cats can't easily stick their entire head into the trough areas and eat the food right out of it. This means they'll need to paw it out or move it around until they can reach it which is great for stimulation and for some exercise!

A few other items worth noting on the Outward Hound option

  • ​Naturally improves digestion by slowing your cats meals down significantly as they paw food out
  • Easily helps reduce bloating and vomiting by ensuring your kitty can't eat too fast
  • Has a built in no slip base to stop it from skidding around as your kitty paws food out
  • Has varying sizes and designs to easily accommodate multi cat and multi pet households
"​It is ​adorable watching Jenny paw her food out a few kibbles at a time and eat them off her mat. It has totally stopped her from puking and made eating her meals a much longer part of her day. And of course it is good for her overall weight too."

​One key item worth noting on this option:

  • ​Some cats don't easily learn to paw their food out of this bowl and if they have a flat face they have have difficultly reaching the food in the deeper crevices

​Northmate Interactive Cat Feeder

a light purple slow feeding plate for cats

​Northmate was one of the first to design an innovative feeder that stimulates a cat's natural instincts and helps turn ​meal time into an inspiring hunting game instead of a gulp and puke game.

Even though it is a relatively simple solution it is incredibly effective​ and helps ​bring stimulation and fun ​to indoor cats that don't normally get a chance to hunt other than during play time!

A few key items to note on this top of the line model:

  • ​The purple spikes are designed to mimic hunting through tufts of grass in a field
  • Designed to be 100% ergonomic and has no sharp edges that could injure your kitty
  • The spikes ​decrease in length ​toward the outside to ​reward their work in moving food
  • It is made of hard plastic (without phthalates) so is extremely durable and dishwasher safe.
"​Our cat scarfs food down so fast she usually pukes up most of it completely undigested just a few minutes later. This has worked well in slowing her down and keeping her hard at work to get the food to the edges."

​You'll probably want to consider the following before purchasing:

  • ​This model may be hard for flat faced cats to eat from unless they learn to pull the food completely off the feeder and onto the ground

​Extra Large Slow Feed Valley ​Bowl

a really large grey tray with numerous valleys to make it hard for cats to eat quickly

​If you're looking for the ultimate slow feeder in regards to size then this is an excellent option. It is absolutely huge and can easily accommodate multiple cats at the same time! It holds up to six cups of food at one time.

This model is perfect for any household that has multiple cats that eat together and there's a need to slow any of them down. The amount of food ​it holds and the size make it a breeze for even 3 or 4 cats at a time.

A few other features worth noting:

  • Has 19 ​valleys ​to spread dry food ​across to ensure your cat can no longer gorge herself quickly
  • ​It comes in at a whopping 10 inches by 15 inches and easily holds 6 cups of food
  • Sits about 3 inches off the ground and the valleys are about 2 inches deep
  • It has an extension you can purchase to raise it an additional 3 inches off the ground for big cats
  • It also has a combination water dish you can purchase ​if you don't already ​have a water fountain
  • Made from durable dishwasher safe ABS polymer and made right in the USA
"​I bought two of these for my six cats as several of them often eat and vomit after. This has slowed all of them down a bit and ensured that none of them eat fast enough to vomit anymore! It is absolutely huge and works well for my house."

​The key things to keep in mind before purchasing this feeder:

  • ​It is absolutely gigantic coming in at 10 inches by 15 inches. Unless you have a need to feed multiple cats this is probably too big for you.

Collapsible ​Slow Feeding Bowl Set

a set of two collapsible silicone bowls that have slow feeding mechanisms built in

​If you've got a cat that travels often, or perhaps even an adventure cat that loves to go on walks and hikes, then this is the bowl for you. ​It fully collapsible into a ​disc that is less than an inch thick!

It is made of silicone and is 100% toxin free to keep your kitty safe and sound when eating! On top of this it travels super easily and comes fully equipped with a carabiner that can snap it onto your cat carrier.

A few other key items worth noting:

  • ​Easily ​morphs into three different depths to accommodate slow feeding anywhere
  • Comes with ridges of numerous sizes so ​even flat faced cats can reach food easily
  • Features a carabiner hook to easily connect it to any backpack or backpack cat carrier
  • The bowl is 7 inches in diameter and collapses to .7 inches tall when in slow feeding mode
  • It is made from 100% pet safe silicone and has BPA free plastic rim so it is safe for your cat
"​These work great for Angelo. I feed him both wet and dry and it works great for both. Super easy to clean and even though he's somewhat sensitive the material doesn't bother him one bit!"

Soft ​Silicone Slow Feed Mat Puzzle

a slightly soft silicone tray with low profile slow feeding waves built in

​One of the biggest complaints many cat owners have is that cats that have a flat face have difficulty getting to food in other slow feeding bowls. Although most cats will learn to paw their food out of the bowl some can easily get frustrated and give up.

This model is made of sturdy, but flexible silicone that will give when your kitty pushes on it. This means that even flat faced cats can push the silicone out of the way to get to the food on the entire feeding mat!

A few other key items worth noting on this option:​

  • ​This mat is made of soft durable silicone that is far more flexible than traditional plastic meaning it is easy for cats to push the waves out of the way to get to food between them
  • The mat is ​low profile at only 1.2 inches ​making it easier to eat from for even flat faced cats
  • ​The whole feeder is about 7.5 inches across meaning there's plenty of space for lots of food
  • Can be easily thrown in the dishwasher for deep or standard cleaning
"​I had a hard plastic bowl slow feeder for my Himalayan and she had a really hard time eating out of it because she wasn't good with her paws. This has made her life significantly easier and she doesn't puke anymore!"

​It is worth noting the following before you purchase: