The 15 Best Vacuums for Cats 2020 [They Totally Suck]

a vacuum with text that says the best vacuums for cats

​Let's face it, no matter what kind of litter you use or what kind of cat you have you're still going to need to vacuum. Constantly. Probably every day if not every other day.

​You're going to want to look at the best vacuums for cats to ensure you get the job done right. I've researched thoroughly and used several myself to pull this list together.

The Best Vacuums for Cats

-Upright Vacuums-

Bissel Cleanview Bagless Pet Vacuum

a teal upright vacuum made by bissell

Bissell has been in the market for a long time and they have a name that means trust and reliability when it comes to vacuums. The Cleanview Bagless Pet model is one of their most recent options to come out and it is specifically designed for cat hair and cat litter.

It is super lightweight for an upright and the swivel steering will make it easy for you to navigate around any and all home obstacles. It is also multi surface so you can use it on bare floors or carpet! A few other things worth noting:

  • It weighs just under 20 pounds & with swivel steering you can turn it on a dime
  • It comes fully equipped with all the accessories you need to pick up pet fur and cat litter
  • It has a triple action brush designed to pull embedded pet fur up and out so you don't have to
  • It is specifically designed to minimize scattering on bare floors, no more cat litter spray
  • It has a 27 foot cord and if you hate rewinding the cord it has an auto-rewind button
"Finally, I managed to find a vacuum that picks up the cat hair!"

Shark TruePet Bagless Lift-Away

an upright vacuum from shark made specifically for pets and pet hair

Shark brings to bear one of the coolest vacuums on the market. It is primarily an upright vacuum, but if you need to get into a tight spot and use the attachments you can easily lift the canister and move into the desired area.

Tired of not being able to reach that last step? Or tired of not being able to get that tuft of cat hair floating around and hanging off the cabinets? Shark has you covered. Just push a button and lift the canister to reach whatever you need to.

A few other things worth noting on this model:

  • Features dynamic swivel steering and lift away technology to let you reach anything anywhere
  • Trying to get that tuft of cat fur from under the bed? LED lights will light it up for you easily
  • It features a 30 foot cord and weighs in at about 15 pounds (light for an upright!)
  • Comes with numerous accessories: TruePet Mini Motorized Brush, Pet Multi-Tool, Crevice Tool
  • Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens with  Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter 
"This thing works spectacularly on sucking up cat hair!"

Dyson Ball Animal Vacuum

a dyson ball style vacuum for felines

Dyson has made a name for itself with high quality products that tend to both look and feel innovative. They've broken the mold in vacuums, hand dryers, even home fans. Purchasing a Dyson will of course get the job done, but it'll also ensure you get any job done in style. That includes sucking up cat hair and litter.

This vacuum features some of the best suction of any vacuum on the market. On top of this Dyson outfits this model with all of the accessories you'll need to get cat hair out of pretty much anything or anywhere.

A couple of other things worth noting:

  • The cleaner head self adjusts to ensure it maintains full suction on any surface
  • Comes with 6 additional accessories to help you clean up cat fur and cat litter from any location
  • Has a 35 foot cord so you'll rarely need to stop and move the plug while vacuuming
  • It weighs in at about 17 pounds which is middle of the road for an upright
  • It features a full 5 year warranty for parts, shipping and labor, it is totally worry free purchase
"I have four long haired felines and it is the best thing ever for giant clumps of fur!"

One key item worth noting before before purchase:

  • Dyson definitely comes in on the expensive side compared to other vacuums

-Canister Vacuums-

​Bissell Zing Bagged & Corded

a maroon colored canister vacuum

​If you're tired of heavy vacuums that are hard to navigate through tight places or up and down stairs then this is the vacuum for you. Canister vacuums in general are much lighter and are easy to move almost anywhere.

This vacuum is specifically designed to be lightweight and it features an easy carry handle so it is comfortable in your hand.

  • The Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle allows for easy cleaning of carpet, rugs and bare floors
  • You can easily switch between surface types with the flip of a button right on the canister
  • The telescoping wand allows you to comfortably maneuver around and under furniture and also clean hard to reach areas like drapes and ceilings
  • Comes in at ​a weight of 12 pounds, lighter than all of the upright options
  • Automatic cord rewind for quick cord storage with the push of a button
"Never had a better vacuum. We have two cats who spread litter all over the house and it picks up litter as well as fur and dirt. Highly recommended.

One key item worth noting before before purchase:

  • ​The telecoping wand doesn't have a locking mechanism so it can slide out which is frustrating

​Eureka Mighty Mite ​Pet Vacuum

​If you're looking for power but don't want something heavy then the Mighty Mite is just for you. ​Weighing in at less than 9 pounds this is an amazing canister vacuum. It is super mobile when on the ground, but even more so because it is so light to pick up!

It also features full scale HEPA filters ensuring that you'll not only suck up cat hair and cat litter, but you'll also filter all that darn cat dander out of the air!

A few other key items worth noting:

  • ​It is only 9 pounds meaning you can take it anywhere in the house with ease
  • It has a 20 foot cord making it easy to clean entire rooms without ever unplugging
  • It features HEPA filters ensuring you get 99.97% of dust and pet dander out of the air
  •  It comes fully equipped with a telescoping wand and a crevice tool to get those hard to reach places
"This is the perfect solution for lightweight and powerful kitty litter pick-ups which is what I wanted and needed."

​Ovente Bagless Cyclonic w/ Pet Brush

a bagless canister vacuum with a pet attachment

​If you love the ​mobility and lightweight features of a canister vacuum and you don't want to deal with bags then Ovente has you covered. ​This is ​best bagless canister vacuum out there with pet focused attachments.

It'll help you pull pet hair out of those hard to reach places and it'll still be just as mobile as any other canister vacuum you might want to consider.

  • ​This ​vacuum uses powerful cyclonic ​suction to deep clean surfaces in one pass​
  • It weighs only 12 pounds so it is super easy to move around the house
  • The HEPA filter ​removes 99.97% of ​particles as small as 0.3 micrometers in diameter
  • Comes with the premium attachment specifically for pet hair
  • Features a step button for on and off, no more bending over
  • The cable rewinds automatically with the push of a button
  • The dust bin is transparent and has an LED alert to notify you when it must be emptied
"It sucked up all the litter from the nooks and crannies, even in the chairs in my living room. That was a huge relief."

One key item worth noting before before purchase:

  • ​Low profile rugs have been noted as a difficult obstacle to tackle for this vacuum

-Stick Vacuums-

​Dyson Cyclone V10 ​Cat Vacuum

a stick vacuum designed by dyson to suck up animal hair

​If you're looking for a cordless vacuum with serious power then look no farther. Dyson has basically made a name for itself with extremely powerful vacuums and this one is no different. It is the power powerful cordless vacuum on the market.

This means it'll have no trouble sucking up both cat litter and cat hair. It'll even help you suck up those bits of cat food your little mess makers have knocked out of the bowl and ignored.

A few other things worth noting on this model:

  • ​It weighs in at only 6 pounds and is the most powerful cordless on the market
  • Includes a torque drive cleaner head to suck cat hair out of any surface
  • It has up to 60 minutes of run time on a single charge, plenty for numerous ​rooms
  • You can easily modify the power mode with the flick of a switch, clean any surface easily
  • Features an extra large bin for all that cat hair it will suck up
"It is perfect for cleaning pet hair off my furniture and blinds. It also does a nice job on tracked litter in my apartment."

One key item worth noting before before purchase:

  • ​When you use the torque drive the battery may require frequent recharging

​Shark DuoClean Ultra-Light Vacuum

a two style handheld and stick vacuum from shark

​This ultra lightweight model from Shark features DuoClean Technology ​which means it has a bristle brush to deep clean carpets and a soft ​brush ​that gets those larger particles ​to leave floors looking polished. Because it doesn't have a battery it is lighter weight than many of the other stick and handheld models.

This model was specifically put together to feature a pet multi tool which allows it to easily suck up all that pet hair that gets so stubbornly stuck in pretty much everything! A few other items worth noting:

  • ​Comes in at about half the price of the Dyson model, if you're looking for value it is right here
  • Weighs ​about ​9 pounds so ​far lighter than any upright vacuum out there
  • There are LED Lights on the ​nozzle and hand vac to ​spot hidden debris easily
  • Features two power settings so you don't damage your wood floors when you switch surfaces
"We have way too many cats and even a few dogs...and it didn't sling anything back on my feet while in use. It literally polished the floors and picked up all of the hair and litter too!"

One key item worth noting before before purchase:

  • ​It can be difficult to move ​objects and hold the Shark up at the same time due to the weight

​Puppyoo Cordless Stick Vacuum

a purple stick vacuum that converts into a handheld

​The Dyson stick vacuum is definitely great, but it is also quite expensive. If you're looking for a more accessible model price wise then you'll want to consider the Puppyoo 536. It is very competitive in almost every way, but it blows Dyson out of the park on price.

Let's dig into a few of the key items we cat owners will care about:

  • ​It features a 2 in 1 design meaning you can easily convert it to a handheld or stick quickly
  • The motor features 120W powerful and stable suction never declines with working time
  • A 3 hour charge will ​get your batteries prepped for about 30 minutes of vacuuming
  • It only weighs 5.5 pounds so it'll be easy to move around the house and get almost anywhere
  • The components are washable and there are no consumables (bags/filters) for ongoing use ​
  • ​It includes numerous accessories making all those hard to reach places easy to access

One key item worth noting before before purchase:

  • ​Large clumps of cat litter can be difficult for this model to suck up due to the power difference between it and the Dyson model

-Handheld Vacuums-

​HoLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum

a hand held black and white battery operated vacuum

If your cats are all over your furniture, like most cats are, then you probably want a handheld vacuum to help pick up what they leave behind. And you probably want to be able to do it in a quick and easy fashion.

This HoLife handheld cordless vacuum makes is super easy to pull out and take care of a quick cleanup job. Got company coming over and your cat just tracked litter all over the couch and the wood floor? This vacuum is lightweight, powerful, and has a long lasting battery. It'll make that emergency cleanup a breeze.

A quick rundown of key items worth noting:

  • ​It has a ​90W motor that provides great suction ​to pick up ​hair, litter, food residue, ​and anything else your kitty might leave behind
  • It features 2200mAh lithium ion batteries that ​for a solid 30 minutes of use​
  • It recharges ​one battery within 45 minutes and fully recharges in under 5 hours​
  • The batteries are expected to last for over 500 charges
  • It weighs in at just a little over 3 pounds so it is super mobile and easy to carry all over
  • The dust bin is about 600 ML which is plenty to clean multiple rooms before emptying it
  • ​It is on the quieter side of vacuums at less than 78 decibels
"I keep it right by the litter box so I can sweep up the litter that the cats track out on the floor before they track it through the rest of the house."

​It is also worth considering the following before making a purchase:

  • Some owners experienced poor suction and have returned it for a full refund

Bissell Cordless Pet Hair Eraser

a purple and black handheld vacuum designed specifically for cat hair

If you're looking for a vacuum that not only looks cool and does a killer job, but also has an amazing name, then look no farther. The Pet Hair Eraser not only sounds awesome, its performance lives up to its ridiculously cool name.

I highly recommend you use the name of this vacuum as a conversation starter with other pet owners. There are a couple of key items worth noting on this model as well:

  • Has 4 rechargeable lithium ion batteries that give it a charge lasting up to 17 minutes
  • Includes a motorized brush head, an upholstery tool and a crevice tool
  • Had three different levels of filtering to pull dust and debris out of the air
  • The dust bin is large and easy to pop off and dump out for frequent users
  • It weighs in at a little over 4 pounds which is still on the light side for constant use
"Great hand held vacuum that easily sucks up the cat litter between deep cleaning sessions."

There is one item you'll want to consider before purchasing:

  • Replacing the filters on this model can be a bit wasteful as you have to replace the entire assembly each time you need a new paper filter

Bissell Corded Pet Hair Eraser