Violet – Cat Of The Week – February 26th 2018

This week’s cat of the week is Violet and is coming to us all the way from Ontario, Canada! She was recommended to us by her her adoptive parents, Brian and Christine. Violet is a 4 year old tabby and what a photogenic feline she is!

Her mother was a Ragdoll tabby from Christine’s family, though unfortunately they don’t know who her father is. After deciding to go home with Christine, Violet lived in several houses and even had a couple outdoor adventures in her early life. I wonder if she ever went out in a bubble backpack? She seems too adventurous for that though!

She has since settled in Brian and Christine’s apartment as a permanent home, and is a strictly indoor cat now (outside is scary unless she has the window force-field thing).

She spends most of her time sleeping on the windowsill, or keeping a vigilant watch over the yard. Her interests include mouse cursors, reflections on walls and hair brushes. She has a vast collection of hair elastics and bottle caps, which she will bring right to us, for an extended session of “fetch”. Sounds like Violet certainly knows how to play, look at her go toe to toe with that piece of heavy equipment straight from her comfy bed! I don’t think most cats get toys like that!

She loves active play and definitely gets the midnight zoomies. She is a good hunter, catching a mouse every few months, but she never quite knows what to do with them. One time she lost track of a mouse because it was literally hiding on her feet. Cats have surprisingly poor vision up close! That’s why their whiskers are so darn useful!

Violet is very affectionate and demands attention, but if she shows her belly, it’s a trap! She is an absolute fiend for being brushed, and thunders into the room every time she hears either of her adoptive parents brushing their own hair. Too funny to me because my cat Beast absolutely loves her Furminator as well, she’ll wander around at your feet just begging for a brushing!

Violet is an extremely vocal cat with a strong vibrato howl, and really only stays quiet when she’s asleep.

One quirk that the family has learned to work around is phone screen reflections: if she sees light of any kind reflected on a wall, she will continue to hunt for it indefinitely. Sounds like she’s got quite the prey drive! She is also an avid back-seat gamer with a specific interest in The Sims, which can firmly hold her attention for hours.

Violet is very comfortable with her day-to-day routine and knows exactly how to get what she wants (normally via an emphatic yowl). She will ask for food, water, treats or ‘nip in different ways; sometimes Brian and Christine wonder if she can truly be trained.

But they might be on to something, they suspect that Violet has them trained at this point. She is a pleasure to live with and we look forward to many more years of early morning head-sitting!

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