Cat Of the Week – Tidbit – March 17th 2019

tidbit the 17 year old calico snoozing

​Meet Tidbit! Tidbit comes submitted to us from her human Alex and we thank Alex for the submission.

Tidbit if a beautiful 17 year old Calico ​and was inherited from ​Alex's sister who ​had gotten a few ​ dogs. Alex's sister got Tidbit when she was only 10 weeks, but they soon found that Tidbit wasn't a big fan of her canine counterparts. 

Tidbit posting for the camera

​They decided that when ​Tidbit would move in with ​Alex about ​3 years ago to ensure they had a more comfortable and happy life with no dogs around.

Tidbit is loving and talkative, she's gentle and kind. As soon as she sees a friend sit down, she makes her way over to cuddle up on their lap. She gives all her love away and only expects a few pets as payment.

Tidbit refuses to drink from her water bowl, so instead her humans have to keep a glass full of water on ​the coffee table for her to drink from. If the water is low in the glass, she will go to the bathroom and drink water from the toilet.

Tidbit and her water glass

I had a similar situation with my cat Beastling and a cat water fountain changed her mind!

Tidbit also likes going outside on the balcony, watching birds and feeling the breeze. Many cats that enjoy this also love cat window beds

Tidbit posing on the couch

Tidbit is very sweet and loves attention but spends most of her day sleeping. This is common for all cats, but even more so for older cats like Tidbit!

Tidbit sleeping

Tidbit's favorite human food is cantaloupe and always waits at ​Alex's feet for ​her to drop some for her when ​she's cutting one up.  

Now that's she's old, she's slowed down, but still has some spunk and will chase after a loose shoe lace or a laser pointer. Just like any cat her hunting instincts are still around and cat toys are a must have!

Tidbit being posed for the camera

​Alex's goal is to have Tidbit for as long as possible, but ​Tidbit does have health issues and is in the early stages of Kidney disease.

​Alex loves Tidbit and she's ​been there for ​her through thick and thin. She's been an amazing pet and Alex plans to spend as much time with her as possible!

Tidbit sleeping

​We at StuffCatsWant also thank ​Alex for submitting ​Tidbit as Cat Of the Week!! Please submit your cat as cat of the week by emailing with 5 pictures of your cat(s) and a short description of him or her or them!

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