Bigsby – Cat Of The Week – September 3rd 2018

Bigsby the siamese cat laying upside down

This week’s cat of the week is Bigsby B. Biggins (birth name, Jasper) and comes submitted to us from reddit user M4celine. A little over two years ago, her mom sent her a screen shot of post on Facebook from a local feline sanctuary and shelter Forever Home Feline Ranch). The screenshot was of an adorable little Siamese kitten that was going to be up for adoption the following weekend at a Petsmart adoption day.

bibsby the siamese as a kitten

She knew she had to have him, so she waited outside of Petsmart’s doors before they even opened just to make sure someone wouldn’t take him before she could! When she first laid eyes on him, he was hanging upside down from his cage, not much unlike Spider-Man climbing a wall, while his brother was sleeping quietly in the corner.

Bigsby under the christmas tree

She texted her husband and told him how cute and crazy he was, and her husband replied, “don’t get him if he’s too crazy.” She of course didn’t listen (as any cat lover wouldn’t!), and they laugh about that text message still because Bigsby is the craziest cat they’ve ever met in their lives, but they insist they couldn’t live without him.

Bigsby looking into the camera

The day she brought him home he strolled right out of his carrier like he had lived in our house all of his life. He feared nothing, and wondered about everything. His lack of fear and appetite for curiosity really annoyed his two sisters at first, but they eventually came around and accepted their new nuisance of a little brother.

Bigsby with his calm down cowl on

Now most days you can catch him cuddling with one of them in the sun or at the end of his human’s bed. For the past two years Bigsby has brought so much fun and joy into the lives of of his family! Everyday he finds a way to make them laugh and smile, and he typically finds a way to drive them insane as well. (I think we can all relate to that sentiment!)

Bigsby wearing a chrocheted hat

He is not above knocking over the trash can, tormenting his sisters while they sleep, stealing bagged sandwiches, knocking over full glasses of water, destroying cables, and bellowing through the house at all hours of the night. Sometimes he can be such a handful that he gets his calm down cowl with a spray of Feliway to help calm him down!

But he is also not above being held like a baby, dressing up in silly clothes his human crochets for him, snuggling whenever he gets the chance, and showing affection to everyone he meets (even children).

Bigsby sounds like quite the cat if you ask me! We thank Bigsby’s human M4celine for submitting him to us!! To submit your cat for Cat of the Week please send at least 5 photos (feel free to send more!) and a description of at least 400 words to is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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