Socks – Cat Of the Week – December 17th, 2018

socks the cat sitting on the trash can

This week's cat of the week is Socks! Socks comes submitted to us by her human Jessica and we thank her very much for the submission! Socks is aptly named as she looks like she is wearing cute little socks or stockings!

Jessica adopted Socks back August of 2018 when she was 3 months old from Kitty Brew Cat Cafe in Mason, Ohio. Kitty Brew has cats from multiple rescues in the area, and Socks was at His Hands Extended Sanctuary prior to being brought to the kitty cafe.

socks in a hat

She was the last of her litter and didn’t want to play or be held but she was too cute, so Jessica couldn't resist and took her home. She bonded with her cat sister, Chipmunk, very quickly and they were cuddling just hours after Socks was came into the apartment. 

Socks has the strangest quirks and is very mischievous. Every morning when her human is getting ready for work, Socks will run into the kitchen and open the pantry door with her paw then proceed to sit on the trash can. She started doing this once she realized her human keeps the canned food in the pantry.

socks climbing a pumpkin

Both kitties always get very excited when Jessica get out of bed in the morning because they know it’s time for food! Socks also loves sitting in the bathtub. If she can't be found chances are she is in the tub hanging out. Sounds to me like she likes a nice cool bed

socks at the christmas tree

It took only 30 minutes for Socks to knock over her first Christmas tree. Her human has since lost track of how many times they have had to stand it back up. Jessica has walked in on Socks batting ornaments around that she managed to knock off of the branches.

When she isn’t wreaking havoc, Socks loves to snuggle up. If her human is reading or relaxing, Socks will walk up to me and start purring loud enough to hear from across the room. She is an amazing kitty even though she is quite the handful!

socks looking mischevious

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