The 15 Best Cat Ornaments for Christmas 2020 [Unbreakable]

a cat under a tree looking at cat ornaments for christmas

If you’re looking for the ​easiest way to help your cat celebrate the holidays with you then put her up on the tree! No, I don't mean that literally, I mean get something for her on the tree!

​Here's you'll find 11 of the best cat adornments for Christmas in 2018. ​You can laser her name right on or even slide a picture right in! ​So ​open the quick guide or scroll ​down to find ​your favorite!

​The Best ​Cat Ornaments for Christmas

​#1 Naughty Kitten Laptop ​& Mouse

a naughty kitten carrying off a computer mouse

​While the idea of the mouse still being attached by a cord is getting a little dated, the fact that your kitten is stomping right on the center of the keyboard is as accurate as ever!

I can almost never get anything done on my computer without my little fur balls walking all over the keyboard and rubbing their faces all over the screen! This is by far one of my favorites!

  • ​Features an adorable ​orange and white kitten ​standing on a laptop with a mouse in her mouth
  • This is ​the 2016 ​entry in the yearly release of keepsake ornaments for kittens
  • ​It is produced by Hallmark meaning it is a great ornament from a quality standpoint
  • ​The dimensions are 2" W x 2" H x 1.9" D, perfect for any cat lover on your list

#2 Oh Christmas Tree ​Ornament

a tree shaped ornament with a cat on top of it

It reads “Oh Christmas, Tree oh Christmas Tree, your ornaments are HISTORY!” You can imagine singing it along to that classic Christmas Carol “Oh Christmas Tree” and it makes for quite the laugh.

This is hands down ​the funniest ornament out there on the market this year. Though you can’t personalize it, you don’t really have to because it seems to apply to most kitties!

A few other things worth calling out:

  • ​Great gift for any cat lover because it pokes fun at how often our cats cause havoc to trees
  • Has numerous little red jingle bells hanging down the side that tinkle when moved
  • Measures in at about 4.9" tall by 3" wide and considered a little heavy
  • Has a built in eyelet you can add a hook or string to if you desire (one is included too)
  • Made of resin so this ornament is quite sturdy even if it falls from the tree

#3 ​Mischievous Kitten ​with Lights

a cute little cat in a box of christmas decorations causing havoc

​If you're ever let your cat near your Christmas decorations then you know that this is one of the most common results. Your cat will sniff at and paw at everything and then find a way to get tangled up into a mess.

I think it is something about how new or novel these things are each year when they are pulled out of hiding. But this ornament rings true in our house for sure!

  • ​Shows an adorable white furry kitten playing in a red box of Christmas ornaments and lights
  • This is ​the newest ​Keepsake ornament for kittens, just released in 2018
  • ​Made by Hallmark ​so you know you're covered from a quality standpoint
  • Comes in at a great price compared to a lot of ornaments on the market
  • ​The dimensions are ​2.13" W x 1.64" H x 1.33" D, a perfect ​size for any tree

#4 ​Laser Engraved Wood ​Ornament

a cat head shaped ornament that can be laser engraved

If you’re looking for something a little more personal ​Andaz Press has you covered. This cute wooden ornament comes in the shape of feline and it can be customized for your favorite cat prior to purchasing.

That gives it a bit more flair and a more generic ornament that isn’t for any particular cat, especially if you have multiple cats and you want to honor one in particular!

​A few other items worth noting on this model:

  • It comes with a beautiful red ribbon and gift bag if you're giving it away to someone
  • The ornament measures about 3 inches wide and a little over 3 inches tall
  • It is made completely in the United States of America
  • It is made of birch and bass wood so it is very sturdy and will last a long time
  • ​The text can be fully customized and supports a total of up to 35 characters of text

#5 Personalized Gingerbread ​Ornament

a cat that looks like it is made of gingerbread

This is another ornament that can be personalized to fit your particular kitty.  It is of course intended to look like you made a gingerbread cookie kitty cat and then fully decorated it with all of the toppings and frosting! 

​This one you're not going to want to take a bite of, but you're certainly going to want to know the following before making a purchase:

  • It is made of poly resin meaning it might be a little weighty, but it is also very sturdy
  • Your cat's name is truly hand painted onto the ornament
  • ​You can enter up to 9 characters of text for the cat's name as well as the year
  • The ornament is 3.5 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide when out of the box

#6 ​Pusheen Meowy ​Ornament

an ornament that looks like pusheen

Department 56 really outdid themselves with this adorable little meowy cat ornament. ​Department 56 does everything from plush dolls to home decor to any other sort of gift your mind can think of.

If you’re looking for high quality these guys are hard to beat. ​And on top of that you'll probably want to know the following before you make your purchase:

  • ​A ​cute likeness of the adorable ​Pusheen to decorate your tree with
  • This ornament is designed in the ​United States of America
  • The dimensions of the ornament are about 2.5" W x 2.5" L x 2.8" H​
  • ​It is made of high quality ceramic so it is quite heavy for its size

#7 Mischievous Kitten & Bird Feeder

a naughty kitten hanging on a bird feeder

​This is an adorable little ornament that shows the mischievous nature of cats in general, but it is supposed to be a little kitten! The kitten has found his way to the bird feeder and is hanging off trying to get to the Cardinal on top!

This incredibly cute ornament has been around for a few years and is tried and true:

  • ​Features an adorable grey kitten climbing the bird feeder as naughty cats might do
  • ​It is part of a series of naughty kitten ornaments you can buy
  • Made by Hallmark so you know it is of the highest quality
  • The dimensions of the ornament are: 1.87" W x 2.5" H x 1.06" D

​#8 Black Cat w/ Scarf 3 Pack

a picture of a small black tabby cat with a scarf on

​If you're looking to decorate your tree with a cat theme then this might be a great way to get started! These adorable little black tabby cat ornaments hang from a cute little chain and they come in several different sized packs!

This means you can buy a bunch in bulk and you'll be able to cover the whole tree with a feline theme in no time! A few additional things worth noting:

  • ​Shows an adorable ​black tabby cat with a red and green scarf
  • ​Comes in a 1 pack, 3 pack or even a 6 pack for those of you looking for lots
  • ​The toy is made of resin (meaning it is quite durable) and is hand painted
  • ​This is only about 2 inches tall, so it is a perfect fit for smaller Christmas trees

​#9 Mischievous Kitten &​ ​Wreath

a naughty calico kitten playing in the middle of a christmas wreath

​This is a great ornament that comes from Hallmark and features a little calico kitten playing in the center of a Christmas wreath. ​The kitten is swatting at the red ribbon hanging off the wreath​ and she looks to be quite excited and happy with ​her for finding her way there!

This incredibly cute ornament has been around for a few years and is tried and true:

  • ​Features an adorable ​calico kitten ​hanging from the middle of a wreath ​swatting at a ribbon
  • This is ​from 2017 and is part ​series of naughty kitten ornaments ​that ​has run for years
  • Made by Hallmark so you know it is of the highest quality
  • It comes in a gift box that 2.9" W x 4" H x 2.2" D, perfect for any cat lover on your list
  • The dimensions of the ornament are: 1.8" W x ​3" H x 1.​86" D

​#10 Kitten Sleeping on a Pillow

a kitten in a santa hat sleeping on a pillow

​This is an adorable ornament to hang on the tree featuring a tuckered out kitten under a quilt sleeping on a pillow. Of course the kitten is wearing a Santa hat too! He's ringing in the season!

A couple of key items worth noting on this ornament:

  • ​Features an adorable sleeping kitten on a pillow under a quilt
  • ​The ornament is made of stone and resin so it is quite heavy compared to others
  • ​Has a built in eyelet that can easily be used for a hook or a string to hang it
  • ​The product dimensions are: 3.25" H x 2.8" W x 2.8" D

​#11 Christmas Cats in Hats 3 Pack

three cat ornaments with stylishly painted cats in scarves

​If you're looking for some adorable cats in scarves to hang on your tree then you've come to the right place! This three pack of cats spruces up any tree (see what I did there with spruce?) and makes it look festive!

A couple of things I'm sure you'll want to know before you buy:

  • ​Features three different colored cats each wearing a Christmas hat and a scarf
  • ​Comes in a three pack so you can get your cat themed Christmas off to a good start
  • ​Built in hanging cords that can easily be replaced with a hook if needed
  • ​These ornaments are mostly two dimensional, they are 3.5" H x 3.25" W

#12 MEOW Picture Frame Ornament

an ornament that says meow with the O being open for a cat picture

Another photo frame style ornament, this one lets you choose the photo to insert right into the middle of the O in the word MEOW!  Perfect for any cat, but in my opinion it is simply adorable for a kitten. 

You’ll notice a few pieces of flare for any of you that like Office Space, a cute little Santa hat and a giant red ribbon to hang it on the tree.

A couple of other items worth noting:

  • Personalize this awesome ornament by adding a photo of your own cat to it
  • This ornament is a solid 6 inches long and 2.5 inches tall, pretty darn big
  • This is made of poly resin so it won't shatter if it falls, and it is covered in a reflective finish
  • ​Comes with an adorable little red gift box so you can wrap it and give it to someone easily

#13 Cat ​Memorial Globe ​Ornament

a globe shaped ornament that says if only you had more time

This is ​the classiest of any of the cat related Christmas ornaments I have run across. If you’re looking for a way to commemorate a lost pet then this is the nicest ornament out there.

Not only is it simple in its beauty, but it also has a wonderful message written on creamy vellum and placed inside the ornament.  It reads “If Only You Had Nine More.”

A few other key items worth noting about it: ​

  • It is topped with a gorgeous black satin bow to show mourning
  • There are ​white feathers ​placed behind the vellum to show through the back of the glass
  • An ornament specifically designed to commemorate a lost cat
  • It comes with a velvet bag that you can use to wrap the ornament as a gift
  • ​The ​globe is about 3.5 inches in diameter, about the size of your average globe ornament

#14 Kitty In Stocking ​Ornament

a cat sticking out of a stocking

This is an adorable little ornament that has a kitty popping out the top of a stocking. Something they’d likely do if you let them anywhere near your stockings while they are on the ground and slightly opened.

As you can see one of the gifts popping out the top is a set of fish bones, something you should definitely not feed your cat, but it looks pretty darn cute doesn’t it?  

A few other things worth noting about it:

  • The white space leaves you some room to personalize the ornament yourself with a cat name
  • ​It is made of a poly resin to ensure it won’t break easily even if it falls from a distance
  • ​This ornament comes in at about 2.25 inches wide and just short of 4 inches tall
  • ​It comes with a ribbon or hook loop for easily hanging on the Christmas tree

#15 Shatter Proof ​Maine Coon ​Globe

a shatter proof ornament with a maine coon on it

This particular ornament is heavily focused on you Maine Coon owners out there.  You can see the gorgeous picture of a Maine Coon adorning the front of the ornament. 

Given the curious nature of our feline friends this thing is also a shatter proof ball so that not only will it not make a mess, but it will keep your cat safe in the case that they do in fact knock it off of the tree.

​A few other key items worth noting about it:

  • ​This specific ornament features a beautiful Maine Coon cat on a red globe with snowflakes falling
  • Includes a red ribbon tied into a bow on top and a loop for hanging
  • This ornament has a diameter of a little over 3 inches
  • This globe ornament is made of plastic to ensure it won't shatter if it falls from the tree
  • ​There are various options available for different cats: orange tabby, tuxedo, black, Persian, calico  and several others

​Bonus: Time ​With Cats Is Never Wasted

a circular shaped ornament with a quote from Freud on it

If you or a friend are a bit more philosophical…Or if you perhaps just love Sigmund Freud…This might be the perfect fit for you. This ornament is a picture of a gorgeous tabby cat with the quote from Frued saying “Time spent with cats is never wasted.” 

I wholeheartedly agree Mr. Freud.  I find spending time with my little feline friends to be some of the most rewarding and relaxing time in my life! I'm sure you'll want to know the following if you're considering it:​

  • Features a quote from Freud saying "Time spent with cats is never wasted."
  • Comes with a black velvet bag included for storage or as a gift
  • ​This