Cat Of the Week – Gribouille – January 14th 2019

gribouille lazing in the sun

This week's cat of the week is Gribouille (that's prononced "greeb-ooy"). She comes submitted to us by reddit user fannax and we thank her for the submission!

gribouille relaxing in some shoes

Four and a half ​years ago, ​fannax and her boyfriend came back home at 3am from a party, and what ​they thought was a giant rat​ entered just before ​them!

gribouille getting tummy pets

But then ​they realized that it wasn't a rat at all, but ​a very ​scared lost kitten estimated ​at something like 4-5 months old. ​They went ​door to door in the building to ask if someone had lost a cat, but that wasn't the case so they became the proud new humans of a cute kitten! ​

gribouille lazing on the couch

The funniest part was ​that weeks before ​they got her ​they had ​been discussing ​getting a cat and then she just appeared on ​their doorstep. ​They named her Gribouille (that's prononced "greeb-ooy"), which is quite common for grey cats in France.

gribouille cuddling with her human

​On her first day she was very shy and ​hid, but ​she quickly made herself home. Now, she's a total sweetheart and cuddles ​with her humans every night. She​ waits for ​them to lay down and shut the lights off ​then spoons her humans ​and turns on her purr motor as loud as a tractor!

gribouille on her cat tree

During the day she likes to perch on her big cat tree or anything high. She loves to observe the birds and make ​her famous velociraptor screech. After that, she enjoys sunbathing in her window hammock.

gribouille in her cat tunnel

Usually, she's got the zoomies around 7pm and runs all around the apartment ​making weird noises like "woowowoowoowoo." She loves to hide inside her collapsible cat tunnel too and pop her head out.

gribouille sticking her tongue out

During the summer ​after she gets the zoomies ​and gets really hot she pants like a dog to cool off! It sounds to me like she wants a nice cool bath or a cat drinking fountain!

gribouille sleeping like a champ

​Gribouille's favorite things are: tuna, sunbathing, sleeping in weird positions/places, boxes, and cat stick snacks. She was taught to high five, give the paw and stand up and ​her humans are working on teaching her to meow on command! She's getting close!


You can even she that she loves to dress up for the holidays in a cat Santa costume too! For more photos of Gribouille's please visit this imgurl album.

gribouille in her christmas cat costume

​We at StuffCatsWant also thank ​Fannax for submitting Gribouille as Cat Of the Week!! Please submit your cat as cat of the week by emailing with 5 pictures of your cat(s) and a short description of him or her or them!

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