Cat Of the Week – Mowzer – February 11th 2019

Mowzer relaxing on the floor

This week's cat of the week is Mowzer and comes to us from her human Elliott all the way in Switzerland and we thank Elliott for submitting Mowzer! Mowzer is otherwise known as Mowz, mouse or puss. She is a 15 month old Ragdoll living with her humans in Switzerland. 

They had wanted a cat for a while, but due to circumstance at the time it was simply not possible, then last February when returning from London they were greeted by a this lovely little kitten joining the family! 

Mowzer relaxing on the balcony

Mowzer has settled in to her new home here well and loves sitting on the balcony (she has the ultimate window bed by the looks!) watching the world go by and staring at the birds. She spends a lot of the day sleeping and then all of the night running around the apartment playing

Mowzer showing off her snuggling capabilities

In the morning she always goes to her human's bedroom to snuggle, she’ll act really sweet and then she’ll meow at them until they wake up. Some days if they are being too slow she’ll climb in to our wardrobe and climb up Elliot’s shirts!

Like a true ragdoll she is always following her humans around the apartment from room to room, she particularly enjoys watching them hang up the wash and unload the dishwasher. She’s a great roommate as she loves to chase bugs around the apartment too! 

Mowzer in the shelf watching her humans cook

In the summer she was kind enough to gift her humans a beetle that she’d found on the balcony! She also loves sitting in their cupboard and watching them cook tasty meals, she’s a great sous chef. More catnip pawlease!

She’s a little bit camera shy, but when her humans manage to sneakily get photos of her she can be very photogenic (as you all can see)!

She really is such a lovely friendly cat and loves to snuggle with her people in the evenings on the sofa, she enjoys watching nature documentaries with them and listening to the birds chirp!

Mowzer relaxing on the rug

Her humans are considering getting another little kitty so that Mowzer has a friend to play with and keep her company during the day. I support this choice! Mowzer needs another fluffy friend.

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