Top 10 Cat Ornaments 2017

While there are also important things to take into account to cat proof your tree you’ll also want to ensure that your cat can celebrate the holidays with you. There are all sorts of things you can do to help your feline friend enjoy the holidays: get her a stocking and stuff it full of treats, get her a wonderful Christmas bow tie, make her festive with a decorate collar, or even go so far as to get a full on holiday costume.

If you’re looking for something a little less invasive though a wonderful way to ensure your feline can participate is to decorate your Christmas Tree with her in mind!  And no, I don’t mean buying ornaments or wires that she’ll love to play with and might cause havoc with if she gets her paws on them. That’s no fun for anyone involved.

What I’m talking about is to get yourself a Cat Ornament to hang on your big green tree! While there are of course hundreds of them on the market I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite ten so you don’t have to do all the searching and digging to find the good ones.  Take a look below for the top 10 cat ornaments of 2017!

adorable cat on top of a tree saying the ornaments are history#1 Oh Christmas Tree Cat Resin Christmas Ornament

It reads “Oh Christmas, Tree oh Christmas Tree, your ornaments are HISTORY!” You can imagine singing it along to that classic Christmas Carol “Oh Christmas Tree” and it makes for quite the laugh. This is hands down my favorite ornament out there on the market this year. Though you can’t personalize it, you don’t really have to because it seems to apply to most kitties!

This little ornament is obviously poking some fun at the traditional knowledge that cats absolutely love to knock ornaments off the tree onto the floor and break them.  This one is pretty heavy duty since it is made or resin, that also means it won’t break easily even if it does so happen to fall to the floor from quite a distance. It comes fully decorated with a cat on top and of course 6 jingle bells down the side so it makes a little tinkling noise.  It makes a wonderful addition to any tree and it is about 2 inches wide by three inches tall.

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a wood ornament you can personalize with your cats name#2 Personalized Laser Engraved Wood Christmas Ornament by Andaz Press

If you’re looking for something a little more personal than the Oh Christmas Tree ornament then Andaz Press has you covered. This cute wooden ornament comes in the shape of feline and it can be customized for your favorite cat prior to purchasing.

That gives it a bit more flair and a more generic ornament that isn’t for any particular cat, especially if you have multiple cats and you want to honor one in particular! Or if you want you could get a separate ornament for every one of your feline friends. At prices like this, how can you resist?

You can enter a cat name up to 35 characters long and also the year you’d like to be printed on the ornament as well.The ornament is about 3 inches wide at its widest point and is made of birch and bass so it’ll last for a good long time!

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a gingerbread cat shaped Christmas ornament you can personalize with name and date#3 Personalized Gingerbread Cat Christmas Ornament

This is another ornament that can be personalized to fit your particular kitty.  It is of course intended to look like you made a gingerbread cookie kitty cat and then fully decorated it with all of the toppings and frosting!  This guy is made of poly resin meaning it will be weighty, but it will also be difficult to break it even it falls from quite a distance. Perfect if you have a rather adventurous kitty that likes to run amok around the tree!

This ornament always makes me think of the gingerbread houses I made as a kid. I was always so bummed out to discover I was basically making a house covered in sugar that I couldn’t eat. What gives?!

You can input a name up to 9 characters long and of course also enter the year of your desire for personalization. The ornament is 3.5 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide when out of the box! A solid size to help your feline friend celebrate the holidays with you and the family!

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an adorable little cartoonish looking fat cat called Pusheen#4 Department 56 Pusheen Meowy Christmas Hanging Ornament

Department 56 really outdid themselves with this adorable little meowy cat ornament. This particular product is actually made out of ceramic which means that is very weighty, it also means it would likely not last a long fall from your Christmas Tree. That being said, it is so darn cute that it is well worth considering, especially if you have a high or even very low place you can hang it where it wouldn’t be at risk of breaking if it did happen to get batted around or fall off.

This ornament is designed in the USA if that is a deciding factor in your purchase, always a nice bonus to see something that is coming from the States!

If you’re unfamiliar with Department 56 it is worth noting that they are one of the big global brands for high-quality gift ware. They do everything from plush dolls to home decor to any other sort of gift your mind can think of. If you’re looking for high quality these guys are hard to beat.

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a christmas ornament with space for you to insert a photo of your cat#5 Meowy Christmas! Cat Picture Frame Dated Christmas Ornament

Do you love to take pictures of your cat all the time? My cell phone is filled with cat pictures, I swear the storage is basically taken up with only pictures of cats. My cats, cats outside, cats in windows, cats at the shelter, cats cats cats! So if you love taking pictures of your cats and you want to ensure some of those pictures are put on display then this is the perfect ornament for you and your tree.

You can select your favorite photo of your favorite fur ball and insert it into this ornament to put it on display for everyone to see. The hat, the fish and the little Christmas tree are built into the ornament, but you can put any picture you like in there to finish it off! This way it looks like your feline friend is in a little bit of an underwater world with a Christmas tree installed. Note the 2017 is also static.

The ornament measures just under four inches tall and it is about three inches wide.  The ornament is plastic so it certainly won’t break easily even from quite a fall, especially given how lightweight it is.

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an ornament that says meow and has a space for a cat picture in the O#6 Picture Frame Christmas Ornament with Santa Hat and Red Ribbon Bow (MEOW)

Another photo frame style ornament, this one lets you choose the photo to insert right into the middle of the O in the word MEOW!  Perfect for any cat, but in my opinion it is simply adorable for a kitten.  You’ll notice a few pieces of flare for any of you that like office space, a cute little Santa hat and a giant red ribbon to hang it on the tree.

This ornament is quite a bit bigger than most of the others we’ve seen so far, it comes in at about 6 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall at the highest point.  You’ll of course have to pick a photo that makes your cat look adorable and slide it on into the frame once it arrives, but it is ready to go. This product is made of poly resin and covered in a silver reflective finish.

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cat loss memorial cat ornament#7 Cat Loss Memorial Globe Pet Ornament

This is probably the classiest of any of the cat related Christmas ornaments I have run across. If you’re looking for a way to commemorate a lost pet then this is the nicest ornament out there. Not only is it simply in its beauty, but it also has a wonderful message written on creamy vellum and placed inside the ornament. It reads “If Only You Had Nine More.” Beautiful white feathers are placed behind the vellum to show through the back of the glass and then the ornament is topped with a hand-tied Black Deluxe Satin Bow.

The ornament is about 3.5 inches in diameter and it makes a beautiful pet memorial keepsake that will be treasured for years to come by your family or any family that might have recently lost a cat. In case you are planning to give this as a gift note that it does come with a velvet gift bag inside the box to ensure it not only looks beautiful, but it stays safe in transit as well.

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ornament with cat sticking out the top of a stocking#8 Kitty In Stocking With Presents for Christmas Ornament

This is an adorable little ornament that has a kitty popping out the top of a stocking. Something they’d likely do if you let them anywhere near your stockings while they are on the ground and slightly opened. As you can see one of the gifts popping out the top is a set of fish bones, something you should definitely not feed your cat, but it looks pretty darn cute doesn’t it?   And it comes with a ribbon loop for easily hanging on the Christmas tree.

The white space on the ornament does give you some wiggle room for personalization. If you have a steady hand you could definitely write in the name of your cat with a black sharpie. Once it dries it should stay there for good.

This ornament comes in at about 2.25 inches wide and just short of 4 inches tall. Like many of the other ornaments here it is made of a poly resin to ensure it won’t break easily even if it falls from a distance, but that does give some decent weight to it.  This one comes in at about an eighth of a pound which is pretty weight for a Christmas ornament.

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shatterproof ball ornament with maine coone on it#9 Shatter Proof Ball For Maine Coone Cat Lovers

This particular ornament is heavily focused on you Maine Coone owners out there.  You can see the gorgeous picture of a Maine Coone adorning the front of the ornament. Given the curious nature of our feline friends this thing is also a shatter proof ball so that not only will it not make a mess, but it will keep your cat safe in the case that they do in fact knock it off of the tree.

While this specific link will take you to a Maine Coone, this company also makes a laundry list of other options for different cats out there.  They have them for:

  • Orange Tabby Cats
  • Black and White Tuxedo Cats
  • Traditional Black Cat
  • Persian Cats
  • Calico Cats
  • Grey Tabby Cats
  • etc.

If you are looking for a somewhat personalized, but also very durable ornament to help you and your cat celebrate the holidays then definitely check these out. They are an awesome addition to any tree and they are very unlikely to break or shatter as they are made out of plastic instead of your traditional glass balls. Even though it is made of plastic the colors are very vibrant and shine through from the tree!

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ornament with quote from Freud - time spent with cats is never wasted#10 Time Spent With Cats Is Never Wasted Ornament

If you or a friend are a bit more philosophical…Or if you perhaps just love Sigmund Freud…This might be the perfect fit for you. This ornament is a picture of a gorgeous tabby cat with the quote from Frued saying “Time spent with cats is never wasted.”  I wholeheartedly agree Mr. Freud.  I find spending time with my little feline friends to be some of the most rewarding and relaxing time in my life!

This ornament comes in at just short of three inches in diameter and the quote and kitty are printed onto beautiful ceramic material for a beautiful long lasting ornament. Ceramics are something that you’ll want to hang up out of reach of your kitty or keep them nice and low so if they do get batted around at all they end up with a very short fall. Otherwise ceramics can chip or shatter pretty darn easily!  The ornament comes with a red satin ribbon ready to hang on your tree.

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Christmas Can Be A Dangerous Time Of Year for Cats

Cats, as we all know, are well known for causing trouble around the holidays. I always think back to the poor cat in the move Christmas Vacation that eats the wire and electrocutes himself to death! So sad, but unfortunately there are a ton of dangers for our feline friends around the Christmas seasons. The tree itself seems to be the most common source of danger:

  • Electrical cords are also obviously dangerous. If you’re unable to keep an eye on your cat then ensure the tree is unplugged.
  • If you have a live tree and you’re going to give it water be sure that your cat can’t access the water, especially if it is treated. Treated water can make cats sick because it normally has things like fertilizer in it that are obviously harmful to cats. And even if the water is not fertilized, it can accumulate bacteria that your cat shouldn’t drink.
  • Be careful of using easily shattered or breakable ornaments. Cats can get hurt when they step on or eat broken ornaments.
  • You know all those sprays you can put on your tree to make them look extra festive? Those are usually poisonous to cats so be extra careful if you are going to use it. I would lean away from using it at all.
  • Mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias are all toxic to cats in some degree, sometimes deadly. Check out this article for more details on poisonous plants.
  • With a cat you should definitely avoid any of those old ornaments that run standard incandescent bulbs that run hot. Cats can easily start a fire on accident by batting them around. On that same note, be careful with candles this season too.

So what can you do to ensure your feline friend has a happy holiday as well? Let’s take a look.

Cat Proofing The Christmas Tree

There are a bunch of different things you can do to help keep a curious cat from getting himself or herself into trouble around the Christmas Tree.

  • Go Faux: One of the key items I recommend is going for a fake tree. Real trees bring all sorts of additional complications and dangers to the house for your cats, in particular the water and also the pine needles which are no good for your cat’s paws or if they happen to eat them.
  • Anchor Your Tree: Whatever you do with your tree, be sure you anchor it down really well. Get an extra large base or an extra heavy base if you have to. This will ensure your cat can’t tip the tree over and potentially start a fire or trash a boatload of ornaments and decorations at once.
  • Consider the Ornaments: The bulk of the ornaments I chose above are not likely to break or shatter. Only the memorial ornament has much likelihood of this happening. Be smart about selecting ornaments made of wood, resin, felt etc. This ensures even if they fall they can’t break into pieces.
  • Repellents:
    • You can try placing double sided tape or alumnium foil under the tree which both tend to discourage your cat from walking in specific areas. I’ve had the best luck with double sided tape. Careful with this though as if it gets stuck in their fur they can cause a ruckus trying to get it out if you aren’t home to help.
    • There are several different types of repellents you can try, but the most common types are bitter apple and bitter lemon sprays. These will keep your feline friends away from the area based on scent alone.
    • You can try an automated deterrent like the SSSCat System (read my review here) which launches a stream of compressed air at your cat when they near a specific area. This works really well for cats that are more skittish and aren’t terribly curious. Really adventurous cats aren’t typically scared of the SSSCat after the first few times.
    • You can try some of the many methods listed in this article on keeping your cats from eating your houseplants. In particular things like citrus peels might be both pleasant smelling and effective depending on the cat.
  • Separation: If all else fails you may need to separate your cat from the temptation of the tree. This means you might have to put it in a room where your kitty isn’t allowed for a couple of weeks until Santa Claus comes to visit and drops off presents for all the good little girls, boys and cats. While I hope it doesn’t come to this, for extra curious cats sometimes this is the best choice!

Wrapping It Up On The Best Christmas Cat Stockings

The market has about a zillion different items out there focused on enticing us to make a purchase for our cats this Christmas season.  While some of them are items that will likely not get  used much after the box is first opened, you should know for certain that an ornament for your tree is an excellent choice. Not only will it help you deck the tree out in a wonderful holiday fashion, but it’ll also as a toy for your cat if all else fails! Just kidding :P.

While your cat may not totally appreciate your selection of ornament, you can count on your friends and family to appreciate your wonderful taste. It is always in good taste to let your feline friends celebrate the holidays with you and the family!

If you have any other ideas for your cat around the Christmas holiday that you love please please leave a comment below or send me an email at so I can update this article. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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    I had no idea there were so many options for Christmas ornaments for our cats! Thank you for all of your research and informative insight. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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      Glad you found it helpful, thanks for reading. Merry Christmas!

  • December 18, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    do the resin ornaments break easy?

    • December 18, 2017 at 11:21 pm

      Resin is a form of somewhat pliable plastic that is heated up and poured into a mold to form the ornaments. While it isn’t unbreakable it is a heck of a lot more durable than the glass orbs or many of your traditional style ornaments. It takes a pretty big fall for a resin ornament to break. And generally speaking they really won’t shatter which is a nice perk.


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