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CATBOX – [The Purrfect] Cardboard Boxes for Cats

By Craig / February 15, 2019

​CATBOX is the purrfect cardboard box for cats. It is a simple, but beautifully designed box that is engineered specifically to make your cat love relaxing in it, on it, and all around it! Not only is it a perfect fit for most cats size wise, but it helps humans think their cats are rock stars […]


The 11 Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowls 2020 [Stop Vomiting Now]

By Craig / February 13, 2019

​If your cat eats quickly then pukes it probably both worries you and makes you crazy. The good news is there’s a simple solution to stop cats from eating too fast. Take a regular old bowl, build some unique designs into it to spread the food out, voila!  Now your cat needs to eat around the design […]


Cat Of the Week – Mowzer – February 11th 2019

By Craig / February 11, 2019

This week’s cat of the week is Mowzer and comes to us from her human Elliott all the way in Switzerland and we thank Elliott for submitting Mowzer! Mowzer is otherwise known as Mowz, mouse or puss. She is a 15 month old Ragdoll living with her humans in Switzerland.  They had wanted a cat for […]


My Cats Eyes Are Watering, Should I Worry? [And How to Help]

By Craig / February 6, 2019

My cats eyes are watering. This is common for my cat Beast. It is pretty much a weekly if not daily occurrence. I was going to the vet for a checkout though so I had questions to ask. Is it dangerous? Do I need to worry? Is there anything I can do to help? Should I […]


Cat Of the Week – Audrey – February 4th 2019

By Craig / February 4, 2019

This week’s Cat of the Week is submitted to us by her human Leslie and we thank her for the submission! Audrey is a regular Adventure Cat and has a background to show it! Audrey is an independent, curious, city-girl who loves to travel and go for outdoor adventures when her people can bring her along. […]


An Embarrassing Story About Feeding a Stray [You will laugh]

By Craig / January 30, 2019

So I normally consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable (don’t we all) and pretty sure that the things I am doing are good things (don’t we all again).  Last night not only did I prove I wasn’t doing something good, but I also scared myself half to death in the process! You can watch the video […]


Cats Of the Week – Pumpkin & Kittens – January 28th 2019

By Craig / January 28, 2019

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to this week’s Cats of the Week are an entire family of kitties! They come submitted to us by reddit user existential_cat1 and we thank her for the submission!  They are Pumpkin and her 4 little babies: Finn and Jake are the orange boys and Marlin and Mikko are the […]


Ultimate Guide to the Best Cat Wipes of 2020 [For Any Need]

By Craig / January 23, 2019

Many people consider cats to be 100% self sufficient and assume that they never need any help.  But the reality is cats can often use help cleaning up and wipes are often the best option to help. Below you’ll find the best cat wipes of 2020 categorized by the reason for use. So pop open the quick guide […]


Cat Of the Week – Kali – January 21st 2019

By Craig / January 21, 2019

​This week’s Cat Of the Week is Kali! She is a gorgeous orange fluff ball that is about to turn two years old! She comes submitted to us by reddit user Boethya and we thank her for the submission. ​​Boethya and her boyfriend ​were standing at the front gate of ​her house talking when suddenly we […]


Cat Of the Week – Gribouille – January 14th 2019

By Craig / January 14, 2019

This week’s cat of the week is Gribouille (that’s prononced “greeb-ooy”). She comes submitted to us by reddit user fannax and we thank her for the submission!Four and a half ​years ago, ​fannax and her boyfriend came back home at 3am from a party, and what ​they thought was a giant rat​ entered just before […]

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