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Cats Of the Week -Comma & Dash – January 7th 2019

By Craig / January 7, 2019

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to this week’s Cats of the Week article! This week we have Comma and Dash. Comma & Dash were adopted from Chicago PAWS in June 2018 by Hayley and Lisa. Comma is the male tabby and Dash is the female that is black & white. Although they are not litter mates […]


Ace – Cat Of the Week – January 1st, 2019 – Happy New year!

By Craig / January 1, 2019

Hey everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to 2019 and the first edition of Cat of the Week! This week’s cat is Ace and he is an adorable and playful little guy! Ace comes to us from his human Melissa!Melissa got Ace when he was 12 weeks old and she’s had him a little over […]


Socks – Cat Of the Week – December 17th, 2018

By Craig / December 17, 2018

This week’s cat of the week is Socks! Socks comes submitted to us by her human Jessica and we thank her very much for the submission! Socks is aptly named as she looks like she is wearing cute little socks or stockings! Jessica adopted Socks back August of 2018 when she was 3 months old from […]


Sterling – Cats Of the Week – December 10th, 2018

By Craig / December 10, 2018

Everyone meet this week’s cat of the week, Sterling! Sterling comes submitted to us by his human Natasha! Last year, Sterling was brought to the Humane Society after being found inside of a car that had been driven for about ten miles. After some help from the vets he made a quick recovery and was adopted […]


Baron & Biggie – Cats Of The Week – November 26th, 2018

By Craig / November 26, 2018

This week’s cats of the week are Baron and Biggie! They are quite the dynamic duo because they are so different from one another! They come to us from their human mom India and we thank her for the submission! Baron is an orange Tabby. She is three years old and is a tiny kitty […]


Askja – Cats Of the Week – November 19th, 2018

By Craig / November 19, 2018

This wee’s cat of the week is Askja. She comes nominated to us by reddit user TrisWolfe and we thank her for sharing!Askja was only supposed to stay with Tris and her boyfriend for a couple months when she moved in as a foster kitty in the beginning of 2018! At the same time they […]


Luna and Riceball – Cats Of the Week – November 12th, 2018

By Craig / November 12, 2018

This week’s cat of the week comes from Sally and it is two cats, Luna and Riceball! Sally’s family is in the process of adopting a third cat from a shelter to join Luna and Riceball! Riceball is a Scottish Fold and he’s 10 months old. He is the older of the two but apparently he’s […]


Gizmo – Cats Of the Week – November 5th, 2018

By Craig / November 5, 2018

Everyone meet this week’s Cat of the Week! Gizmo comes to us from The Larsons and we thank them for the submission! The Larsons brought Gizmo home from a farm in Minnesota in the spring of 2008 when he was just a kitty. It is hard for the family to believe he’ll be eleven years old […]


Phera – Cat Of Halloween Week – October 29th, 2018

By Craig / October 29, 2018

This week’s cat of the week is Phera! Phera comes submitted to us by reddit user akatuesday and we thank her for the submission!I specifically chose a black cat as cat of the week because they ​sometimes get a bad reputation, especially around Halloween. But black cats are amazing! They are tons of fun and […]


Theon – Cat Of the Week – October 22nd, 2018

By Craig / October 22, 2018

This week’s cat of the week is Theon! He comes submitted to us by Anna and her family! Theon is still pretty young, only about six months old. They adopted him from the local Humane Society.Anna and her family went in to look at cats and Theon arrived on the floor about ten minutes after […]

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